Do you think the Powder Horn subdivision should incorporate as a municipality?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
33% (237 votes)
56% (395 votes)
No Opinion
11% (76 votes)
Total votes: 708

Off Topic?

Is this off topic?

"Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience."

"I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness."

"A bank is a place that will lend you money, if you can prove that you don't need it."

"A budget is just a method of worrying before you spend money, as well as afterward."

"America is a country where half the money is spent buying food, and the other half is spent trying to lose weight."

Whoops! We should be serious, right?
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Incorporation of a multi

Incorporation of a multi million dollar community into a town of less than 30,000, do I smell the next (insert your own little too good for the rest of the county community here) happening to Sheridan. Be prepared Sheridan for terrible things to come, the last thing a county like Sheridan needs is for a group of well to do people requesting a handout of tax dollars.

Look at what is happening with all of the bailout funds from President Obama's recession fix...they are going to the big banks and big corporations. The same would happen to Sheridan. The the people with the biggest hands (The community in question) will get the funds that the rest of the county (Sheridan, Dayton, Ranchester, you know the rest)really needs. I could see the PH Community getting new street lights every 2 years when places in Sheridan will never be taken care of.

Funny you should mention the

Funny you should mention the bank bailouts and hand outs.The primary person pushing this incorporation of the powder horn is homer scott who's also a major banking entity.Seems these guys are always involved in finding someone else to flip the bill and it's usually the tax payer.

I don't want to be mean to

I don't want to be mean to the Scott family, but they need a reality check. From the impression I got when I would see them around town, it felt like they were on the Forbes list of richest people in America.

The Scott family may be in the banking industry, however, they are a nobody in that industry. If the bank they have fails due to bad loans or whatever they won't get any bailout funds. They will simply get bought up by a larger bank like Wells Fargo, CITI, and the list goes on.

The whole community needs a slap in the fact and to realize you live in SHERIDAN WYOMING!

Wake up and get the picture.

2 to 1

Looks like by a margin of 2 to 1 county residents are against incorperation of the Powder-Horn, I hope residents follow up on their sentiments as the situation evolves.

They Have No Say

It doesn't matter what anyone outside of The Powder Horn thinks about this, as they will not get to vote on the matter. The only people that will have a vote on whether or not The Powder Horn can incorporate will be the registered voters that live within The Powder Horn. Educate yourself about how the process works. It is a matter that will be decided by those residents, you and I will have no say in the matter, so why do you care? I have looked into this today and if they incorporate, the city of The Powder Horn will have the option to levy 3mills more of property tax on it's own residents. How does that effect you or me? It doesn't.

Corky it's becoming evident

Corky it's becoming evident that intelligence is not your strong point.

The commissioners will vote on this,in the sense that a majority of the commissioners must agree on wether or not this goes to the next stage in the form of a vote by the residents of the golf course.If the commissioners don't agree then you and homer won't get your chance to vote on your kingdom.

It's real simple how this incorporation of a golf course will effect others.For one it will take away cap tax dollars from the exsisting communities who would then have to split those monies with a fourth small city the powder horn.The powder horn will also compete for grants and loans at the state level with other communities.

It is you that is wrong

All the commissioners get to vote on is whether or not the petition to incorporate is complete or not. This is not your standard County Commissioner vote, where they vote for what they believe their constituents what (or what will get them elected). It is your intelligence that is in question.

I closed the comments on

I closed the comments on this poll early this morning until we could have time to review them.

We found some of them to be completely off topic and provide no insight in to the original question. As a general rule we will be deleting comments that are far off topic.

Oh look you still have

Oh look you still have people voting multiple times on this poll.

Something else that hasn't

Something else that hasn't been mentioned,is the fact that once incorporated the powder horn will then have the power to annex surrounding properties into their possession and tax base.

Rich out of staters?

Question, any "Scott" issues aside, is this a case of a bunch of rich out of staters who moved to Wyoming for the lifestyle, and now want all those services from the big city?

Yes it is a case of the

Yes it is a case of the rich,the same ones that need $5000 in fee waivers.If they aren't willing to pay that small fee,you can only imagine what they're willing to pull when incorporated.

Stay on Topic

Stay on Topic Please

Toth this poll question

Toth this poll question would have more meaning if people couldn't cheat and vote multiple times.There are programs that will prevent this.

