Do you support the proposed legislation that would remove continuing contract status from the state's teacher employment law?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
51% (205 votes)
43% (176 votes)
6% (24 votes)
Total votes: 405

It's Obvious!

To all the politicians who are out to get teachers and bust unions....WAKE UP! It's obvious that you have never stepped into a classroom or have any experience doing one of the most difficult, demanding and now high stakes jobs! The burdons of society are constanly being placed into the laps of the schools to take care of. The nation is facing a teacher shortage so why make a tough career choice even tougher by allowing this idiotic law to proceed? I was raised and educated in sheridan and can say I had maybe one sub-standard teacher,they are evaluated and weeded out! Maybe you should be looking at the administration! That seems to be the key to the ol'boy network!Those who can teach and Those who can't teach become administrators1 or politicians!

please change my what ever from I hear voices to SAY WHAT! hope you can do this for thanks.

continuing contract status

Teachers in Wyoming are evaluated every year. Continuing contract status does not mean that contracts are automatically renewed each year. Any teacher may be dismissed for cause, based on their performance as evaluated by their supervisor. While the term "tenure" is used by some in reference to this procedure, no public school teacher in Wyoming is guaranteed a position; they all must demonstrate high-quality performance in what has become an increasingly high-pressure and high-stakes job. Teachers don't ask for a free ride; they are for the most part dedicated professionals who work hard to provide the best possible opportunities for their students. Continued efforts to blame teachers for problems in education, whether national or here in Wyoming, are based on something other than actual knowledge of our classrooms and schools.

Rated nationally Wyoming and

Rated nationally Wyoming and Sheridan in particular have excellent school systems. It seems to me that this is an insult to a group of people who work very hard, often under difficult conditions, purely to prove a political point and maybe as a stab at unions in general.