Do you support the decision to make the Kleenburn Recreation Area walk-in access only?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
49% (147 votes)
45% (135 votes)
No Opinion
5% (16 votes)
Total votes: 298

kleenburn AKA the pitts

The place is a mosquito,dump any improvemnts are in great need, but I'm not to sure that taking away the off-road  privilages are going to improve the land at all.

The area is just fine the

The area is just fine the way it is.Why mess it up with walk in only.There's plenty of other areas that are walk in including the mountain.People use the Kleenburn area because it is the way it is,meaning open to all users.

PLUC is nothing but another feel good organization dreamed up by a hand full of people interested in making decisions everyone else has to follow and drains money away from other needed projects.

There's no excuse for not having the ponds stocked with fish.Up until ten years ago you couldn't help but catch fish.The ponds died from winter kill and Game and Fish decided not to restock because they couldn't think up of any creative ways to cost the public money for fishing the ponds.PLUC solved that problem for them.

The only thing that turning the kleenburn ponds into walk in only will do,is take away freedom of use and cost people money,plus create an enforcement nightmare.

How big?

Does anyone know how large the area is?