Is Sheridan doing an adequate job of addressing the needs of its youth?

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As a community we need to give time to our youth, they just need to know that we care and that they are each important.


Todays parents are first of

Todays parents are first of all TO YOUNG! We have babies having babies. Second all parents need to be more concerned with the who, what, when, where, and why of their kids lives. No matter what the age of their kids! If my kids want to go to a friends house, I want to meet the parents first. If I feel that it isn't a good sournding for my child then they are not aloud to go there. I feel that parents today are more concerned with being a friend to their child rather then being a parent. Don't get me wrong, being a friend to your child is good but... When are we going to draw the line as to friend or parent.If you let your child go do something that you really dont want them to do just so that they will not be mad at you for saying no. You are being a friend not a parent. Kids today lack dicipline, and respect. most don't know what a hard day of work is. Instead parents buy their kids plystations and such so that they will stay home. what is that teaching them??
This town doesn't have hardly anything for kids to do. the skate park isn't trashed! Yet not all kids bike or skate. Billings to to far away, in my opinion, to just let my kids go with friends for the day. There is no center, and if you are thinking that the YMCA is the center... I don't feel the Y is adequte. You/we cant really put a price on keeping our kids safe and out of trouble. However... I know families that have both parents working 2 jobs and are still struggling to put food on the table. They can't get help and they are still trying to do what they can for their kids. It isn't easy!!

Do those struggling families

Do those struggling families have cell phones, cable t.v., video game boxes, numerous pets, do they pay for cigarettes, alcohol, tatoos, vehicles that are less than five years old? If the answer is yes - are they really struggling or making poor decisions?

I do understand some people have very difficult times but that is no justification for begging others to build another center that would duplicate much of what is already available. The reality is, no matter what is proposed or offered the same group of people that expect the world to adapt to them would find fault with it.

But if you really want to get started on the center, have at it. You might start by asking the YMCA director what the utility bills are for their facility in the winter so you can get a fraction of an idea of how much money you will have to secure just to keep the facility operating that first season.

I see where you are coming

I see where you are coming from as far as having those items. however the families I'm refering to do not. I feel the same way when it comes to certain items. Take smoking for example, some people are able to get food stamps yet have cash to get smokes. I'm just saying that there are those families who, no matter how hard they try and whatever they try they never seem to either get ahead, give there kids a better life then they had, or are able to support their family comfortably from one month to the next. When it comes to these kids, the parents do the best they can by them. Teach them right from wrong but they can't make each decision for the child. We need more constructive things for these kids to do. More outdoor things. Better places to go besides our 12 and 13 year olds hanging out at walmart at midnight during the summer because parents dont care. But we need to make these different things open to EVERYBODY, even the ones who are struggling money wise, them more so. Not everybody can afford to put their child in every sport throughout the school year.
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Hasty generalization?

niterythm quote,
"Anyways, I don't see how the town, state, country, or world should provide more and more to these kids just to waste our money and ruin it for all!"
I see where your coming from, but to put it in prospective, is it prudent to hand anything over to a KID without adult supervision? I agree with a lot of what you said but you place blame on a kid ?
I remember growing up, and lets say it wasn't that long ago... If you went into a gym with the wrong shoes they would drum you out of there so fast it would make your head spin.... Does that happen now as often ? Does anyone give a darn... Take a basket ball court, this is a huge pet peeve of mine. 15 years ago how often would you see a kid hanging from a net jacking it up ? I HATE going to a ball court nowadays where you cant find a hoop with a net that will do its job. Why, because the level of ADULT supervision has changed.
In my opinion this applies to many things that we provide as options to kids.


I understand all the comments in needing more things to do around Sheridan for youth. I would like to say that maybe a couple more places wouldnt hurt and yes that there is a ton of improvement needed in some parents here but I also feel that school district #2 needs some work with there employees. I know a number of students who has been picked on or even injured from teachers to janitors and no corrective actions have been taken by an one. If our children are sent to school to learn then why are they being injured? I know this first hand with one of my children we were at the hospital for several hours and nothing was ever done. I moved my children to private schooling so that I know they are safer. I think that there could be some improvements everywhere.


It is a sad thing to say that I've seen too many people I know who don't really give much cause to what their children do for activities. There is this fatal flaw in some people that become parents due to deliberate attempts or purely on accident that believe television should raise their children; that the community should raise their children - that concept needs to be eliminated from these peoples minds. Don't get me wrong, community does play a part in the lives of many children but reality is that its up to the parents to stay informed with their kids lives. Learn about your kids, what they like, what they do, keep their minds curious and active about what's going on. My view is I'm a part of this community and I don't want to raise your kids for you thats your job take the responsibility for your actions and brining a child into this world. Be an mature and responsible adult.