Repeat voting

With anonymous online voting, there are always ways to cheat the system. However, we are adjusting things to at least make it more difficult to do so on our site.

from what I hear

From what I can tell the results of the poll reflect the general sentiment of the community, no doubt some with interest in the issue (on both sides) vote more than once but I think in for the most part people who take the time to participate here would not want to make the results questionable. I know ths Scott family has donated much to the community over the years and although they get tax brakes I'd like to think they do it out of wanting to make the community a better place. Never the less the powder horn is part of what has made housing so unaffordable for a lot of people here as it did a lot to drive up prices and taxes for the rest of us. Furthermore those who founded, and bought lots in PowderHorn knew they were buying in to a private community and have no right to ask the public to pick up the financial burden of infrastructure improvements while their walkways and path's remain off limits to the public.


How can the residents of that community expect us taxpayers to foot the bill when the only way the general public can even be on the property is if they know someone who lives out there, if they pay a huge fee to use the greens or if they're lucky enough to somehow get a pass to do so. I say that if my tax money goes to that community's improvement and utilities...then I want to be able to go out there any time I dang well please and utilize the paths and greens anytime I desire. Should this happen, then that community should no longer be considered a gated community, but public land as well.

J. S. Luckjohn


The Powder Horn is not a private golf course. Anyone can go out there and play golf. Further, no tax money would go to the golf course (unlike Kendrick that is supported by the city). The golf course would remain a business that would be operating within a city instead of the county. The streets at The Powder Horn are currently public roads. Anyone who wants to can go and drive on those roads. They are however maintained by the Homeowners' Association. The walking paths are paid for and maintained by the HOA and would remain private should they incorporate.

Homer Scott, Jr and his family and business

I am so tired of hearing how Scotty and his family have caused so much damage to this community for whatever reasons that you have come up with..
Do any of you really know Scotty? Do any of you know EXACTLY what he and his family/corporations own? There are a handful of people that actually do and I don't think that anyone that has posted here knows for sure..
Yes, the Powder Horn is probably a overpriced community but its expansion that the county probably needed..

I suggest that all of you get your facts straight before spouting off about how he has dragged the city down and how he gets all of his items done and taken care of.

I used to work for Sugarland Enterprises and know that that the Powderhorn originally was planned for over 700 house lots and the county nixed that down to about half..imagine that..

Scotty has an old adage that all of us should think about.."when you go to speak on something, look at your watch first and take the time to think about your answer or comment before you speak"..
Makes a ton of sense and I try to follow that everyday..some of you here should do the same..

If the county nixed his

If the county nixed his subdivision down to 300 plus lots,then why is homer sitting on 965 saws taps?

didnt SAWS say a while back

didnt SAWS say a while back that if he didn't use them they were going to take them back ?

The saws has no power to

The saws has no power to take back those taps,unless they rewrite the contract and homer has no obligation to enter into another contract.Kinskey however would like to get rid of the administrators of SAWS,because the bylaws would then make the city the administrator and kinskey would run the saws without input from the county..

The other problem with claiming that the powder horn was cut back to roughly 350 lots from a proposed 700 lots,is the fact that the powder horn has used close to 300 taps and has basically only sold about half its available lots.But I'll let freak continue his fairy tale


Not all people that are wealthy contribute to the betterment of a community. The Scott's have and continue to do so. Without their input, which is tax deductable for them, what would this community be missing? A great many valuable things is the answer. I am grateful that we as American's can work hard to achieve. If it is because our famillies have helped us out from their own achievements and passed it down to us then so be it. I would like to think that I will be able to do the same for my children, even if it is not on the scale that the Scott's do. I still, as an American, can make my own decision about who I give my money to, which contributions that I help out, and how I can also benefit from it...either spiritually, or financially.

It seems that there are several people that comment on this site with a deep sense of somehow being victimized by those that "have." My guess is that these are the same people that don't volunteer, don't give back to community (other than maybe a church donation or something that isn't too much of an inconvenience), and are takers rather than givers. Well guess what people, the Scott's don't owe this community anything. They make the choice to give to foundations large amounts of money. Many family members are also on boards that help out in this county as well. What do you do for this community?

Gated community? Whatever. Gated means they keep you out. What keeps me out of owning a giant house is that I can't afford it. Again, plain and simple. Congrats to those that can and want to live out there.

