Do you support the recent vote by Sheridan Co. Commisson not to form a countywide building & electrical inspection ordinance?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
71% (246 votes)
27% (94 votes)
No Opinion
2% (6 votes)
Total votes: 346

Of course

Absolutely. We are always in favor of preserving our natural rights and preventing ever-increasing gov't encroachment and fees. A better question might have been worded: Do you support the recent county commission vote to let you keep your property rights.....for now? Or even, "Who doesn't support private property rights? And Why?"


Codes and taxes are Freedom Issues

The imposition of building codes is a freedom issue. Do we retain our natural right to property or do we allow it to be pre-empted? For illustration, suppose there are 100 property owners in the county, they are split 50/50 on the issue and get to vote on it, directly. If they vote an even split, then no new codes, but if just one person changes his mind and decides he favors building codes it becomes law. While 51% of the people may be happy, 49% are not. Code supporters “win” and property rights defenders “lose.” It’s a 51/49 “Win-Lose” situation.

Now, suppose the opposite. Those wanting freedom from codes are 51% and those wanting to impose codes are 49%. At first glance, it would appear to be just a reversed Win-Lose, right? But it’s not, it’s really a near 100% Win-Win for everybody. Why?

Because the 51% majority retains their property rights, (thus“win”), while the 49% minority wanting codes, also “win”. How can that be a win? Well, the minority, wanting codes, remain free to build to code. In fact, they can build to code or better. They just can’t impose their will on the entire county.

Copies of building codes are readily available, as are private building inspectors. Want to build to code, then do so. Want your house inspected, you are free to hire a private building inspector. Not sure the house you’re looking to buy is solid, hire an inspector. Without mandated building codes, it’s a Win-Win for almost everyone.

However, Win-Win can only happen if a majority reject the imposition of building codes, and instead, choose to preserve private property rights. Only rejecting Force and choosing Freedom produces a Win-Win situation. If a majority (of even 51%) choose mandates, backed by penalties and fees, then we descend to the Win-Lose situation. More folks get what they want when we opt for freedom.

The same is true for the One-Percent Mandatory (OPM) sales tax. Vote to impose the tax and it’s a 65/35 (last election results) Win-Lose. Vote to liberate ourselves from the tax and it’s a Win-Win. Those in favor of keeping their own money and liberty, are happy and those supporting the tax are still free to give as much money as they choose to whichever cause they prefer.

With ever-expanding gov’t and constantly increasing taxes, it seems very important to defend our rights. Now, more than ever. And in this economy, keeping more of our hard-earned money in our own pockets, may become a matter of personal survival. Now, more than ever, we must stand up, speak up and defend our liberty. Remember: Freedom in November.


wyominggal Thank you Dave,


Thank you Dave, the only thing you got right is the spelling of the word moot. If you are so concerned with politics in this small town I see you have two choices put up or shut up! If you don't like the small town politics then do something to change it, why don't you run for office and change things? if you don't like the way things are in Sheridan move.


Considering that the people

Considering that the people of sheridan won in the case of shutting down the county wide permitting scam,why would anybody want to move. Wyominggal,you need to give Rod Liesinger a big hug and a kiss and tell him it'll be ok rod,there's other jobs in the country for you..

wyominggal Again Mr.


Again Mr. Smith,
this is not a personal battle against Mr. Liesinger. he is just doing his job. HE IS DOING HIS JOB, the job he was asked to do. maybe you don't have a boss Mr. Smith nor do you have to answer to a boss. I thank the stars over Wyoming that we have county government to protect us as well as serve us. county government encompasses several aspects of protect and serve.


So it was Liesingers job to

So it was Liesingers job to continuely change his story and representation of county wide permitting,in order to try and get it passed at any cost.Liesinger went well beyond his duty as an employee to present this to the public.

How exactly does county goverment protect us? By taking money from our pockets in exchange for nothing or a piece of paper that means nothing.

Dear Dave

I attended the meeting in Big Horn where Rod L. gave a very informative over view of what he was trying to accomplish with expanding the bulding division at the county level. Where the hell were you and what makes you think your an expert on what Rod said when you were not there. Your taking the whole purpose and reason for inspections out of context. Would you spend $200,000.00 for a luxery car that had no inspections done during its assembly, I think not. Would you spend $200,000.00 on a home without inspections, why yes who needs an inspection. When you hire an inspector after the house is built he can look at the paint and kick the foundation, or tire if its a car, but can not look inside the walls or inside the foundation. Rod L. was offering an insurance policy at an affordable cost, but what the hey, he can't protect people from themselfs like you!!!