Really People

Why is it that we have to provide more for these kids to do? If you give them a place to hang out they complain it's not fun enough. I don't understand what the heck is going on around here. People (adults)say there is nothing for their kids to do, but drugs. But the kids can have all kinds of things given to them and they still will find drugs and other thuglike things to do. Gave them a skate park and they(kids) are the ones that have trashed it. Gave them a center to hang out and have fun, and they have trashed it. It doesn't matter what this town "provides" these kids will ruin it. Maybe less video games, tv, and movies and more outdoor activities these kids would not be boohooing that there isn't anything to do but get into trouble. I am sick and tired of people saying "well my kid is a good kid just hanging with the wrong people', and "it's never their kids fault it's someone or something elses fault". Yes, there is a bunch of parents that do try their best for their kids and the kids are still rotten to the core, get them help! Anyways, I don't see how the town, state, country, or world should provide more and more to these kids just to waste our money and ruin it for all!

In God I Trust!

In God I Trust!

Hasty Generalization

niterythm quote,
"Anyways, I don't see how the town, state, country, or world should provide more and more to these kids just to waste our money and ruin it for all!"

I see where your coming from, but to put it in prospective, is it prudent to hand anything over to a KID without adult supervision? I agree with a lot of what you said, but you place blame on a kid ?

I remember growing up, and lets say it wasn't that long ago... If you went into a gym with the wrong shoes they would drum you out of there so fast it would make your head spin.... Does that happen now as often ? Does anyone give a darn... Take a basket ball court, this is a huge pet peeve of mine. 15 years ago how often would you see a kid hanging from a net jacking it up ? I HATE going to a court nowadays where you can't find a hoop with a net that will do its job.... Why, because the level of ADULT supervision has changed....

In my opinion this applies to many things that we provide as options to kids....


Well said. The great majority of the time the kids getting into trouble have parents who are too self-centered to spend enough time with them. When you become a parent you may have to give up your golf game, your hunting, your drinking buddies, your motorcycle riding, the "ladies" or "guys" weekend, the important boards you are members of, the number of hours you sleep, etc. When your kids are old enough to join in those kinds of activities maybe you can start up again. Your kids are your responsibility - grow up, stop blaming society, and show your kids that they take precedence over your hobbies. Parents have an obligation to sacrifice their personal time for their kids. Just maybe - after a little sacrificing you'll come to realize it was more of a blessing than a sacrifice.

Sheridan has plenty of opportunities for kids. Parents, you help them take advantage of their opportunities!

You must not have kids!!!

You must not have kids!!! god doesn't have anything to do with it!

God has a lot to do with it.

If more people had faith in God perhaps the "self-centered" focus of many parents would be tempered. True faith breeds humility which helps parents realize there is something greater than themselves and their own personal time to be worried about. I'll pray for you.

i'm not knocking your belief

i'm not knocking your belief or god but.... if you think that sitting and reading the bible everyday and going to church a couple times a week is going to teach our kids what the real world is all about and everyday life. you are very mistaken!!

Don't bother... I have my

Don't bother... I have my faiths and beliefs... My family is doing just fine!


hey just a question...but what "center" has this city provided for the youth? i feel that a supervised youth recreational center would be ideal for this town. recently i made a trip down to scottsbluff nebraska, which has 14,700 people, they had a mall. i am not saying that sheridan needs a mall, but there needs to be more adult involved activities for the youth to be apart of. i think that instead of worrying about the sheridan trail system, we should reserve a little money for the youth in this county, and instead of having the adults brainstorming ideas of what they think the youth might like, they should maybe go down to the high school or junior high and ask the youth.

hey gollum, chalst, and BB...since when is it ok to put down youth in this town? do you even know lane personally? all you do all day long is judge people by what they post online here...especially you gollum. gollum, you are probably a lonely man in your

Couldn't have said it better

Couldn't have said it better myself. Why do the adults try and decide what they THINK the youger generation will like and enjoy to keep themselves out of trouble. WHEN has anybody asked the YOUTH THEMSELVES what they are interested in. We raise these kids to think for themselves and yet we don't let them!

Actually this does happen.

Actually this does happen. Problem is, the fix isn't so simple. One reason is that the problem we were talking about happened late at night when these places would have been closed. The real issue becomes that the kids who need these positive places and activities are the LEAST likely to go...

I agree, and if they do go

I agree, and if they do go they end up messing up the experience for the kids that REALLY want to be at the activity.

