Should the City of Sheridan create a dog park in Lions Park at the corner of 1st Street and Sheridan Avenue?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
45% (228 votes)
50% (250 votes)
No Opinion
5% (25 votes)
Total votes: 503

I think the dog park is

I think the dog park is really good for all concerned...And who cares if it was paid with tax dollars...I and a lot of other people I know do not have children but we still have to pay taxes that are used for things for other peoples childens uses and we don't complain about why are you complaining about a dog park...if you don't think tax dollars should be used for it...then our tax dollars should'nt be used for your childrens affairs...we don't get any benefit out of that...the dog park is not hurting anyone... just the grouches in Sheridan that don't want any improvement to the city unless it directly affects them...and then they would gripe about that also...

Yay Dog Park!

I have been taking my dog to the Bark Park almost every day since I realized it was open. My dog LOVES it! We have a large back yard, but the dog park offers much more room to run & great chances for my pooch to play with other dogs. I think it was a really great idea. I have lived here 10 years and driven past that park countless times, and I can count on one hand the # of times I have seen people using that field. Since the Bark Park opened, I have seen people and dogs in the park almost every time I have driven past- and that's in cold weather! As for poo, I have not seen one single pile. So far, people are being really great about cleaning up after their dogs. Every time I go, I keep my eyes out for it & if I ever happen to come across any I will utilize the doggy bags & pick it up. I've also been impressed with the way the other owners handle their dogs. All the dogs I've met at the park so far have been pretty well trained & have not once bothered me or my dog, and the owners all seem very alert to make sure their dogs don't start problems.
I've never been much of a Kinskey fan... But, in this one I have to say THANK YOU to the Mayor. This park is a wonderful asset to our community. Thank you for not putting the Bark Park in one of the out-of-town subdivisions such as Powder Horn or Sparrowhawk, I would probably never use it if I had to go so far out of the way. I love the dog park & I will bring my pooch there every single day!!!!!!!

I agree! I love the dog park

I agree! I love the dog park and so do my dogs! I love seeing the park being used, and I look forward to a bigger dog park in the future.
This was such a great idea!

I also live close to Lions

I also live close to Lions Park or the dog park. I drive by at least a couple times a day. Before the dog park I had only seen a team practicing there once last summer and there was never anyone in that park. Now every time I drive by, and yes even in the cold there are people and their dogs playing. I think this is a great asset to the community and feel there should be a few more dog parks made in different areas. It would be nice to have a larger one, but for a first dog park it is great.
If we need more room for the kids to practice, why don't some of the adults give up their time at the baseball diamonds and make sure the kids get the time to practice.

Dog Park

I've lived in several urban areas in the United States and I can tell you that dog parks are very common. There is almost always a children's playground located right by it and I don't recall ever hearing of any incidences. It's a great idea. Just make some simple rules i.e. park closes at 8pm -no dogs after 8pm - and no pit-bulls. Sorry pit bull lovers, but I can also say that having worked at the SPCA in Houston, and having dangerous encounters with this breed in Florida as well, that they don't belong around other animals and probably not children either....too risky

Ban the pits

I wish they would ban pit bulls. We went to the park yesterday and there were FOUR intact male pits there. They were the most poorly behaved dogs there. I ended up having to leave because one would NOT leave my dog alone and I am NOT going to deal with him being attacked by a dog capable of ripping him to shreds. The pit owners were aware but didn't do nearly enough to keep their dogs in line and honestly, no matter how attentive you are, it only takes a second. As long as pit bulls are allowed at this park, I won't be going back.

Give kinskey a call at home

Give kinskey a call at home and let him know about these bad pitbulls.Dave is your mayor and he loves you.

Why is the dog park being

Why is the dog park being built on the other side of the railroad tracks?Why not put this dog park in Kinnison's neighborhood.

no dog park in LIONS PARK



you know...if you want your LOUD opinion to count and not be count out...put your name on it.

