Should the City of Sheridan and Sheridan County defer Capital Facilities Tax payments to the smaller towns for 2 to 3 months?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
44% (147 votes)
49% (162 votes)
No Opinion
7% (23 votes)
Total votes: 332

The next step

Residents of sheridan need to vote down the optional 1% sales tax when it comes up.All its become is Kinskeys petty cash fund.With the cap tax at least it has to be spent on infrastructure,so dictators like kinskey can't give it away to their friends that are sucked up to the city feed trough.

Tonights meeting

I see city council has a 5 P.M meeting tonight over the issue of allowing the owner of Woodland Park Village to put in an 8inch sewer main.The owner has agreed to put in the main for the cost of around $180k out of his own pocket,of course they also want to have waived $32K in fees.

Kinskey being Kinskey,immediately wanted to see a 15 inch main installed instead,so it could ultimately take care of his friends at the powder horn subdivision.

This sewer main being "infrastructure",could ultimately fall within the funding of this CAP Tax,if it's increased from 8 inches to 15 inches.Be interesting to see how kinskey and his cohorts on city council find a way to fund this thing,most likely at the expense of the three other smaller communities in the form of cap tax.

These smaller towns should sue sheridan.

These smaller towns need to sue the city of sheridan and specifically kinskey and his council if procedure isn't followed on these tax payments.Precedent was already established previously when this cap was distributed to the communities when the cap tax was voted in the first time years ago.

Typical sheridan city council rhetoric

This isn't the first time the cap tax has been distributed among the communities of Sheridan,even though you have councilman bigelow and kinskey trying to put up a smoke screen.The smaller communities of sheridan county have always recieved their funding first and this time should be no exception.

All that's going on here is kinskey and his corrupt administration are stalling,becuase kinskey has managed to bankrupt the city of sheridan and are extremely short on money.Sheridan didn't generate but a small fraction of the fee's this year that kinskey has made the city dependant on.And the cap tax isn't being generated this year because nobody is buying anything to generate sales tax,which is where cap tax comes from.

The people of sheridan need to wake up.Kinskey has managed to inflate the city budget to $61 million this year and he has no money to pay for it.And City council stood by and let him do it.Now they want to screw other communities out of funds.

one word


J. S. Luckjohn