I am thankful that Capitalism is alive and well and that socialism, for the time being is not yet our way of life. Because when that does happen, every one of use will be judged. Our worth will be judged. Our incomes will be judged. It won't just be the very wealthy that will pay for the very poor, or those that make the decision to be poor. And yes, I said it. Some people, not all by any means, make that decision. There are a great many people that try hard, but because of life circumstances are unable to overcome. Thankfully, again, we do have foundations and government help for them. But, when Capitalism goes away, who is going to contribute to non-profits?

Be the change you want to see. Quit complaining.

sweet deals

I don't care for the way that the Scott family managed to drive up property prices in the county, but it's a free country I guess. What I really resent though are the sweet deals I've read about here concerning water taps for no reserve fee, Agracultural water for the golf course, and now a sweet deal on taxes until the lots sell. There is NO way on earth that the tax payer needs to be bailing out the powderhorn.

Powder Horn Factoid.

Another interesting subject pertaining to the powder horn is taxes.

You may recall Homer Scott's letter to the editor article in the Press,where he threw out mention of all the property tax that the powder horn pays out yearly.What he failed to mention is the fact that he's been allowed to pay property tax at an agricultural rate on all unsold lots at the powder horn.Once he sells a lot,the new owner then pays tax based on a rural residential rate.I've been to the powder horn numerous times and I've yet to see any crops or livestock being raised.No,it's just your typical scott discount,sort of like using agricultural water rights on a golf course and subdivision.

That is untrue.

Unfortunately, I must point out that you are mistaken, again. Unsold lots at the Powder Horn are not allowed to be taxed at an agriculture rate unless production incomes from those properties meet minimum state guidelines. In Wyoming, property taxes are based on land use not zoning resolutions. If the owner of the unsold Powder Horn lots is able to show the property has received enough agriculture based income (the golf course would not count toward this income) then they would pay agriculture based property taxes. And that rule applies for everyone, so the Powder Horn owners should be able to take advantage of that just as any other property owner.

NO Kurt,I've spoken with

NO Kurt,I've spoken with Paul Fall the county assessor,you know the guy that actually does the tax.His response was that the powder horn pays taxes at an agricultural rate,until the lot is sold,at which time the new owner then pays at a rural residential tax rate.Pauls response was that other subdivisions in sheridan county have been allowed to do the same.Because in his words the higher tax rate of rural residential is too cost prohibitive to the developer and we all know how short old homer is on cash.

Miscommunication somewhere!

Unfortunately there was a miscommunication somewhere as I received correspondence from Mr. Fall today stating that he recalls no such meeting with anyone and once again stating that the lots at the Powder Horn like any other Sheridan County Subdivision are assessed at fair market value based on use. Since there are no commercial agriculture enterprises currently operating at the Powder Horn, the lots are assessed at FMV for residential lots. For all landowners there.

I don't know what your anger is toward the Powder Horn developer but the question was simply should the area incorporate. Continued posting of blatantly inflammatory and spiteful comments will result in you being blocked from the site.

That's interesting,other

That's interesting,other developers in sheridan have admitted to paying ag rates on their lots prior to final sale also. Sounds like you've got every staff member concerned with this poll question.Don't imagine there will be another poll question like this in the future,that is unless you can put a spam filter that only allows the answers you want to hear.

What Developers

Exactly what other developers have said that they only paid an ag rate on their taxes? You make these blanket statements but never back them up with any type of factual evidence. Are you now saying that Paul Fall is not telling the truth? You seem to be making up most of what you have said. I would trust Kurt over you on any topic. He has presented factual information and you have not. Just accept the fact that you are incorrect about the tax issue. I own 75 acres of ag land and Kurt is correct about what it is that a person must do to maintain that ag status as it relates to property taxes.

Indian Paintbrush

Indian Paintbrush subdivision for one.

You'd trust Kurt because he's sticking up for homer.Funny how any comments on the daycare waiver were deleted.Why is the scott family so up tight about the public knowing about their personal involvement in the center and the $5000 hand out from the city to a millionaire.

I'd hate to see their coverup tactics when tax dollars were involved in their incorporated golf course.

Did Not

I spoke to the developer of Indian Paint Brush and he did not pay an ag rate on his property. When did he tell you this?

Corky please share with us

Corky please share with us the developers name.Do you even know who the developer is?

Just a hint corky,the developer was delinquent on his taxes and the properties were recently purchased at a tax sale.