J. S. Luckjohn

Should Lions Park go to the dogs

I for one am not in favor of Lions Park becoming a Dog Park!
Major health Issue because of the residual effect of the dog pooh once the snow melts, if the dog pooh isn't removed the kids will track it into the house, while playing ball the kids will pick up the ball off the ground, it will contain the residue from the dog pooh. This Park should be kept for kids Not Dogs!!!! Thanks!

Good day to all, this is

Good day to all, this is what I do not understand, why is it that when I walk my dogs around my nieghborhood people give me dirty looks, I take my dogs to the walking paths in town people give me dirty looks, I take my dogs to the park behind the old MDU building people give me dirty looks, I go to Kendrik park and the same thing...are you all seeing a pattern here. I would love a park so my dogs can get off their leashes and run around with other dogs and play and be interactive with the other dogs. Promoting good health for both the dogs and the mommy and daddies of the dogs. It also teaches them to be nonaggressive towards other dogs, it helps them be active with the other animals. I have driven past the Lion's park several times in a week and I think I have only seen one or two people in the park, well let me correct that on the swings. The swings, the playground area, the basketball areas will all be left alone, the fence for the dogs will be placed away from those areas. As for "the kids pratice there for baseball and softball" oh ok, there is two diamonds to go pratice on with a nice little park with slides and all as well. Will it hurt them to walk a little farther to actually pratice on a diamond field? I am confused with all the disgruntle people out there in this town, they don't want our dogs in the regular parks, they don't want us walking our dogs on "their" paths, they don't want us to be anywhere near "their" homes, but what are we to do, I think it is a great idea, I support it big time and yes, I live right down the street from the park! I am not understanding these people, not at all, what is the big deal, someone tell me that? You want a real problem, what about all the dogs that people let run right out their front door and they come poop in my yard and bark all night long, the owners don't care.... The park will be under rules like the other parks, have poo-poo bags and have neat little guidelines to obey by, no dogs after a certain hour stuff like that. Yes, I am going on and on, but man come on people, what is so wrong with this? Hooray for given our little furry buddies a place to go play and have some interactive activities! In God I Trust!

In God I Trust!

No Matter....

NO matter what anyone says it is not going to change the people's minds in this town, the do not want a dog park. NO matter what, I was taking with coworkers and they went off on me about how people will go there with their aggressive dogs and have big dogs attacking little dogs and how someone's dog is going to be killed and that all dogs are that way. I said oh so you're telling me your dog is aggressive, they were no no not my dog. I said see...there is my point. Why not have an area for nice dogs to interact with other dogs, but no matter what it will not work. I am sorry for that. Wish it Mayor Kinski don't waste your time or engery or any money on trying to improve this town any because the city folks don't want one. I for one thinks it is so sad. Well, I will continue to walk my dogs around my nieghborhood, the park and anywhere else I feel like it. So save your dirty looks for someone else, because i will voice my opion at ya. I just wonder was it okay to waste my tax paying money to build a "skate park" for the poor kids that have nothing to do in this town just for them to destroy it and then cry and say it's not big enough and they need more half pikes and poles???? Oh well, Sheridan it's a shame what happened to our Friendly Town??? It is now an Unfriendly, mean spirited CITY!!!! Welcome to the subcity of Billings.

In God I Trust!

In God I Trust!

Actually niterythm sheridan

Actually niterythm sheridan was a friendly town when we still had a real mayor like Wilson or York.But like you said "Mayor Kinski" is more interested in putting his "engery" into the developers pockets and of course his campaign contributors who showed up at the last dog park city council meeting.


No, I was telling the Mayor the effort he is putting into this all his time and engery will wear him down, because no who wants this done. I think it was a great idea he had, he ran with it and now is getting talked downed again, wow soooo many people do not like him....I wonder if you think you could do better????
In God I Trust!

In God I Trust!

I know for a fact I could do

I know for a fact I could do better then kinskey.All you'd have to do is the opposite of whatever kinskeys done.

