Should the City of Sheridan allow controlled archery hunting within the City limits?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
62% (335 votes)
37% (203 votes)
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I live in southwest wyoming we also have a deer issue i constantly run them out of where i work and they are very destructive and need to be kept in check from time to time. I totally agree with hunting them. I also spend a good deal of my time hunting and i have an 8 year old daughter that will not let me go without her. She has accompied me on elk,deer,antelope,rabbit and bison harvests. She totally understands that it is a part of life and that we eat what we harvest.

Hunting in town

Might as well let people hunt in town, there is so much land locked up that 'out-of-town' hunting is very hard to find. The last time I checked, there were 600-800 doe/fawn tags still available. It is a waste of money to buy them, tags don't cook very well.

Love to see archery hunting in Sheridan

I would love to see a controlled archery season within the city limits. In fact I would volunteer my own back yard. I cannot let me dogs out in the back yard without first making sure the deer have left the yard. I have had them charge and stomp at my dogs. I know of 3 dogs killed by deer because the deer have no fear. The ones that bed down behind my house aren't scared of me, the kids in the neighborhood, or any of the dogs. In fact I have drove my car up into my yard - laid on the horn - flashed the lights and still - they just turn around and stare at me (along with my neighbors who thought it was funny). They have no fear. I would rather put my safety in the hands of a trained hunter then in the trust of a fearless deer.

There already is a

There already is a controlled archery season in the city limits of sheridan and it's not doing anything other then letting a hand full of slobs kill tame bucks.Hunters aren't killing doe's and that's what must be killed in order to control the population. The next step is doing like rapid city did and hiring a company to come in with night vision scopes and suppressed weapons and shooting deer in mass quanities at night.

Then you have people lying about dogs being killed by deer etc,trying to add to the BS.There's plenty of things that people can do to prevent deer from tearing up their yards,but these people would rather complain and whine,then use fencing etc..

deer problem...

so what would be a safe way to downsize the deer population in city limits??? You cant just let them be....There will become too many and Im sure the accidents with man verses deer will rise. So what exactly would you do if shooting them with an arrow is not the safest????

This is the best post I've

This is the best post I've seen on this topic, I give it two thumbs up...

I think it may be interesting to think outside the box on this one, and see what if any alternatives might be...

I know it sounds off the wall, but some LARGER cities are already using sterilization to reduce numbers by leveraging local vets. I'm not saying it is the right answer, but it's just an idea that is already in use...

I guess I don't understand

I guess I don't understand how kids witnessing a hunt works its way into the topic. I have no issue with kids understanding where food comes from and how it is processed. I'm looking at the topic purely from a safety / property damage standpoint. Granted, in a general scenario things are safe. However, it only takes ONE mess up, and the city may have to shoulder some liability in the matter or spend money to defend liability. Here is why, the STATE has laws on the books about hunting around X feet of a road. Then you have the county come in and try to supersede that with a local ordnance. Here is the the issue, how many dollars will the city spend to litigate their defense that a local ordnance over rules a state law ? Am I missing something ? One thing I hate to see when I hunt is arrows stuck in a tree, I see it all the time.. In the country it may be somewhat of a non issue, however in the town that kind of damage may have a much higher value.. I know it's a little thing, but it's something that can quickly escalate.

let you know!!!

So just to let you know. My girls go with me hunting.I take them and they watch and they have the understanding of what is going on... This is what puts the meat on our table.. My girls also help process the meet. So if you think that this is rated R for kids to see I beg to differ..There are a few kids that have know clue what the hunting experience is all about and I feel for them.. But that is why I am sure there are certain times and places for the city limit hunting to take place....Its simple,, If you are not happy and dont like what you see you simply live in the wrong state this is a hunting man/women state!!!!

Reality check

Heres the reality check.....this will be the third year that in city limits hunting has been allowed. To my knowledge there has been NO hunting accidents in the past within our city limits. It is my belief that due to the citizens that believe these deer are cute and feed them regularly to keep them as "pets" has created the problem with a high population of deer living in city limits. They're not very cute during rutting season when they show no fear to humans and chase younger children in our neighborhood. How is it that my family can be named slobs because we do believe in harvesting meat to feed our family. It still takes work wether you harvest one in town or on the mountain to get it to your plate. Alot more work then driving to your local super market.