Good job corky.Bliss has

Good job corky.Bliss has commented several times that he was paying at an ag rate.But as usual with bliss he couldn't even keep up on those payments.So now he gets to pay other people who bailed him out and they're hoping he'll fail to do that also for three years.

Sound or Unsound

Reality Check

I read these posts several times to get familar with the subject. You are obviously hitting nerves with some. Because of that, I would have to think there is some truth as to what you are posting, otherwise why would anybody respond with such fervor to your posts? Some type of hidden agenda? It inspires me to find out the truth. Very interesting to say the least. Try not to get banned.

You'll find knowledge is

You'll find knowledge is freedom.

The county courthouse is full of info on the powder horn and it's free to the public.Take advantage of it.Pay attention to city and county meetings.

The publics Apathy is what allows people like the scotts,Kinnison and Kinskey to rule this town at the expense of the citizens.

Go talk to Paul Fall

I believe that you will find out that Kurt is absolutely correct. I think that reality check is getting on people's nerves because of the misinformation that they are spreading.

No I'm getting on yours and

No I'm getting on yours and homers nerves because the truth is an inconvienance for you two.

Kurt don't even try to push

Kurt don't even try to push the anger card here.I'm far from angry over the powder horn and it's interesting to see how the wealthy around here get whatever they want.You know like incorporation of golf courses and $5000 fee waivers.

Scott owned businesses would

Scott owned businesses would be Perkins and the Holiday Inn and Next to New.

However Scott owns Sugarland Development,so now you're talking land lord status.In this capacity they own every building or lot beginning at the Sherwin Williams/Plains Tire/mini mall and everything in between traveling south including the board walk and albertsens.In other otherwords,most of the east side of coffeen and most everything with the words sugarland included in its name,they have involvement as at least a land lord.

Something else worth mentioning would be that the powder horn's home owners association is also pushing for this incorporation as a city.If you include these business owners you now have See's Candy.Cysco foods and Sathers Candy.

You are wrong

For a person named reality check, you sure are full of misinformation. The Scott's do not own Albertson's and the Boardwalk, they did at one time but they no longer do. They also do not own any buildings outside of the Sherwin Williams building (not the plains tire building or any others) and those building which they have businesses operating in. They are not a landlord to anyone on Coffeen Avenue. Next to New is a nonprofit business that gives all it's proceeds to a charitable organization.

You missed one very important business that Mr Scott operates though, the Homer and Janet Scott Foundation that has given away a bunch of money to help support the youth of Sheridan County. This Foundation is outside the Homer and Mildred Scott Foundation that has given millions of dollars to Sheridan County and the First Interstate Bank Foundation which have given millions of dollars to the communities in which First Interstate does business. I for one am thankful to live in a community that has a family give back as much as the Scott Family has over the years.

Buildings and property

I don't know so I am asking; you claim Scott's don't own the buildings. That could very well be true but I was told a few years back that the Scott family owned the property. True or not?


Too bad nobody thinks of things like this when those "optional" tax votes come around.

Thank You

For whomever mentioned Cap Tax...thank you!!!
For those members of the community that don't understand how cap tax is distributed to municipalities ONLY!!! If the Powder Horn were allowed to incorporate, they would now be considered a municipality. Ranchester, Dayton, and Clearmont are already facing the fact that our lovely commissioners and Mr. Sheridan himself have unilaterally decided, with absolutely NO input from either the mayors of the other towns, that they are not going to honor the distribution of this new cap tax, as it was in the past. Now we are to consider throwing another "all powerful" self-serving individual to the mix...the next step is to distribute cap tax to Sheridan and the Powder Horn first and leaving the smaller-needier towns to take their table scraps....i'm sorry, but that is exactly the opposite of what the cap tax was created for.

Actually, you are mistaken.

I needed to set a couple of things straight that you brought up in your post. First of all, the Capital Facilities Tax is permitted under state law as a specific use tax. It is not just for municipalities but is collected by the counties where local voters have approved the tax. In our case, it is a Sheridan County tax, not a municipal tax. The County acts to distribute those funds to individual projects brought forth and agreed upon by 3/4 of the municipalities and county government.

Second, the Sheridan County Commissioners APPROVED the distribution agreement that would allow the smaller communities to receive initial revenues from the cap tax for a couple of months until the total revenues reached $900,000.

