Do you support renewal of the Capital Facilities Tax that will be on the ballot in August?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
48% (137 votes)
46% (133 votes)
6% (18 votes)
Total votes: 288

Happy to vote no today

I was more than happy to go vote no today, and got at least two others to do the same.

Vote No

No Kurt,I've listened to enough city council broadcasts and attended enough City Council meetings to know full well that the caller in question during the public pulse broadcast was Councilman Mulholland.

By all means Kurt please share with us why it couldn't be Ryan?Let me guess,Caller ID?

Vote no on cap tax! All the

Vote no on cap tax!

All the Cap Tax is,is the City and County of Sheridan openly admitting that they aren't responsible enough to budget your tax dollars and optional 1% sales tax and therefore are asking the citizens of sheridan to carry the burden of an additional cap tax.So they can miss manage that tax also.

Prior to kinskeys election the city of sheridans yearly budget was between 13 to 15 Million dollars.Kinskey has managed to run that budget up to $61 million in 2009.And what do we really have to show for? Nothing but another short fall.And we the tax payer are expected to give you elected bozo's another tax to throw away.

While we're at it let's look at what the Optional 1% sales tax has been wasted on.You've got around $3 million dollars worth of taxes being wasted on the Municipal Golf Course.Lets not forget the $385k that was wasted on "South Park" a park that really can't even have anything built in it.So Kinskey decided to relieve the owner of the property with optional 1% sales tax and then whine about not having money for city streets etc.

Speaking of Councilman Ryan

Speaking of Councilman Ryan Mulholland and his promotion of voting yes on the cap tax.I'd like to draw your attention to the Public Pulse episode on 07/21/09 which is available on this website,that was dedicated to the Cap tax.The speakers on the show were Tom Ringley,Steve Brantz and Jim Wilson.

In listening to this episode I noticed that a familiar caller was on the radio show at 37 min.and 34 sec. into the show and spoke until 40 min. and 16sec.That caller was none other then Ryan Mulholland himself.He called in to promote getting a raise for himself and his fellow sheridan law enforcement officers,so they'd be in line with Campbell County wages.I thought for sure that Mr. Mulholland would have identified himself as a councilman,so I listened again to the show here on this website.But sure enough Ryan didn't identify himself to the speakers on the show.

I'd like to applaude Kim Love for quickly bringing it to Ryan Mulhollands attention during that show,that this Cap Tax has nothing to do with him getting a pay raise.

I urge the viewers of this website to take the time and listen to that Public Pulse episode for themselves and draw their own conclusions.

It leads me to question wether Ryan Mulholland even understands what this Cap Tax is really for or even what his intentions are with the tax.

I'm sorry but you are mistaken.

There is a reason the caller that you referred to did not identify himself as a councilman. It's because the caller on Public Pulse on that date was NOT Ryan Mulholland. Since you did not verify your facts before coming to that conclusion, it would be nice if you would not make accusations and post them as fact when they are not. Thank you for participating in the forum.

Nice work!

Way to keep people honest! It's important to do so to preserve this forum as an information source, rather than a rumor mill.

A subject worthy of its own

A subject worthy of its own poll question next week could be."Should both the cities and county of sheridan have the right to use tax payer dollars to hire PR firms,to promote the Cap Tax"?

The city of Sheridan,Ranchester,Dayton,Clearmont and the County Commissioners,have hired several PR firms to promote the passing of the Cap Tax.This raises several questions.

First off,how many tax dollars were used to pay these firms to promote this Yes vote on the Cap Tax?

These entities are crying about a lack of money for street projects etc.Yet they have enough money to waste on PR firms to promote this tax.Seems as though that money could be spent on the very projects that local goverment is wasting money on advertisement.

Second,what gives the right to these elected officials to use your tax dollars to promote this tax?

A citizen who opposes the tax is still forced to pay for its promotion through PR with his or her tax dollars that were allocated by local goverment to this Vote yes campaign.

Further more is this use of tax dollars to promote the cap tax by our elected officials allowed under State Statute? Is this not a form of lobbying for a yes vote and using the tax payers money to do so?

It's also worth noting the

It's also worth noting the absence of Kinskeys opinion on the Cap Tax during this current go around.Especially since Kinskey was very vocal and wrongly portrayed the cap tax back in January during the state legislative session,as some sort of "petty cash fund".Rather then the hard infrastructure tax that it is.

This time around Kinskeys leaving it up to Jim Wilson,Ryan Mulholland and Steve Brantz to do his promotional work on the tax.Which is smart because the majority of sheridan is fed up with kinskey and his antics.

Couldn't help but notice how

Couldn't help but notice how Councilman Mulholland at tonights city council meeting was doing his best to tell everyone how to vote yes for the Capital facilities Tax.

It's always encouraging to see an elected offical telling the public how to vote in line with that officials own personal choice.And on top of that trying to promote a poll question on here as a means of influencing ones voting choice.

If you need an internet bar chart to tell you how to vote on the cap tax,then maybe you shouldn't have the right to vote in the first place.

Maybe if we weren't wasting all of sheridans optional 1% sales tax on things like Forward Sheridan to the tune of $100k a year.Or for that matter waving over $40K in permit fee's to a developer tonight,maybe we'd actually have the money to operate on,rather then have to create a Cap Tax to further extract money from the citizens.

We're taxed enough.We don't need a cap tax to pay for items that local goverment isn't responsible enough to pay for through regular tax and on top of that tax Optional 1% tax. Enough is enough.

Heck Yes I do!

I absolutely do! That tax has done so much for the city. That's a small percentage that goes a long way.