There's been plenty of

There's been plenty of incidents within the city limits.None have been reported by the police or made their way into the paper.This deer hunt is the baby of the sheridan PD.I know of 3 seperate cases where firearms have been used to take deer within the city limits illegally and it was reported to 911 and nobody showed up.Two seperate people were doing the calling.The dispatcher claimed no officers were available.When asked why none responded after the incident to follow up on what had happened.The dispatcher couldn't give an excuse.

Sitting in a tree stand or ground blind shooting at deer that are tame,is every slobs wet dream.And all you're getting is a hand full of bucks killed,while you allow the breeding population to continue to explode in size.Doe's and fawns are the animals that need removed and yet they aren't being removed.

My Belief

Im sorry...I was under the impression that we were discussing legal archery hunting within city limits. The fact that there are law breakers in town, shooting at game with firearms,has absolutely NOTHING to do with the law abiding citizens that obtain the legal right to hunt. Again...if people around here would quit treating these wild animals as pets then the deer would not be "tame" and we would not be having this conversation. "Slobs" as you immaturely and ridiculously repeat, is the word for people like you that sit around and do nothing to improve our great city of Sheridan.If you are ever starving to death,dont come knocking on my door....Im too much of a "slob" to cook you up a nice juicy DOE steak that was killed right here in city limits...legally!

feeling slobby this season

I'm tarting to feel a little slobby this season, you have motivated me to get one, and an additional tag this year. I wish people like you had stayed back east.

Coffeen deer hit this morning

Right in front of Arby's this morning was a dying deer that had been hit by a car trying to get up, so please spare us all the animal cruelty and bad sportsman comments, as if that deer was any better off than one who had been taken in a hunt, or any less visible to any body's kids.

Wow Gollum,that sounds like

Wow Gollum,that sounds like bad driving to me.

Still doesn't change the fact that as it stands,sheridans in city archery season has done nothing to manage the deer population.

Bad driving??

Bad driving? How do you figure? Driver's Ed classes teach that if an animal jumps out in front of your car, run it over. I know that sounds heartless, I was shocked when it was taught to me in driver's ed, but it makes sence. If you try to avoid hitting the animal by slamming on your breaks or swerving, you could cause a much larger accident. You owe it to the other people on the road to put their lives (and your own) before the life of an animal, however much it may hurt you emotionally to see the the animal injured or killed.

trying to get perspective

What do they do in Jackson Hole ? In my mind it kinda adds to the setting of Sheridan.

Go for it

As long as guidlines are set, I don't see the problem, within reason. Certain times of day, limited # of hunters, doe/fawn only. I like deer (both to eat and to watch) but there's too many of them. Every doe I've seen has twins, and the fawn survival rate is higher in the city, so that makes for a nice increase every year. For heaven's sake, I've nearly been trampled by them several times by the Holiday on 5th & Main, lol!
If they set specific time frames for the hunts, just keep your kids inside at that time, avoid the hunt areas, ect. Personally I think kids should know where their food comes from and learn to respect nature for providing. Besides, PETA has already done a stand up job making sure our kids see dead bloody animals- no thanks to the wonderful posters they put up all along the walking path, depicting the bloody carcasses of domestic dogs and slaughtered cows. I'd rather my children see the respectful harvesting of an animal for food, then see graphic photos of animals that have been tortured to death while out for a walk on a sunny day >:(

Give me a break! Where do

Give me a break! Where do your children think their food comes from? MCdonalds? Its not healthy to lie to your kids. Unless your truly vegan your food comes from animals. Animals that are normally kept in small dirty pens and fed enough to sustain them while producing the most amount of product and then slaughtered. Someone kills them. They stand in line to be killed.
Showing your children the healthy alternative to eating mass produced heavily processed food is showing them how to hunt. There is more to hunting than just killing the deer you have to process it as well. Another skill your child might need someday.
Animals aren't innocent either they are pests that carry parasites and disease.
What better way to control them than to allow people to hunt them. If the city only allows so many hunters it won't get all crazy or slaughter all the deer it will just control the population.