Third, the Sheridan City Council has NOT voted on the agreement yet. So, we don't know whether or not the initial disbursement to the smaller communities will happen.

Finally, if the Powder Horn would incorporate, they would have the same issues that Dayton, Ranchester, and Clearmont currently have... with a limited population they will not be able to get a disproportionately large chunk of any future capital facilities or one-cent optional tax.

Thank you for participating in the Sheridan Media forum.

Specific use being

Specific use being infrastructure,which the powder horn is in need of.

Secondly the county commissioners did approve distribution of the tax and yet the city is still playing games,trying to keep the tax from being given to the smaller communities first.Reason being the city of sheridan has bankrupted itself and needs all the tax it can get and doesn't want to share.Ask kinskey exactly where he is getting all the money he wants to throw away.

Of course the city hasn't voted on the disbursement of the tax.Kinskey puposely having no city attorney present at meetings had to seek legal advice outside of the meeting.In other words find out if he can legally or even illegally stall the process even more.

When the powder horn does incorporate,which it will if homer can line enough pockets.It will then rob the other three smaller towns of cap tax funds.Nobody is saying the powder horn will get a diproportionate % of the cap tax.The premise is they shouldn't get any cap tax period,because they have no business incorporating in the first place.If they do get the cap tax as a result of incorporation,it will take dollars away from the other communities.

The CAP Tax will be just the

The CAP Tax will be just the beginning.The amount of state funds that the powder horn will qualify for is huge.The state of wyoming and all its taxpayers will then be flipping the bill for a golf course and its select group of trust funders.

Another issue that hasn't been mentioned,is the fact that the powder horn has always had the understanding that when all it's lots were sold.It would become a private club.How does a city become a private club?

The Real Reality Check

Once again I feel compelled to bring reality to you. The Powder Horn Golf Course is a private business and has nothing to do with the community incorporating or not. If this were to happen, then there would be the City of Powder Horn and within it would be a private golf course operating without any help from the city. In no way would any tax money ever be used to support The Powder Horn golf operations, it's clubhouse, or anything else that has to do witih Mr. Scott's business out there.

Does the City of Sheridan support any of the locally owned and operated businesses within it's city with tax money? Of course not. What they are talking about doing has nothing to do with the Scott family's business interests. It has to do with the community that Mr Scott and his family have created. That means: roads, sewer, snow removal, and common area maintenance.

How do you think that every town in this entire country was created? By either a group of settlers or an individual whom took the initiative to form a community and live together for the betterment of the group as a whole. This is a basic understanding of sociology and goes back to the earliest settlements of man.

This is the process that human beings are based upon. This is not a negative issue for the city of Sheridan, Sheridan County, or the State of Wyoming. We should all be thanking the Scott family for the efforts that they have put forth with The Powder Horn.

Reality Check: you seem to be a bitter, uninformed individual that just wants to spread your anger and unhappiness to others in this community. We live in the greatest country on the planet Earth because we have the only true free market society that allows growth and opportunity to those that wish to take on the risk for the betterment of others.

I for one do not want to live in a country that limits an individuals ability to succeed based on the apathy of others.

Mr. Scott hasn't created a

Mr. Scott hasn't created a community.He's created a subdivision and golf course. Now he wants tax payer dollars to further sustain it.

Towns were created out of legitimate need of the people.Not to help a millionaire tap into tax dollars to keep his subdivision afloat.Especially a subdivision that since its inception is designed to be gated and when all lots are sold will not even be open to the public.The powder horn is nothing but a "fiefdom and "kingdom" for the wealthy.It provides nothing to the community of sheridan,yet costs that same community dearly.

The reality of it is,the powder horn costs the residents of sheridan hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly.A prime example of this cost is SAWS water.You have Homer holding onto 965 taps for FREE,which annually costs the SAWS $120k in lost revenue.Mean while SAWS is charging tap holders over $70 per billing period and are slated to raise those prices in the near future.All while homer pays nothing.

Take a ride through the

Take a ride through the powder horn.It's nothing but "for sale signs".The powder horn has it's own sewer treatment facility that is nothing but a money pit.By incorporating,Homer Scott hopes to get not only Cap Tax and qualify for State and Federal Grants,but there'll be even more excuses to hook into the City of Sheridans sewer system.All of which will be nothing but the residents of sheridan further flipping the bill so that the rich and shameless at the powder horn can continue to live cheaply.

