Do you support the health care bill as currently proposed?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
16% (109 votes)
79% (527 votes)
4% (28 votes)
Total votes: 664

not busted

Our health care system in not all busted. To bad we didn't think about just fixing the parts that needed to be fixed.

I see a lot of railing

I see a lot of railing against government health care here, and by republicans which is fine. But I hope never to see them vote for medicare again as it is absolutely government run health care which I pay taxes for but am not allowed to participate in. I don't know if this is a good idea or not but at least I get something for my money.

Where is my president?

As of today, I am a man without a president. I have a country (or what's left of it), I have a home and a family but I don't have a president. People tell me that no matter how bad I hate obama, he's still my president. After this health care thing I know now that he is no longer mine or anyother freedom loving person's president. I wish that I had the words to say what I am feeling about this but I'm at a loss. I never thought that this would happen. The only thing I can think of is to issue some advice. Hide your guns and your money. Pay off all your debt and stay as healthy as you can because Ronald Regan once said that the 10 scariest words in the English language were; "I,m from the government and I'm here to help you"!

My how the tables have turned...

I felt the exact same way when YOUR president sent 4000 of OUR troops into Iraq to die based on betrayal and lies.

Funny, your president didn't

Funny, your president didn't bring any of the troops back. In fact he had his own surge into Afghanistan.

Yes, exactly. Now everyone

Yes, exactly. Now everyone is whining about how much money this is going to cost us. Why weren't they whining about how much in debt we went because of an unnecessary war that was being waged because of a personal vendetta. They could not find any "weapons of mass destruction", but they went in anyway when they should have been going after Bin Laden in Afganistan and Pakistan. And, of course, there was the profit to be made off of Haliburton.

oh so true... the troops

oh so true... the troops part i mean because im all for obama ha

People are realy angry about

People are realy angry about this (personally I have mixed feelings, and to be honest just dont care about the issue that much), I think there could even be some political violence over this, and some states refusing to comply.

Health Care

I think it's unconstitutional.The government cannot mandate any one to purchase any thing they do not want! I have health insurance and I am happy with it! I don't want some government run health care system that is only going to further bankrupt this country! Besides, we already had a system that would allow those to go to the doctor with out health insurance. It's called medic-aid.

None of the friggin democrats ever listened! I am so sick of this administration and their arogance!

It's going to be Law - regretably

As much as I hate to admit it, ObamaCare is going to become Law whether we agree with it's intent and/or like the content and parameters of the Bill or not. What's dissapointing is the deceitful manner in which it was passed into law - and for certain many of the Law's mandates and conditions. I really don't think this is good for America in the long run.

As to the Bill's content, I for one don't believe for a second that, it will reduce 1)the cost of Health Care, 2) reduce taxes, 3)reduce the deficit and 4)insure more people in the future than are currently insured today. These are ALL things Obama, Pelosi and Reid and the Democrats promised. I believe none of this will ever come to pass and probably were intentional known distortions of the truth. If even one of them acutally happens, I'll eat my words.

Nonetheless, where I think all of this has all gone very wrong is that most Americans have tragically confused Health Insurance with Health Care. Without doubdt, the finest Health Care in the world is available to the largest majority of citizens (of any country) right here in the good ol' United States. The cost of the care is another matter altogether. (read my previous post) The fact that many younger Americans have an entitlement mentality is forcing us, as a country, to move closer towards an entitlement society. This is the embodyment of Socialism like it or not. Conceptually this is just an extension of the embedded ills imposed upon our culture through previous entitlements such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicade and many other similar "free" programs of the left. Because we, as a society, have failed to take responsibility for our own actions, such as providing for our own cost of Health Care and Retirement, (etc.;, etc.;) our reliance upon government has continued to grow since the 1940's. This is exactly what will one day, in my humble opinion, lead to a collapse of the once Great Society.

This is not what the framers of the Constitution intended I'm quite sure.