Wow pearlm,way to edit out

Wow pearlm,way to edit out most of your original post.What about the part where you're an inspector yourself.I attended all of the public meetings and liesingers story and spin on permitting changed drastically from the first dayton meeting,to the final public comment period before the PZ.His story telling wasn't lost on the commissioners either.

The problem with your "Luxury" car analogy is that there's actually some liability involved with inspections in the auto industry.Too bad there's no liability involved with the county taking your money in the name of "building permits",but of course there isn't.Which is why building permits are a joke and nothing more then a legalized scam that preys on the tax payer.


wyomingal you are always telling people to move and they are. i see more business closing that opening here. the only successful biz i see are bars and liquor stores. Maybe you own or frequent one or both? this city/county is a small town politics sewer and what you are saying is if you r not in the "Sheridan clique" then move. well I am thank u, taking my tax dollars with me. I hope many many more people move out so you and your elitest friends can sip your wine out in big horn and wonder why the city budget sucks so bad. becareful what you ask for

wyominggal lucky for you sad

lucky for you sad but true I alas am a working stiff in the real world.. I am just sick and tired of people whining about small town politics. why sit a bash in the heads of people doing their jobs? Don't you all realize its not the department heads who make these choices?! Do you think for an instant that the people who work for the county are the ones who make the decisions? Do you scream at a doctor's receptionist for making you wait when you have a scheduled appointment, or yell at the doctor? You yell at the receptionist, when it's the doctor's fault! Do you yell at the waitress for your order taking so long or the cook?! All I am saying is Think about it people, really put your brain to work and think! Anyway Sad but true go ahead and move oh and when you leave take the elite you are talking about so the working stiffs can get back to work would you? Thanks oh and by the way not only do I not go to bars I don't even drink!


regulations = $$$$

I am curious how many people who have commented actually have applied for, or use the building permits? If this would have passed, the fee's would have increased to $1 per square foot (thus putting many garage, sheds, etc out of reach for many people). Unless you build building and have to pay the fees for these permits, think about getting more information. For our local economy, this would have hurt many businesses, especially those that are family owned and struggling to stay afloat currently.


I am confused. A person on the county can build a shotty and unsafe(electrical,heating etc etc) out in the county and then rent it out to a family? Seems like there should be some standard by which properties are constructed in the county.

Do you

..know of such a place? Originally the comment was about buildings falling down but nobody knew which buildings had fallen down.

There's no heating or

There's no heating or electrical inspection with a county building permit anywhere in the county period.And it can't be that unsafe,because the county was unable to provide a single example of a health safety or welfare issue within the county that was the result of such.

I'd be more worried about the 100 plus year old houses within the city of sheridan using the original wiring,then I would be anything in the county.


There are standards for building in the county. The standards of the property owner. That's as it should be, in a free country. Also, caveat emptor (sp) always applies.



Exactly right. The One percent Mandatory Tax is a burden that must be eliminated. Increasing fees, taxes and regulations, in a recession, makes no sense. History is filled w/ examples of how to grow the economy and in no case does the economy get better by growing gov't and increasing taxes. None. Anyone working in Wyoming county or city gov't, that makes more than $50,000, is overpaid. I wish the former building guys, great success in seeking new and productive employment.
The gov't supposes to "protect" us, but never actually takes responsibility for it's mistakes. If you can't hold the "inspector" liable, then why have the codes and inspections? Better we just honor the responsibility that rightfully rests in our own hands. Are we not adults?


lies lies and more lies

Mr. Smith maybe you should check your facts before you publish your opinion.
Mr. Liesinger is not the first Public Works Director. Bruce Yates was the Public Works Director before Mr. Liesinger. Mr. Liesinger was not the person to initiate county wide building permits it was the commisioner's office who asked for this since they had been getting so many complaints about contractors in the county. Contrary to what you believe the county has building permits and zoning permit. Building permits are the areas within the one mile radius of city limits and certain subdivisions. Zoning permits cover building in the rest of the county. these types of permits have been in place for many, many years. This is not something new. unlike Buffalo Sheridanites care about what is being built next to their $500,000. dollar homes! or would you prefer no control and have a trucking company next to your home? How bout a meat packing plant? lets just say the Public Works dept. takes care that these things don't happen. Obviously the county feels that Mr. Liesinger's salary is well worth it since your commissioners hired him to do a job. Is he really the only person in the county who makes that much? NO NO and NO how bout all the non profit agencies that our funding goes towards whether in donations or tax dollars where the CEO makes $150,000. plus ? no one gripes about that! If the county were allowed to initiate county wide building permits then maybe you would have better building standards in the county instead of the issues that are occuring everyday!!!! And by the way since the issue was voted down WHO CARES !!!!! its a mute point!wyominggal