I agree that a place to take

I agree that a place to take your pets would be awesome. But, why should tax payers take the hit for it? I don't take my pet to the park. Not everyone is a dog fan, and it is a public park. If we want to take him to run we go up the mountain or outside of town. I love my dog like one of my kids, but I don't expect him to have rights to a park that taxes pay for. Is there going to be someone enforcing the poo bags pickup? Or just an honor system. I can't even count the number of times I have had to wash shoes and hands and whatever because my kids have found poo at a park. I don't care if your dog is at a park, walking path whatever, as long as you are being as responsible a pet owner as I am a parent. I don't let my kids run up to strange dogs, leave dirty diapers or garbage anywhere. I don't let them be aggressive toward other kids. I do agree with you on all the dogs that are running around doing their duty in my yard. At least 4 times a week, my dogs starts going nuts in a window because their is a dog in my yard. As for will it hurt them to go to another field, probably not. But, that is not the point. If the park is always so empty, then why can't you take your dog there now? I see people there at least 2 or 3 times a week running their dogs. Why must we designate a park for the purpose?

dog park-city taxes

Many people in this town do not have kids that benefit from new playground equipment and such at the park, including me, so what is the difference if the taxpayers money goes to building a park for dogs, for residents of the city to take their dogs- which in some cases are their children! And who knows, maybe there would end up being some kids with their dogs there! Or maybe even a senior citizen with their dog! Cool! What a great idea! Cmon now, you cant please everyone! I would love a dog park to take my dogs to!

Leashless Dogpark

A leashfree dog park is long overdue in Sheridan. Get with the times! Dogs get much better quality exercise off leash than on for sure. A dog park would be great!

Tax dollars

Do you use the walking paths, city streets, public parks? They are all paid for with 'taxpayer dollars'. No one person can please all of the people all of the time. Everyone has to pay taxes but not everyone will like what those taxes are spent on. Fact of life.

I'm glad you've brought up

I'm glad you've brought up the walking paths,maybe sheridan media could give us the current figure on how many tax dollars have been wasted on pathways.The last figure I saw was from 2002 and the figure was already at $600k of tax payer money and there was only about a mile and a half of trail at the time.What are we up to now?Over ten miles of trail? Yet we've got city streets that look like forest service roads and the city is in financial trouble,yet the dog park remains a priority with kinskey.

Everyone will have less money-MDU

MDU wants to increase electric rates by 26% and taxes are going to be raised on a local, state, and federal level.

Go read this to verify MDU info:

tax increases are just based on deductive reasoning and speculation, but watch and see. Crazy to spend money on a dog park or maybe I am crazy.

There is a leash law...thats

There is a leash law...thats why you cant take a dog to the park with out it being designated a DOG PARK!



I just wanted to clarify some things for you..
I do not totally disagree with the Dog Park. I have dogs and understand that a place in the city would be great, however, it didn't have to be the whole park.

Baseball, Softball, Football practice/games have been happening there for over 30 years (i was there a lot in my youth). The actual diamonds/fields have to be scheduled for practice time. Too many teams to fit into the schedule. I coached baseball/football for a few years and Lions Club park was great to have because we could go there.

I read somewhere that the City might look at a schedule for where it could be both. Which would be good.

Lets hope that all the users of the park will keep care of it.


i dont see why we would need a dog park we already have parks, bring your dog there and if it cant be around kids or other people without causing problems then its not a good dog and shoot it, try again and train your dog better and stop complaining

dog park

I marked no opinion on the pole only because it gave a specific location. I'm not sure why that was the park that was picked. I am so glad to see a dog park being put in but I agree with pp that that feild seems a bit small. I was thinking that the empty feild there at washington park would have been a better place. I never really see many people at either park though and even with the chain link fence that ran along sheridan ave. I never felt safe with my little ones there it is just to close to that busy road and the fence was nothing more then a deterent.
So yay for the dog park! Not where I would have put it but glad to have it. Think posative people and pick your battles.

I really support the concept

I really support the concept of a dog park, but wonder if Lion's Park is an appropriate size. Does the park master plan identify how big a dog park should be? Lion's just seems too small, too close to heavy traffic and residences.