"This is not what the

"This is not what the framers of the Constitution intended I'm quite sure."

They didn't want me to vote, either. (I'm a woman)

Health care

I beleive that there is not one United States citizen that has actually read this bill from page to page. It is very difficult to either support or not support something when you have no true idea what the contents are. Our media only gives you their opinion and it is based on their party. I do know this has been an on going battle for many many years and through more than our current president. We do need to do something to stop the rediculus high cost of health care in this country.


Really Anonymous-
So are you saying that everything you support or don't support you have read all written information about it prior to forming your opinion? I don't have to read a bill to have an opinion. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that you are entitled to make me pay for something I don't want, did not have the opportunity to vote on and was essentially was pushed through illegally by the President his Congress (not my Congress, because they did not vote or stand-up for what the people wanted.)


Healthcare Bill

As an outsider and citizen of Australia it literally amazes me the fear that many American people have regarding National Health services.The USA is almost the only advanced western nation that does not have some type of goverment health program operating to the benefit of the general public.
Thank you.

the real fear and anger...

This is Wyoming! What these people are really scared of is a black man in the white house. From day one the GOP has only had one agenda with the current administration: FAILURE. Even when that means failure for America.

Dumb statement

That has got to be one of the dumbest statements I have read on this subject! Did you forget, he is also half white? Color has absolutely nothing to do with it, his "break America" agenda is my biggest concern! No, I did not vote for him and , no I don't see anything the Republicans have done in the last 8 years that was much better.

I think is what non

I think is what non Americans miss is that this country was born out of NO taxation without due representation... This is not GOVERNMENT health services. People need to get it out of their head that OUW government has money to do ANY of this. They give us these services by moving OUR "the peoples" own money around. This bill/law did NOT represent the opinion of the majority of the people. This is a prime example of our government running amuck and no one standing up to stop them... American PEOPLE flooded and even shut down the congress switchboard on this and the 700 BILLION dollar bail out, where did it get the American people? Answer this question in 5 years.. I already know what the answer is..

I agree with you

I agree with you wholeheartedly, Mr. Tobin. You look at countries like Switzerland, England and others with the types of health care services that you speak of, and they take care of their people from the day they are born until they die. The systems aren't perfect, but nothing is.

If you look back at the

If you look back at the response to medicare when it first arrived,the response mirrors this current outrage.

The real issue with this obamacare is it's the precursor to breaking the constitution of the united States. You'll now see cap and trade,more gun control etc.Basically eveything a socialist muslim dreams of.

Miss me yet?

This is why you vote republican.

Health Care

Nurse Mom has the best post on this site! She is correct right down the line. Let's hope we can undo this mess before it gets a real toehold. It isn't finished yet. We still have time to fight. They repealed "Prohibition". We can repeal this unseemly "Healthcare reform".

Prohibition was repealed

Prohibition was repealed back when america still had some spine.This is the new socialist america.This bill is here to stay.


The problem that will affect us all is the cost! there is no way that we can afford this nor can we ever afford this. In theory it is a noble idea but pull you head out of the brown clouds and wake up. Not just the fact that i dont wnat or need the gov. telling me what to do in every little thing of my life or the fact that i dont want to pay for my neighbors stupid life choices but the fact is that there will never be a way that this country will be able to pay for it and still maintain the high quality of health care we do have. in ten years we might as as well go to a gas station for a broken arm. The lazy @$$es that dont have the money already have access to programs to pay their way though life why do i need to pay them more. YOU CAN NOT MAKE THE WEAK STRONG BY MAKING THE STRONG WEAK.

I posted a comment last

I posted a comment last night. I can't believe you are censoring a PUBLIC forum. What a bunch of cowards. I said nothing inappropriate, just offered a different point of view about what is going on with our federal government. I have seen the most childish, outrageous, grammatically disappointing posts here, yet my opinion isn't posted? I will not be visiting Sheridan Media again.