We could do with a lot fewer

We could do with a lot fewer $500,000 homes around here anyway. As for the vote I'm very happy that the public made it's voice heard in the matter. Democracy works when people get involved.

I never once said Liesinger

I never once said Liesinger was the first public works director.Yates was the director for the first three years and Liesinger has been for 2 years.Bringing the position to 5 years total.Yates made around $70k a year and Liesinger makes well over $100k a year.The position didn't exist prior to five years ago.

Liesinger was the main push behind this county wide permitting and in his own words "I'm biased,I want county wide permitting".The BOCC set back and let Liesinger put his own spin on this at the 4 public meetings and again at the 2 PZ meetings,because they want the money as much as Liesinger. It's no wonder Liesinger wants this resolution,he's the highest paid employee in the county,involved with a department that isn't making and doing anything during this housing recession,except costing everyone money.

There is no proof that the county was getting complaints from contractors.The BOCC never mentioned contractors.The Bighorn Home Builders Associations president John Siedel whinned about poor construction technique but could give no actual examples.And he was the only member who spoke in favor of the permits.In fact members of his association spoke out against permits at the same meetings John attended.

If you had paid any attention at all wyomingal,you'd know that building permits are not limited to the one or two mile comprehensive zone.Since 2007 the county has forced and manipulated all new subdivisions into having building permits regardless of location,as a condition of subdivision approval.This equates to around 150 subdivisions that require permits and around 200 subdivisions that don't.It's a prime example of forced taxation as a condition.

Zoning permits do nothing more then take money and record location and set back of structures.

The belief that building permits improve the quality or look of a home is pure ignorance.Permitting does nothing more then check foundations,framing,sheeting and roofing.Has nothing to do aesthetics of the building.Zoning controls property use and again building permits have nothing to do with wether or not a modular goes in next to a mcmansion.

Please share with us wyomingal all of the supposed issues going on in the county that building permits would supposedly cure.

And it's Moot,not Mute.Please carry on it's entertaining.


Yes, we will always choose freedom, when we have the option!

BTW, the next time we have the option to choose between force and freedom, may be the November vote on "self-shackling" ourselves to the One-Percent Mandatory Tax.

We'll have an entire 12 hr. period (while the polls are open) to choose between forcing a tax burden on our neighbors.......or freeing everyone in Sheridan from forced-taxation.

Then we live with the majority rule for the next 4 yrs. right? (in Great Depression #2).

Force or Freedom.......your call. (at least until 2014, or whenever they allow us to choose the number of chains we lug around)



The only reason the

The only reason the commissioners voted this resolution down,is because it's an election year for three of the five commissioners.Plus the county is going to try and swindle the public into voting for local goverments favorite slush fund called "Optional 1% sales tax".

This attempt by Rod Liesinger to get county wide permitting passed at any price,is easily the most dishonest act that I've witnessed county goverment pull over the course of living in sheridan my whole life.
Liesinger is the highest paid employee in the county at well over $100,000.00 a year with a two year contract that expires at the end of this month,in a job position that didn't even exist until 5 years ago.All during a recession with little or no home construction taking place.

Liesinger started his spin on this permitting by claiming that 18-22 inspections are conducted per home.This is a lie,the standardized county inspection involves a maximum of 6 inspections and no mechanical,electrical or plumbing inspections and liesinger was well aware of this,even though he told the PZ otherwise after public comment was closed.

All county building permits are,is a way for county goverment to extract thousands of dollars from your bank account in exchange for absolutely nothing.The county assumes no liability and provides the home owner with nothing more then a piece of paper. Gillette recently had a state supreme court ruling where a gillette building inspector inspected the entire building process on a new home and the foundation later failed on the home.The state ruled that the inspector and the county were not liable.Building permits are nothing but a legalized scam.

Small town politics.......

Wake-up and smell the coffee! This is "SMALL TOWN POLITICS!"
Only in Sheridan buddy.........

What is wrong?