The powder Horn already was given 965 SAWS taps for water,most of which are still sitting unused and bring in no revenue for SAWS.Meanwhile on a monthly basis the SAWS board sits around complaining about lack of revenue and the need to raise water costs to the saws customer,the majority of which live outside the powder horn.

Without SAWS the powder horn would not exsist.They have no means of providing enough water,short of building their own treatment facility.Which is the real reason SAWS was built in the first place.To service the powder horn,the common folk living outside the powder horn were allowed the privelege of having around 300 taps for their use.

Another interesting situation with the powder horn,is the fact that when the Powder Horn Ranch was sold to Homer Scott for his subdivision the irrigation rights should have ceased to exsist also.The reason being,is the property was no longer AGRICULTURAL.However homer managed to pay off enough people that he was allowed to keep irrigation for a non ag purpose.Nowhere else in the state of wyoming has this ever been allowed.

Lasts weeks question on here dealt with CAP Tax and the fact that smaller communities aren't getting their cap tax.So why would we consider giving the powder horn the right to be an incorporated city when tax dollars are already short and in some cases nonexsistant.


What community do you think has a larger negative impact on the environment: Big Horn or The Powder Horn? The Powder Horn uses substantially less water than the ranching operations that came before it and they have a central waste water treatment (not septic tanks). The quality of water on Little Goose coming into The Powder Horn is of a lesser quality than the water on the downstream side of The Powder Horn. They have actually improved the water quality on Little Goose where as Big Horn has done nothing but pollute the water in the area (both the stream and the ground water).

Look up adjudicated water rights and find out why The Powder Horn still has access to water. You seem to be a very angry person that is full of misinformation.

The powder horn has a bigger

The powder horn has a bigger negative impact on the enviroment,then big horn ever thought of having.

Golf courses and subdivisions are a known source of major pollution. The powder horn is located right in the middle of little goose creek and drainage.The soil profiles in the area consist of water tables as shallow as 1 foot deep.The upper elevations of the powder horn have clay soil types that have limited permability.The soil is so poor in many areas of the powder horn that top soil has to be brought in,to even grow grass.Add to this thousands of gallons of chemicals being used on lawns and golf greens,all of which leaches directly into not only the shallow water table,but directly into little goose creek itself.You end up with even higher concentrations of chemcials,because much of the powder horn has soils that don't allow leaching and they're hills on top of it.So you end up with even higher concentrations of chemicals entering the water table and creek.

The powder horn uses far more irrigation then surrounding ranches.

Environmental Stewards

As the golf course superintendent at The Powder Horn, I would like to disagree with your statements. We pride ourselves on being a very environmentally friendly golf community. As an earlier poster stated, the water in Little Goose Creek is actually cleaner when it leaves the property than when it enters. We have earned the designation of Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary by Audubon International. To achieve and maintain this status, we have demonstrated a strong commitment to the environment by being responsible users of water, reducing the use of harmful pesticides, and improving the wildlife habitat at The Powder Horn.

We utilize an on-site weather station to determine the true irrigation needs for the golf course. Water is only applied when the course is in need. Often times, this is significantly less per acre than an average home owner applies. As far as pesticides and fertilizer are concerned, we strive to use only products that have minimal impact on the environment. Furthermore, they are not applied within 20 feet of any water source to minimize the risk of runoff. Our aerification program also allows the fertilizers and pesticides to infiltrate the soils to the appropriate levels before they run off. Once in the soil, they are utilized by the turf, and have no negative impact on the environment.

On another note, I work for great people in a great community. Myself, and many others in this community make our livings working for Mr. Scott’s businesses. There are many jobs around this community that would not be here if it weren’t for his hard work and dedication to his businesses.

Golf courses and the term

Golf courses and the term enviromentally friendly can't even be used in the same sentence.So you put out 101 bird baths and Audubon gave you a piece of paper.

Considering the mowing techniques used in a golf course.The roaching of grass etc.causes ten times as much evaporation as any residential lawn.Which results in 10x as much water being used on a golf course as compared to residential use.Please spare me your rhetoric.

There isn't a spot on that golf course that isn't within 20 feet of a water source.The soil profiles of little goose are well documented.Even the powder horns very own Bill Mentock will varify with his geotechnicals the extremely high water tables through out the course.