Yes, each post is censored or moderated. Posts will be allowed according to content. If that content does not meet the Sheridan Media guidelines it will not be posted.

Granted, most comments are allowed, but sometimes a computer error or glitch is possible and might take awhile for your comment to post, as noted by Sisson, so try and repost your comment. Different points of view are a good thing.

Censorship is alive and well. Others might call it moderation, I call it censorship. Try and try again.


Yes, this is not a

Yes, this is not a free-for-all-anything-goes forum. We do have established rules and will block posts that don't meet them. However, our rules are minimal, primarily geared toward vulgar or abusive language and pornography. I'm not sure which post the person above was talking about, but it should have appeared on the site at the time I went through the queue around 1pm.

"grammatically disappointing

"grammatically disappointing posts", let me guess your pro Obama and for government health care... I'd like someone to point out where in our Constitution it states heath care is an entitlement that must be provided by people who can afford it to pay for the poor? I make more than the allotted amount, so why should I have to pay for someone’s healthcare that may not want to work? Explain that one .... Make no mistake it’s NOT government healthcare, it’s the people who can work and afford it paying for the people who may not want to work for it...

YEAH! You tell 'em with your

YEAH! You tell 'em with your poor grammar! That makes it so much easier to take you seriously! You dolt!

That's too bad, because it

That's too bad, because it means you won't ever find out what actually happened to your comment. It was not "censored." It was part of a backlog that developed due to some problems at one of our transmitter sites over the weekend taking up the time of the people who normally clear the approval queue. Most of the time comments are posted within an hour or so of you submitting them. Unfortunately, some urgent equipment problems had to be dealt with yesterday and today and the queue didn't get addressed until this afternoon.


Really, how can you support something when you have no idea what the "complete" healthcare bill contains? Of those things I am somewhat certain on is that health insurance companies cannot drop you when you get sick, it will cover pre-existing conditions, you can keep your children on your policies until the age of 26 and beyond that, I do not know. Mention was made at one point to fine those individuals who do not get healthcare coverage? Is this legal? You are going to punish those who cannot afford coverage even further by fining them? How asinine! Please, be my guest, fine me, stick me in jail, at least at that point I will have healthcare coverage.

It doesn't matter what is in

It doesn't matter what is in the Bill. The Democrats don't know and/or won't tell us. The Republicans will make things up regarding the content, then pretend it's a fact. Besides, the Party of No will vote against Everything during Obama's administration. No wonder Congress has a 17% "approval" rating.

Health Care

I don't agree with everything in the new Health Care bill, but it is a start. If this had failed, nothing would get done on taking care of some serious problems in the health care industry. At least now, we can begin to look at the law and work out the kinks in it. I am sure that Social Security was not perfect when it first passed. I guess that I am the most disappointed about all the uncompromising on both sides during the debate on this bill. Do all members of Congress think that only their party is correct and the other one is only worthy to have name-calling hurled at them? Let's come together and begin to work for a better health care delivery system for all Americans--Democrats and Republicans.

Yeah, most of you against Universal Health care have health care

Well, it has to start somewhere. People in Wyoming are one of the least covered by health insurance ... and no surprise the REPUBLICANS in Wyoming want to maintain the status quo, just like maintaining the status quo of Wyoming's non-diverse economy. For those TEA PARTY republicans you are about 10 years too late with protesting tax hikes that put the US in Iraq by about 1 billion dollars a year ... where were you 7 years ago? It's very interesting ... now TEA PARTY members are shouting the "N" word and FAGGOT at black and gay congressman showing the true color of the TEA PARTY. It's all good, because I LIKE COFFEE, not the preferred drink of the British!

Universal health care is good for Wyoming and for America!


If that's your true opinion then go to Canada and ask them how they think it's worked for them! I've read other posts from Canadians who think that the Government run health care is the WORST thing that's ever happened to them in their history!