You can't implement a

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Do your part

I would like to say I have seen many parents throughout my life and maybe more so now with busy schedules just leave there kids on their own for all hours. So who is really the ones that need to be there for the children their parents. I know we are all busy but just asking or talking with your kids and making sure they are where they say they are going to be is a start. It is no one elses responsibility to take care of someone elses child because you have better things to do or are just to busy. In that case don't have kids if you can't raise them. This may make people mad but the truth hurts seriously look at who is susposed to care for the kid you or the public and then wonder why they are dead, beaten up, kidnapped, or behind bars...

what services

Anyone care to comment about what services the kids need, but don't have right now?

yea sure

Yea, lets see, when your kid gets home from school, they have their homework to do, then house chores, then help get dinner ready and on the table. Then sit down as a family and talk about the day everyone had. Then help clean the table, do dishes, and clean up the kitchen. Then if they want to go over friends houses, know who, where, and what they are doing. Then have them home by a certain time and make sure they go to bed. Start all over the next day. On weekends strecth it out a bit. Give them outdoor chores to do on the weekend. Let them earn money for their chores and good grades. Then set aside time to do something special, go to Billings for the day, take a day trip over to Buffalo, or Casper, or anywhere in Sheridan and do something as a family. What ever happened to the way "we" grow up? What was so wrong with having to spend time with "our" parents. Good Grief, all these people need to stop blaming society for their kids fault and look into the mirror and see it is them that caused all of this!
In God I Trust!

In God I Trust!

Don't give the YMCA so much

Don't give the YMCA so much credit. Have you ever tried to take a problem making teen that needed somewhere to go in there? They don't take kids that don't have money except in the game room. Don't even fool yourself. I was a a memeber.. I took kids down there many times that didn't have money to play basketball and other things and was always turned away for the kids I couldn't pay for. Even the camps..I actually took an application to the director of the summer camp programs and told them the child really needed some help and the parent wasn't going to come in other than to sign permission slips. That kid got turned away too. You are lying to yourself if you truly think there are things for teens to do in this community. The YMCA only reaches a certain group not everyone is going to fit into the conservative christian group. If the parents can't do it .. it really is up to the community and tax payers. Unless of course we all want to play ignorant and only be responsible for ourselves.

I'm sorry you encountered

I'm sorry you encountered this problem and am unsure about it. We took on a 'foster' situation without the benefit of 'foster funding'. When I approached the Y, they supplied the same membership the rest of my family had. I was also told if I ever knew of other youth in need of something like that not to hesitate to I'm concerned about your comment (not to say I disbelieve you, just that it wasn't my experience).

If you had foster kids you

If you had foster kids you fit in to the group they want to cater too. I took the poor, the under privileged, the rowdy, the rude, the ones failing school, the unconventional....the ones that needed someone to play ball with them.
You should be concerned. The whole community donates money to them to help kids. Spend a few afternoons in the game room and watch how it works.

Ah, but the child I had was

Ah, but the child I had was all of those things and more! Most foster kids don't have manners, do well in school or make friends easily...


Wow so you are telling me $21.00 is way to much for a kid to play on a basketball team for a season or a soccer team for a season. and Yes that is how much it is. My granddaughter plays soccer and basketball and that is all it costed at the YMCA!!!!
May I ask, why are YOU taking in all these kids to do things with? Where are the parents? How did you get so involved in so many kids? Don't get me wrong someone has to provide for these kids, but don't you think it's the parents job?????

In God I Trust!

In God I Trust!

Doesn't matter whose job it

Doesn't matter whose job it is .... I'm not like that. Your the one signing in god you trust and if thats really how you think stop turning your cheek on people. Take the time to go hang out with some teens in not so fortunate situations. 21.00$ is a lot of money to some people. I could feed my family for two days on twenty dollars. Besides do you think kids from families that wont even take the time to go sign up for a scholarship through the Y could get their kids to practice? Organized sports isn't what I am talking about I am talking about just stopping by the Y for something to do and to keep the kids off the street all the time not just from 3-4 monday wednesday and friday. Poverty should never be a reason to turn kids away. Thats what the Y promotes and thats what was being said here. I am just saying the Y is not an option and they will turn kids away without money. I have seen it done more times than I can count. And it cost 10 dollars a day to go in the gym and play ball if you dont have a membership.
And don't ask why anyone would take time to spend with teens. I have teens. I can show my teens how to be compassionate caring members of society..I can show my kids how not to turn their back on anyone no matter what the situation is. It doesn't make me or my family perfect but those are values that I thought it was important to teach my teens. If someone is poor, mentally ill, or at any sort of disadvantage those are the people that need your love and understanding.

What BS,very few people pay

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It's not the local, state or

It's not the local, state or federal governments job to address the needs of youths, that job is for the parents. Tax payers already do enough to help kids, we have parks, bike paths, public swimming pools, not to mention all the programs they have in public schools for kids ( payed for by the tax payer ) welfare and W.I.C programs and more. There are also YMCA programs the kids can take advantage of and there are also many christian based programs for kids. Parents need to step up and do their part, the tax payers have done enough.


Is it really a question of being perfect, or a question of the ability to respect other peoples lives and property?


I knew you would have some insiteful remarks as usual. I wish we were all as perfect as you are.


trips to worland

I'd say from recent news some of the youth here could use state paid trips to Worland, the community has not benefited by going so easy on these kids in the past.


I'd say there needs to be a little upgrade in the quality of parental supervision in this community. Is "babysitter" in the job description of the mayor?