Let's give it a try

To anonymous:
I understand where you may be upset because you feel my front page statement in the press saying "lets give it a try" appears to be unrepresentitive of my ward.

I must disagree with your assumption.

I strongly voiced opposition about the redesigning of this Park and its placement before the council.
I had many conversations with those in the neighborhood and supported their position of maintaining the neigborhood park as it was. I had tried to pursuade City Hall to stop building of this fence until we could get some resolve. My attempts were unheard. As a City Councilor I have no authority to stop, go down remove or turn back what has happened in this park. I am sorry if I fell short of your expectations. I have tried to represent Ward #3 to the best of my abilities but I am but one voice on a Council of six.
What I was able to do was to work with the council to get this park reviewed in one year, assure that recreational activities could be given first priority, fencing on the South side of the playground to protect small children and a commitment by city hall to aid in assuring cleanliness of this park.

Steve Brantz
Ward #3 Councilor

Wait a minute.....isnt this

Wait a minute.....isnt this the same park that is about, ohhh, I dont know, 4 blocks from a PRACTICE FIELD ON 6th STREET!?! Jeeze, thats really gonna be a burden to walk those extra blocks for kids to practice!
I drive by Lions Park at least 4 times a week and have NEVER EVER seen practices taking place there. I am not saying they dont exist there, but clearly not as much as they do at a park like Colony South.
If people are so ticked about a park being taken away, maybe they should have gotten out and used it.

Why does the City Council

Why does the City Council think that they know what is "best" for us and ignore what the majority of the people want? I thought we were a "representative" form of government where the elected officials do what the electors want, not, "Lets give it a shot."

Dog Park

One more question What happens when someone gets bit.

Dog Park

Don't go if you don't like dogs. Sheridan has a ton of parks. But not one dog friendly... yet. Dog owners should have a place to take their Dogs in a friendly atmosphere. If you don't like it go to another of Our many Parks.

Dog Parkj

A dog park is a horibble idea. I say this because I am an proud Junior High 8th grader. When I was in grade school I used the park almost every day. I practiced baseball and football in that park. Now saying that if you lived acroos from that park would you like to here dogs barking and fighting or would you like to here children plying and having fun playing the sports they love. Mr. Kinskey there is alot of drama in this town of having something to do. And if you put this dog park that debate will skyrocket on the eastside of town.

Dog Park

My family lives on the east side we are proud pet owner. We feel a bark park woulded be a good idea. But lets not take apark away from the children on the east side of town. This field makes a great practice field for football, baseball, and soccer. Maybe we could put it in Janes back yard.

Dog Area @ Lions Park

I've lived in this neighborhood 37 years since I was 13 and then moved back when I got married and raised my kids here and we have used the park extensively during that time...

I do not think any of it should be partitioned off for the use of dogs.... I think you need to appropriate an area where dogs can actually get exercise! This park is too small to be used for that purpose.

And then there is the problem of discrimation.... are you going to allow chows, pits, german shepherds etc? Or is this going to be a little "Ranchester" park?

Perfect scenerio... each person that owns a dog has a large enough yard to care for it.

This lions park,dog park

This lions park,dog park fulfills several things.Kinskey can shove this bark park idea that has very little public support down the throats of people in a low income area,rather then put it in up at Mountain shadows where he lives.

Secondly,Jim Tyra and his phoney group on North Main can then lay claim to having a bark park in the area.Which they think is wonderful since they don't have it next to their house and still have thorne rider park in good shape.

None of this is ever going to stop until you get rid of kinskey as mayor.Kinskey has no respect for the people of sheridan and demonstrates this on a daily basis.

Kinskey is living proof of why the position of mayor needs a term limit.

Yes,it was.

Yes,it was.

Anyone know if the skate

Anyone know if the skate park was funded by tax monies?