J. S. Luckjohn

Canadian healthcare

You are ignorant of Canadian healthcare and apparently of how we feel about it. The truth is no system has proven to be perfect but the Canadian system is much better than the one operating in America. There is a blinder put on a huge amount of people that cry about their freedoms being taken away when in fact the only people that have true freedom here are the rich. Working,middle class people are the largest population NOT covered by health insurance because they cannot afford it or their company does not offer it.
A working system should cover everyone in the same manner not according to how much money you have. We as a country need to take care of each other and not allow the haves to continue to take advantage of the system that is designed for them by them at the expense of the working man and woman.
Wake up and offer suggestions and stop crying about it when people try to change a sadly defunct and failing system. Be proactive not reactive. Change is coming keep an eye on it and keep yourself informed.

You're right....

You're right about one thing...change is definitely coming of that there's no doubt. Just remember that when you're getting a number tatooed on your arm. There was another man in history who wanted "change" and aided the government to "help" the people....but he also created in knowing this, just what do you think the current "change" puppet is going to start? Oh yes, this is indeed just the beginning....

J. S. Luckjohn

As I agreed in another post

As I agreed in another post when I replied to the gentleman from Australia, I also agree with you. The "haves" do all the whining and complaining but offer no better solutions. You are correct, that it is the middle class working men and women who are supporting the system that the "haves" designed for themselves. And yes, I'm tired of paying their way.

This is about healthcare. If

This is about healthcare. If you want to rant about the war, start another thread. Universal healthcare is not good for Wyoming or America. I hope that the republicans and some of the democrats fix the mess that we are now in. If the healthcare bill was so great, then do we as the average US citizen have as good of coverage as the overpaid politicans? When my healthcare can be as good and cost as much as the President and every member in the government, then I think the system will be better.

How nice of people to rant about the topic and not even identify themselves. If you want to take a stand on the issue, at least put something other than anonymous in the name.


I guess I just don't understand how just about every other modern country on the planet spends less on health care and has a better quality of life and longer life expectancy. How do those crazy foreign bastards do it? They went to an evil socialized one-payer system and haven't collapsed?!?! Wow! Maybe it's time to rethink allowing such greedy pigs to lobby and run our lives.

We may want some tort

We may want some tort reform, but we do NOT want a government controlled program. I do not know a soul who ask for the politicians to step in & manage out health care.

I need health insurance but

I need health insurance but I cannot afford it. However, this gov. health care idea makes me uneasy. I don't like the thought of the government having sole charge of health care... there's too much room for abuse. I'm undecided. I'm off to go read the link that PSM posted.

If people are offered something for free, it cost someone.

We already have a system of Health Care that is available to anyone. Hospitals are not allowed to turn you away if you can't pay in an emergency situation. If we treated grocery stores that way, they would have to charge those who could pay, even more. This would allow the people who don’t pay for food to take expensive items which they did not plan and save for, which is unfair. I know our system needs fixed, but our government has been unable to fix the Health Care system and other Government run agencies for decades. Why is that? This is because they only vote if they get something in return for their vote, which is a conflict of interest. Our founding Fathers did not intend for those who don't want to advance in country to get things for free. They only promised “The Pursuit of Happiness,” not a guarantee. By playing the Robin Hood theory of Government, we do not promote self reliance. I feel that Government assistance should be limited to 2-4 years, if you have a hardship. Go to school, get a job and get on with your life. If you have to work 2-3 jobs, then Cowboy Up and to do it! I did it as a single mother right out of high school. I put myself threw school and now make over $50,000 a year. Several years of hard, work paid off. The problem with giving Government entitlements is we take away the people’s ability to share with their neighbor and help the needy in their own community. Why should we give here in Sheridan when D.C. already took 40% of our income and gave it to whomever they thought deserved it? This is a State issue not a big Government issue. This type of thing should be done at the state level and voted on by the voters, not D.C.