Any use of a chemical applied to the soil results in residue.Your techniques aren't that special and it's the same dog and pony show in every golf course,you guys are even friendly to small animals and children.

Furthermore you have no control of chemical applications outside the course(residential) which infiltrate the same water sources.

Yes,the scotts are wonderfull and love us all.Can we please just band together and let them incoporate and consume our tax dollars,just like their golf course consumes little goose creek.

Thanks for the information

Thank you for this information. You should be complimented for your efforts to protect the environment.

They have access to ag water

They have access to ag water still,because homer scott is a millionaire and got it ran through.


Are you serious? Look up adjudicated water rights in Wyoming Law!! Water rights go with the SALE OF LAND. I took the time to look this up today and find out the facts instead of just spouting off about things I know nothing about.

The fact is that Mr. Scott actually lost some of the shares in the water rights of the land that is now The Powder Horn when he bought it because the usage changed. Anyone, millionaire or not, could go buy a piece of land with water right and do the same thing. I do not understand why you hate Mr. Scott so much that you continue to lie and make false accusations.

This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! We happen to be a free market society that rewards entrepreneurship. That is why this is the best country on the planet to live in. What is the deal? You seem to think that every successful person is someone taking advantage or acting selfishly. You have yet to make a factual claim anywhere, on any blog, in the Sheridan Media website.

America hasn't been a free

America hasn't been a free market in decades.No not every successful person takes advantage of other people.But there's plenty who do and the originator of the powder horn happens to be one of those people who does take advantage of others and if he gets his way,he'll be taking adavantage of all tax payers in wyoming.

I have to agree "America

I have to agree "America hasn't been a free market in decades." It's sad to see so many people that still cling to that illusion ..

You may be right for now,

You may be right for now, but do you think that will hold up for long term impact ?


You have no say in the deal, the Community decides, in the Statues it reads that once the petition is filed it is presented to the County Commissions, they will check that it is complete and they HAVE TO approve it. The only people in the community that can make it not happen are the people that live there, not lot owners, you have to live in the community. I guess you could say you don't have any control over it. Do your homework.

There isn't a County

There isn't a County Commissioner that won't vote yes on the approval of the powder horn.The Scott family is one of a handfull of people who dictate who gets into local politics and there isn't a county commissioner currently on commission that would have a political future if they voted no.


Once again you are so uninformed that you don't even know that the County Commissioner don't vote on this. How ignorant are you? You have no idea what you are talking about, but you keep spouting off like someone who knows something. The only people that have a chance to vote on this issue are the registered voters who live at The Powder Horn.

if you want to talk about a topic, i suggest that you first educate yourself on the topic and then make a comment that has a basis in fact.

Maybe you should inform the

Maybe you should inform the county commissioners of this and while you're at it change state statute.The commissioners will have a vote on this and it's provided through state statute.

What Vote

What is it exactly that the county commissors will vote on? At no time in this process do they vote on anything. All they would do is say whether or not a complete petition has been filed. They don't vote on this issue.

Yeah it's called a majority

Yeah it's called a majority vote there genius.

If it were me I would focus

If it were me I would focus on the Ag water, someone needs to file that at the state level. Looks like low hanging fruit to me..


The Powder-horn is an exclusive gated community, those who reside there knew and understood that when they bought houses. There is no way that in a time of constrained state and federal budgets they should be allowed to now (that money is tight) incorporate in order to receive tax funds for what is essentially a private micro community that caters to only the most wealthy members of this community. Maybe if the Powder-horn had more housing for middle class wage earners I would have more sympathy but I'll be ****** if I want to see my tax dollars go out to bailing out any more private enterprises, especially when those who benefit are the top ten percent of society.

Not a gated community

I drove right into The Powder Horn today to look around. There is no gate. What are you talking about gated community? Have you ever been to a gated community? Do you know what a gated community is? Have you ever seen a gated community? Have you ever spoken with someone who lives in a gated community?

Obviously not or else you would know that is NOT what The Powder Horn is.

It's not gated yet,just like

It's not gated yet,just like the course isn't closed to the public YET.When all lots are sold it will be gated.Homers even admitted to this.



I do agree with this statement..


Sorry, I think they are only after the tax dollars they put into the community.

They understood

Their tax dollars provide them with schools, roads, and police protection just like every other citizen in this county.

I agree, this is 100% spot

I agree, this is 100% spot on.....