Skate park vs. POOOOO park

The skate park was funded by Whitney Bennefits for the greater good of the city. They have done many wonderful things for the city as well as some questionable purchases for there own personal(Whitneys gain). They have planty of $$$$ but they won't spend s dime on a POOOO park since it doesn't meet the guidelines that they operate under. Use Kendrick park as a dog park and supply the plastic bags to clean up the POOO, have all the punks that congregate down there earn a dime a turd for each one they pick up! They can collect directly from the Mayor by depositing the picked up turd on his front yard or door step or any open area near his house! Then lets see if he is so much in favor of this POOO park in his neighbor hood!

dog park

A dog park sounds great, but not with public funded tax money. If all the dog owners want to have a park built raise the money for it with fund raisers and private foundations ect. Charge a fee at the gate to recover costs or somthing. The general public shouldn't have to pay for something that just a handfull people will use.

we need more elk in town

I have an idea; instead of spending tax payers dollars on a dog park that the people of Sheridan can enjoy, why don't we put up an 8 foot fence around the whole thing and make another elk park. That'd be awesome, then nobody can use it and we can all continue to pay to have them fed and cleaned up after.

I'm not saying that I agree with the City's location choice for the "Dog Park", but I believe that there are many people in Sheridan that would utilize one wherever it is built. As previously mentioned, the City has "Leash up" and "Clean up" Laws that need to be enforced just as anything else. If people can not clean up after there pets or control them they should A)probably not have them and 2) definately not take them to a "Dog Park".

I do not disagree with the idea that our parks need safe playground equipment and that our children need places to practice their sports, but why should every park in town be entirely dedicated to that population. There are people in town who do not have human children and would love a place to take their furry/drooling kids.

Seriously, when is the this

Seriously, when is the this town going to stop using taxpayers for such unnecessary things? I live in the county and can't get anyone to give a crap about the traffic near my house and my property taxes are ridiculously high already.. how about providing some type of protection of family pets and children from dangerous idiot drivers who find it necessary to drive 50 miles an hour past rural homes?

TOU have it-YOU take care of it!!!!

I agree with all the people above, who comment about OUR taxpayer money paying for dogs. We own a dog and it is OUR responasibility to pick up after it, and exercise it, not the cities. Has anyone checked into the liability of a dog fight or even a chance of a child getting bitten. All dogs do not always get along and they are asking for problems with this! And why all the secrecy AGAIN!!!!

Dog Park

Looks like you're outnumbered Jane. Most people commenting ARE concerned about people who let their pets explore and not clean up after them. It's not a stereotype, it's the plain facts. It was my first thought, that nobody would be able to use it for anything BUT a dog run, because of the poop! One pile or twenty, nobody wants it on their kids or their equipment. It doesn't make any sense that the property south of town has too much wildlife if it is going to be a fenced unit anyway. This topic is definitely gonna be a butt of heads between those who want a place to turn their dog loose locally and those that don't need to. I vote for the property south of town. Political, you bet! That's how it got where it is trying to be forced in.


Please voice your political grievances elsewhere. This about a park. A dog park provides a place for familes with dogs to let them run. The animals and the people are able to socialize. I think this would be a great idea. Dog parks are typically clean, family friendly and offer a place for picnics and children to play. In the replies I have read there is a great deal of self interest expressed and not much thought about the diversity of this community. Plus shame on you for stereotyping all dog-owners,the upper class and the "less fortunate". What a bunch of assumptions. Perhaps those who oppose believe the best options for dogs is to keep them chained to trees and porches?

I am very excited for a dog

I am very excited for a dog park. It will be so nice to have a place our dogs can play off a leash in this community. Many of us do have a large yard for our dogs to run, but having a park away from the house gives families and dogs the opportunity to enjoy the community and not always have to leave the dog at home. Many times this past summer we have gone to the parks around Sheridan, and have had to leave our dogs home because they aren't welcome in a park and they want to play so bad while we are there, it's all just a big tease to them. This is going to be a great test run to see how well it turns out and if people want the privelege of having a dog park then they need to be responsible and help one another keep it cleaned up. This is a great community we live in lets allow some diversity and accept some changes to help us stay a thriving and vital community. Many are so quick to judge and so concerned about this park being unavailable. We have many great parks in town, why is everyone so afraid of changing the use of one of many?