Unfortunately, there is one

Unfortunately, there is one problem with this. Our society needs people to flip out burgers, change our oil, answer our phones, clean our motel rooms, etc, etc. These positions dont make a lot of money and these people will always struggle with healthcare.

Yes, everyone has the opportunity to go to school and better themselves. Not everyone has the capacity or ability to do so. Not everyone is smart enough to succeed in college.

It is one thing for someone to work 2 or 3 jobs temporarily. It is another expecting anyone to do that for 20 or 30 years to make ends meet.

I loathe the idea of our government taking over our health care system. Everything the government touches becomes less efficient and more expensive.

I just want to see cost control measures. I also don't think anyone should have to lose their house or declare bankruptcy because they got cancer or some other serious illiness.

I'd like to see every American who deosn't have insurance at least get some type of coverage that takes care of ay more than $25,000 worth of medical expenses should anything serious ever happen. Anything under that? That person pays for.

Many people who don't make a lot of money can pay more for medical expenses then some of us think. If they stopped eating out all the time, buying nicer possessions then they need, cut out the cigarettes and other necessities, they might actually have some money.

So, are you being sarcastic,

So, are you being sarcastic, or are you actually saying that people who don't make much money should cut out necessities? Where should they start? Maybe they should buy less groceries and turn off their heat? How do you know they eat out all the time, and what do you judge to be too excessive as far as possessions are concerned? It appears that you also believe that people who don't make much money are all smokers? What about the people who make in excess of $200,000 (individuals) or $250,000 (family)? Do you think maybe they could do without one of their vacation homes and kick in a little extra tax money to help out?

I agree with Steve

Most people just seem to be totally naive' as to what the entire HealthCare debate is really about. It's true what Steve says about Govt' infringement and so forth, but the vast majority of folks just don't understand the issues.

The US Government is the largest provider of health insurance in the entire world. Yes, that's right. They provide millions of people with "insurance" through the VA, SCHIP, Medicare and Medicade programs. Because they insure millions of people, and they mandate public institutions to participate in their programs (by Law)they control pricing of all the services and products they pay for just like Wal-Mart does with groceries. The OctoMom pays 50% of the cost of her Novarel, Charlie Rangels daughter picks up her 60% share for Prozac and most of Chicago only pays half the cost of their Medicare subsidized Viagra. Do you think Eli Lilly,Phizer and others are going to eat the balance production costs? Heck no. If the Feds only pay 50% of the cost of an MRI (if you can get one), who do you think covers the rest of the real cost of this service. Yep, You and I pick up the cost in "addition" to our price right now. That's how the Governments involvement in healthcare is actually raising the cost for everyone right now. Nothing is free kids.

So it shouldn't take a mental giant to figure out what the end game is once the Fed runs everyones healthcare. Prices will initially skyrocket in the private markets right before they actually collapse; this will be followed by declining quality and quantity of service.

These conditions will inevitably be followed by a takeover of the entire healthcare producer and provider markets. Then Big Brother will be doing exactly as Steve indicates, dictating to you and I how our health is to be managed. You bankrupt the insurance provider system, takeover and control the remaining caregivers in the system, (the Doctors) then regulate the producers and 'viola' you control the entire market. You control the market and you can control the health and welfare of the populace. It's a bit Orwellian, but it's actually what the Alinskyite's like Obama believe is best for us peasants.

Health Care

I am curious - when Medicare and Social Security 1st came to be - were people as scared and angry as they seem to be about Health Care reform? And would folks that have Medicare and Social Security now give them up if they had a choice?

Why do you think I will have

Why do you think I will have a choice on whether we want to give up these benefits once I reach the age where I should receive them? I doubt these Ponzi schemes will still be around by the time the Baby Boomers age and suck the system dry. I'd like to know how all these entitlement programs are going to survive.