It's every slobs dream

Hunting tame deer within the city is every slobs dream.

Deer Management,involves the harvest of antlerless deer.Not mature bucks.And if you look at what is going on here,you'll see that all you're getting is 30 or 40 Bucks killed by morons that like to zoo hunt.

If the city were serious about getting the deer population under control,they'd be enforcing an antlerless harvest only.

hit by cars

Being hit by cars and mashed all over the road is far more humane than being hunted? And having thhe meat mashed all over the road is far better than sitting in someone's freezer?

OMG...u gotta be kidding me

How can the city be so stupid as to even consider such a rediculous notion? Hunting INSIDE city limits...really? Has City Hall lost all common sense? How would such a thing be regulated? If they allow this outrageous idea, what are they going to do when someone ends up maimed or killed due to some idiots misaim? What are they going to do when it's a child? That is not a "what if" but rather a "when it happens" as it's an inevitability should this action be allowed. What ever happened to not shooting a bow and arrow within a certain range from a building or road? Hunting accidents happen over and over in a normal season, and that's in the wide open...we might as well triple that number for this idiotic notion. Someone better wake up from this fantasy soon!

J. S. Luckjohn

Already happening

Archery hunting within selected areas of the City of Sheridan has occured since 2007. This is the 3rd year of a highly regulated and control hunt. Similar hunts occur in cities across America. This has been so successful with so few problems that citizens like you do not appear to know that it is even occuring.

No children have been killed by archery hunters during these regulated hunts. Not sure where you get your "facts" but hunting accidents occur rarely and hunting is one of the safest sports a person can participate in. A hunter is many times more likely to be injured or killed driving to the field then they are to be injured or killed while hunting.

Big Horn and Story are not incorporated towns and thus have no restrictions on discharge of archery equipment or firearms. There does not seem to be any problem with injured or dead people in these areas during the hunting seasons.

Yes I agree

I think they should allow it because if you haven't been down Highland Hill at night and have seen all the deer standing or sitting there is about 10 to 15 heard of deer. It's going to get worse as time passes so I think something needs to be done.

So let me get this straight,

So let me get this straight, you're willing to personaly pay out for any property damage, personal injury, or wrongfull death that may occure ? If you have ever done any bow hunting in your life you know its not a matter of if it is more like when... I know there are a lot of good bow hunters out there, but remember it only takes ONE young hunter to let go of an arrow and not think about were it may end up if it dont hit the target. And if it is your young son or daughter that catches it while they are walking to school ? How would you feel then ? It's just not a good idea...

Not a matter of if but more like when...

What was the last archery hunting injury or death that you know about? Hunting is one of the safest sports or activities. A person, adult or child, has a much greater chance of being injured or killed in a variety of other activities -should they all be banned? The "injured or dead child" is a favorite one for folks to pull out when they are losing an arguement or have no reasonable argument against a position. This plays strictly to emotion.

No, No, No...... You’re

No, No, No...... You’re talking apples and oranges here. While I agree that archery IS one of the safest sports or activities, I think your overlooking the FACT that we are talking about archery in a residential setting... That alone compounds any risk your trying to dispel in your first argument..

"The "injured or dead child" is a favorite one for folks to pull out when they are losing an argument"

I thought it was a discussion, not an argument, and all I am trying to point out is shooting a bow in the city IS different than shooting a bow in the normal hunting area..

I personaly think it would

I personaly think it would be to much of a legal liability for the city, it's that simple.

Not in Front of Our Eyes

Not all of us enjoy watching innocent animals being killed. In fact, it is very disturbing to some of us. I have nothing against hunting, especially bow hunting; however, there's a proper place for it, and that place is not in the City limits for all (especially children) to see.

Not all of us enjoy watching innocent animals being killed. In fact, it is very disturbing to some of us. I have nothing against hunting, especially bow hunting; however, there's a proper place for it and I don't believe the public (especially children)