South end of town

The taxpayers have bought a large acreage at the South end of town. It was suggested that part of it be used as a dog park and a lot of people balked. Now the city decides to take away a designated playground and use it as a dog park. People have balked, with good reason. Leave the playground for the kids, use the land, which is partially in a flood plain anyhow, for the dog park. Obviously, more people would be pleased with a clean, safe playground than people displeased with a South-end dog park.

You bring up a good point

You bring up a good point coledigger4.The flood plain that was purchased south of town off of Brundage lane for $389,000.00 of optional 1% tax is mostly unuseable. The developer who originally owned the property couldn't do anything with it either.So kinskey and his rubber stamp city council bought it with your tax dollars under the premise of a supposed park.Scott Severs however repeatedly called it Kinskeys "Water park" and as it turns out for good reason.There was at least two public meetings held to discuss the property and it was indeed established that the property isn't suited to permanent structures and it's not even clear what type of paths can be placed on the property,since it floods yearly.

About 9 months later in july of 2009 kinskey admitted that the real reason the city bought the flood plain.Was because the Corp of Engineers told him that the property is crucial for his developer buddies to be able to build subdivisions in the area.It has no value as a park and certainly not a dog park.You can't build permanent structures in the area.

During the two public meetings over the flood plain property,it was established that there's too much wildlife in the area for a bark park.

Sheridan has an adopted

Sheridan has an adopted Parks Plan that clearly states how big of area is required for a bark park to be placed within it. That area requirement is 10 ACRES.Lions Park is 1.2 acres,it doesn't even follow the comprehensive parks plan that the city adopted.

Sheridan has wasted untold amounts of money on outside consultants like Melissa Butcher etc.To tell us what we already know about our parks.Yet Kinskey still chooses to do whatever he wants even if it doesn't comply with city regs.

Dog Park

Sheridan has a leash up and clean up after your pet law, yet it's not enforced very good. People are always walking by my home and letting their animals use my front lawn as a bathroom, they pretend they don't see it and walk away.
If people can't even clean up after their own animals when it's the law, then who is going to have to pay to have the proposed park cleaned? I don't want my tax dollars going to cleaning up dog waste!! I can thing of better ways for taxes to be used.
This is a bad idea !!! There are plenty of places outside the city limits to let your dog run free, take them there.

Most people don't pick up

Most people don't pick up their dogs waste now, who's going to have to pay to have the dog park cleaned? I don't want my tax dollars used for it? And if it's not clean on a regular basis it will stick !!!
I wish the city would crack down on people who walk their dogs and let them go to the bathroom in other peoples yards without picking it up. Sheridan has a leash up and clean up after your pet law , but it's not enforced very good.

Clean up your own POOOOO!

I think the dog park is a great idea but in another part of the city! The LION"S PARK was intended for an ATHLETIC PRACTICE FIELD not a POOOO depository! Stick with the original plan, too many kids already don't have a place to go and practice and play already. Why not build it up by the "Sky Ranch" or other overpriced subdivisions! The "POWDERHORN" would welcome a doggie park into there new town I'm sure! Build it someplace that is not already established or not in a place kids play! Kinskey how about in your back yard! What will be the fine for people who are too lazy to pick up after there dog? I've seen it happen, would they like it if I took a dump in there yard and didn't pick it up? Think about it!

Lion park is a perfect place

Lion park is a perfect place for kinskey to run his agenda through,it's low income and none of kinskeys "STAKEHOLDERS" live there.

Every time a bark park is placed before the public it gets voted down.Kinskeys tried to put his bark park in several times,in the richer neighborhoods of sheridan and citizen out cry has stopped him cold.So right before going on his annual ski trip,he ordered Nick Bateson to give orders to the new Parks guy that fencing was to go in on lions park.

Kinskey knew he'd get no real backlash on this,since very few of the beautiful people of sheridan step foot in the park.Lions park is predominantly used by the working class and less fortunate children who need a place to go.None of which is any concern to kinskey.