I am not so curious about what the folks that now have SS & medicare thought about the initial idea nor if they would be willing to give them up now. My concern is the fact that I have paid into these programs for over thirty-one years and am still paying into them even though the government says they are insolvent now. So it is pretty obvious that I will not even receive the money that I paid in as it is not there because of government mishandling of it. My grandparents who never paid into these funds were of the generation that benefited from them. Just as our grandchildren will be burdened with the same problems resulting from a socialistic
ideas, only to an even greater scale. Bernie Made-off copied the SS business plan and ended up in jail for his efforts, what is the difference?

I don't know about the

I don't know about the general public, but in D.C. Medicare had far more bipartisan support.

I think people have lost

I think people have lost sight of the goal. Most people would agree that there are problems with our healthcare system, but availability of quality care isn't one of them. The biggest problem by far is the expense.

It seems as though every 15 minutes I hear or see an ad from Geico, State Farm, Allstate, Progressive, etc. claiming that if you switch to their service you can save money. I have joked that if someone would just continually switch from one company to the next they could probably start saving so much that they'd actually make money. However, the truth of the matter is that these competing car insurance companies are benefiting the consumer by keeping quality of service high and prices low. If we were able to buy health insurance the same way we buy car insurance I'm sure prices would drop dramatically. If you combine that with more reasonable malpractice policies healthcare would become much more affordable almost immediately.

I don't understand how anyone can look at the track record of our federal government and expect a national healthcare system to be more efficient than a free-market based system.

My biggest beef with the federal government being involved in health insurance is that it opens a door for massive infringement on liberty. If taxpayers are funding my healthcare, then the government can start mandating how many times I brush my teeth (using only federally approved toothpaste), because if I neglect to do this I may eventually put a burden on the system for unnecessary dental procedures. Similarly, we may see a bacon-double-cheeseburger tax because people who consume these risk becoming a burden on the system.

Our country was founded on the principles of liberty. Liberty requires personal responsibility, and if you need the federal government to hold your hand at the fast food drive-up window then this is not the country for you.

support what?

How can anyone say they support it when they have absolutely no clue what is in it?

Health Care Bill

Maybe you could actually read it. It's been up since Monday and it's called HR3200.

Here's the link. Paste it into your browser.

I do not have time to read

I do not have time to read it, but I expect my representatives to do that before they vote - it is their jobs. Ramming this bill through was an awful thing for the administration to do.

Do nothing

We should let the insurance companies rail road Americans into the ground without regulation. By doing nothing we are and will be setting up our country for another economic disaster. I just want to have access to the same medical insurance congressmen have. I wonder if we also pay thier premiums?

Just a matter of time. Maybe 2012.

At over 2100 pages long,it's

At over 2100 pages long,it's anybodys guess what's in it.

I think it's great that most

I think it's great that most of the representatives voting on it have not read the bill either! That should tell us a lot!!!!

Supporting such a gargantuan

Supporting such a gargantuan take over of private industry such as what is being proposed through ObamaCare is truely un-American. In my conversations with many folks, only the ill informed and uneducated seem to support this mammoth folly. As proposed, the current healthcare bill will all but destroy the private health insurance market.

This bill saves no money despite the pittance of $138 Billion in savings over ten years that the CBO claims (prior to reconcilliation mind you)it will save the deficit. That's the deficit, not the debt. Understand the difference people. Keep in mind, Obama's current deficit is about $4.6 Billion per day...did you hear that...$4.6 Billion PER DAY!!! The only way this bill even comes close to generating any cash to offset it's cost is to rob Medicare and Social Security (which it does) and by raising taxes on EVERYONE!

How to you take cash from an entitlement program such as Medicare or Social Security...well the only way you can do it is to take benefits away from those already receiving them and make it more difficult for those hoping to receive them in the future.

Wake up America!

Health Care

Are you saying that your information is factual? And can you give us the place where you got this information.


Like the clueless wonders that govern us, I have no I dea what the current, or past health bills entailed. I am sure it will be heavy on the venacular and regulations and cost but light on the coverage!