Is the Obama administration doing a good job of responding to the B P Oil disaster?

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16% (71 votes)
77% (336 votes)
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7% (31 votes)
Total votes: 438

Lets keep a long term eye on oip price.

This leaves the door open to reverse the,

"the legacy of 'drill, baby, drill'" in the Gulf..

Seems kind of strange that perhaps in the long term BP may end up getting a major long term benifit from this.

I wonder, on a non political

I wonder, on a non political note what oil from the gulf costs a barrel with the this spill and the damage it did factored in.

Has anyone read the Newsweek

Has anyone read the Newsweek story about BP using their muscle to close areas of the oil spill to the press? Obama is Obama one way or the other, let's put blame for this mess where it belongs, right on the oily hands of BP!

can u imagine?

can u imagine if Bush had flown to the ranch in Crawford during Katrina. Who says there is not a double standard in the media for BHO?

Ok smartypants...

What WAS Bush doing during the hurricaine Katrina disaster??
Aside from:
Having cake with Mccain.
Promoting Medicare drug benefits in AZ.
Heading to CA to talk with seniors about Medicare drug benefits.
Discussing immigration with Mike Chertoff.
Ignoring Gov. Blanco's repeated requests for assistance in LA and then heads to bed to sleep snugly while his people are drowning!
Let's not forget that he also had the fantastic opportunity to practice a few guitar riffs with Mark Wills! WHILE HIS PEOPLE WERE DROWNING, STARVING, DYING!

Yes, I do believe there is a double standard for President Barack Hussein Obama. And you are showing a great example of that here!

Tell me, is there anything that our President could do that you wouldn't disapprove of? ANYTHING?
I know my post will be deleted if I swear, but nothing makes me want to shout profanity like this kind of garbage!

This will be a terrific

This will be a terrific chance for Barry to portray the extraction of fossil fuels as being much too harmful for future generations and therefore he'll be forced to usher in even more "green" options.

I'm all for drilling because

I'm all for drilling because I see energy as a national security issue, maybe even an issue of national survival at some point in time. Having said that this disaster gives opponents of drilling and fossil fuels in general every political opportunity to curtail production thanks to BP.

He has finally

He's finally gotten a disaster that he can call his own and he still blames the Bush admin. You can tell how we voted in the last presidential election.


I'm not sure who I trust

I'm not sure who I trust less in this case BP who made this disaster in the first place, or the US Government who made a disaster of everything it has touched for the last ten years. I never thought I'd say it but I sorta miss Bill Clinton!

It's George's fault

The Obama camp still hasn't given the Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal a permit to construct additional barrier islands after over 40 days. This idea alone may have saved hundreds if not thousands of acres of wetland habitat from disctruction along with the entire Lousisiana coastline. Not enought boom available, well why not ask the Saudi's, they have lots of it. Something like five miles of it that a C-17 could have stateside in 24 hours. Gonna keep thier boots to the throat of BP don't ya know. Tough fella this Obama is. What are they doing for the people that have been affected? The fisherman, the tourist industry, the ten dead oil workers? Nothing other than to say, just you wait, big oil is gonna pay for this.

And by golly he's gonna take full responsibility for this isn't he. I assume that's only because he can't figure out how to make the case that it's George's fault like every other failure of his administration.



This idea also would not even be near complete to date. Where do you suppose one comes up with enough sand to construct this type of barrier? What impact do you suppose a barrier like this could have on the coastal cities once the hurricaines start rolling through?

I actually do believe part of the blame for this falls on Bush. If it weren't for his lax regulation on the oil industry, these 11 men and the LA coast might still be alive.

I don't know a lot about it,

I don't know a lot about it, but I do remember reading a couple of stories awhile back about rampant corruption of the agency that approves drilling under Bush. I'm not sure if that had any direct impact in this disaster. One thing was for Sure about Bush he looked out for his banker and oil business friends more than he ever did the people of this country.

obama administration

The government should back off and let the people in the oil business do their job. Instead the media has us all believing that the government should have all of the answers and take care of us. The government has done a good job of pointing fingers and putting a strangle hold on the ones who can and should be taking care of this. After all it is an election year and any chance they can get to make themselves look good will be good for the voting public, right.


I agree!

Why should we expect Obama or his group to fix this? They have training in politics, not oil drilling. After seeing what good his political training has done, I would NOT want him messing around with oil. He is doing bad enough with what is 'on his plate' now.

Aren't the people in the oil

Aren't the people in the oil business the ones who made the mess in the first place?


BHO is not doing any job- good or bad! Must be busy raising funds for Boxer in Ca.