Do you think it was a mistake for Bill Ayers to have been allowed to make his speech at UW?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
47% (173 votes)
48% (177 votes)
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5% (20 votes)
Total votes: 370

Free speech

We are still in AMERICA arn't we? We still are allowed to practice free speech right? What is the problem? I think what Commrad BURNS and BERGER did in Cheyenne was way more distasteful than allowing someone to speak! Allowing our Congress to allow forein companies to drill on our shores and then let them operate with reduced safeguards now that is the CRIME! at about 50,000 barrels or more aday in prime breeding and nesting season and saying it will take 3 months to fix it! That is the outrage!

please change my what ever from I hear voices to SAY WHAT! hope you can do this for thanks.

I am not sure what you are

I am not sure what you are referring to--they are state senators and representatives, not U.S.--I don't think they have "jurisdiction" over the issue you are referring to--what is the legislation you are talking about?

Ayers speaking at UW

John from Wyo

Should have been allowed to speak? Absolutely! Has anyone considered the "real" elephant in the living room. There would have been very little comment or issue with Ayers speaking at UW IF HE WAS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA. Am I alluding to back door racism against the President? Possibly. Angela Davis was an activist with the Black Panthers and spoke at UW with little if any complaints. Most people who fussed over Ayers speaking at UW knew nothing about the Weather Underground. This is mostly about Obama, not Ayers.

John from Wyo


I feel you are way off base here. My objections to Ayer's actions in the past have nothing to do with President Obama. I am so weary of being accused of racism when it comes to disagreeing with the president or anyone associated with him. My concerns with Ayers had to do with his past violent behavior, and nothing to do with Obama. I would not object to Obama, Clinton or any other liberal speaking at the University of Wyoming. I objected to Ayers because he chose to express his opinions by blowing things up. He had little association with Obama, so maybe you should check up on your facts before accusing people of racism.


Tired of this subject.

Discussed and reported on TOO MUCH! Please let this be over. It happened. Move on! Please.

Free speech

I think personal freedom is a pretty important subject, especially freedom of speech. As long as there is a venue to speak out for that freedom I will do so loud and clear. Those who want to give government at any level the power to regulate or deny that right need to remember that someday the government may want to regulate their speech. Keep in mind that some of those on the left consider the Tea Party to be potential terrorists, and would like nothing more than to muzzle them. Someday maybe some left leaning government will decide the NRA is a terrorist organization and decide it's members are no longer afforded civil liberties. There is always potential for great evil when we cede our rights to government.

I copied this comment from the other forum, thought it was relev

I've been thinking a lot about Mr.Ayers today, the words like terrorism and free speech that are thrown around quite freely. Lets Look at damage done by Mr.Ayers. As far as I could tell My.Ayers blew up a statue twice, and set bombs off at the capitol and the pentagon doing by his own admission "tens of thousands of dollars" in damage. There were no deaths. On the other hand Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson started and continued a war that cost 58,135 dead American soldiers, 303,316 wounded soldiers, 35,000 American civilians dead (I assume contractors), 2,500 missing, and cost the country 168.1 billion dollars(in 1960s dollars). I've never had a lot of sympathy for the anti war movements of the 1960s, they always struck me as sympathetic to the enemy. However when you look at the matter objectively Nixon and LBJ cost more lives and treasure than Mr.Ayers and his cohorts could ever dream of, and did not benefit this country in any material way.