Has the behavior of many of the participants in the Health Care Town Hall meetings hosted by members of Congress been:

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"Mob-like" and out-of-line
32% (134 votes)
Justified and understandable
65% (267 votes)
No opinion
3% (12 votes)
Total votes: 413

one party

We've had one party rule for many years, just because they call themselves democrats or republicans makes little difference. When it comes to the important things they're on in the same, serving their corporate masters at the expense of all. All you have to do is just open your eyes to see what free trade, open borders, insane spending, and intrusive government has done to this country. Don't be fooled into believing that the republicans are really any different it's all for show while they continue to destroy this country. As the Romans said bread and circuses.
I'm all in favor of the protesters, but where were they when GWB was busy passing garbage like no child left behind that inserted the federal government into every local school in this country? Where were the protests when the piece of garbage called the patriot act passed? Where were the protesters when GWB and his republican cronies gave their banker friends seven hundred billion dollars?

God Bless GW

Why is it that only the Americans contesting Obama and the democrats are a mob? When ACORN and the Black Panthers had armed men standing in front of the election polls to inhibit those who would vote other than Obama, those people were given stimulus money by Obama, not called anti-American and Nazi's by Nancy Pelosi and MSNBC. No, we are not a mob! We are true patriots standing up for what America used to be before the one party rule we have now.

post office solution

I'd like to see a solution that, if it involves a "public" option is run independently like the post office, for the public good and independent of congress. What I don't want to see is a social security model where congress uses the money to balance their budget until the system is bankrupt, then comes crying and whining about how taxes will have to go up and benefits go down. I would also like to see every single representative, senator, and cabinet member be forced by law to participate in the public plan, and forbidden by law to get their care anywhere else.

Don't be fooled by the term

Don't be fooled by the term Co-op, The pulled that trick in Britain with Co-op banking and there is a good many people on record saying it is yet another scam...

Co ops

I saw this morning that senator Enzi may be willing to support the idea of health care co ops, This would be a non government non profit collective run by it's members....sounds like a very good idea to be and I'm going to call his office to support the notion today.


I noticed a lot of the people who appeared at these meetings were of the age to be on medicare, is it safe to assume that since they were against government involvement in their health care they have turned in their medicare cards?
Like it or not we already have socialised medicine with such programs as medicare, and the simple fact that when the uninsured can't pay their bill those of us who do pay either through insurance or privately pay for them.

"His town hall meetings are

"His town hall meetings are choreographed and fake."

I'm NOT an Obama fan, but honestly your fooling yourself if you think any of the last 5 elected presidents don't TOTALLY depend on their teleprompter. I joke with my friends at work all the time, Bush took all our folding money, and so all that is left for Obama was our CHANGE ... That's about the only honest thing I seen in his campaign lol. I'm glad to see people waking up and seeing, that being a president in our once great country is now only a staged event.. This don't hold true for just Obama this holds true to both sides.

Insurance companies charge

Insurance companies charge what they charge for two reasons.Greed and because the medical industry over charges for their services.I've had medical bills lowered when I told the doctor I was paying with cash instead of insurance.That isn't a break,its FRAUD and it happens all the time.

Obama is an phoney POS and he's running this country further down the toilet.His town hall meetings are choreographed and fake.The meeting in Belgrade was nothing but staged propaganda.The girl he called on who had to read from a list about "all the bad people with signs outside". Turns out the girls mother was directly involved in Obama's presidetial campaign and paid into the campaign large sums of money.

"Can things be adjusted to

"Can things be adjusted to help in the cost? Yes, but not as presently proposed."

I agree with this 100% , but we need to get this part of the legislation on the books as a starting point. We could spend YEARS, and HAVE spent years bantering back and forth talking about how to roll this out. In the end it goes nowhere.

"The president has said that the plan will not change the private insurance industry."

Depends on how you look at it... Any way you cut it, the plan will provide choice / competition to the "insurance industry" In my opinion they "the insurance industry" have priced themselves out of the game..

town hall meetings

The president has said that the plan will not change the private insurance industry. He used the comparision that both Fed Ex and UPS are doing well while the US Post Office is in trouble. One should remember that both private companies were formed after the post office had been in business for some time. They filled a need that the post office was not providing.
The present government proposal is to make a government funded agency to provide insurance that will be more efficient than the private companies.
We can all see how efficient the government is in running the post office. The track record is not there that the government can do it better.
Can things be adjusted to help in the cost? Yes, but not as presently proposed.

"SICKO" go to your local

"SICKO" go to your local video store and rent it.... Most of these people who are up in arms are being prodded by the insurance industries lobby money... If America cares ONE BIT they would have stood up and said something when our elected government handed over 700,000,000,000.00 dollars to the banks and then didn't ask the banks to account for one single dime....

I hate big government but truth be told, I wouldn't mind seeing the insurance industry in the hurt locker for a while.. Let them suffer for a few years, it will come full circle in the end it always does..

Rent the movie ...


I couldn't agree more, where were all of these so called conservative republicans when the so called leadership of this county gave countless billions to the banks?
I also hate big government but sadly we don't have a party for small government, what we have are two big government parties so I guess I'll throw in with the big government party who helps the working class as opposed to the big government party that chose to funnel our national treasure on Goldman Sachs and Citibank

As usual the current

As usual the current socialist administration will do anything to push their agenda forward at any cost.Anyone who see's them for what they are is labeled a mob or radical.

Funny how obama is saying that money is tight for medical,yet he had no problem giving away billions of dollars to the auto industry and his friends in the banking sector.

People are finally getting their fill and speaking out.It's about time.

I believe it was John McCain

I believe it was John McCain who halted his presidential campaign to go back to Washington and vote FOR the bankster bailout bill, and George Bush who lobbied for and signed the bill.