Do you support building code & electrical inspection proposals that would be required to get a building permit in the County?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
31% (124 votes)
66% (260 votes)
3% (12 votes)
Total votes: 396

No Permits Reg'd

The concept of, "A man's home is his castle" dates back about a thousand yrs. in English Common Law. No King may enter one's home without permission or a court order. The concept was codified in the US Bill of Rights by the 4th Ammendment and applies to anyone from Presidents to building inspectors. Today, anyone wishing to build anything in the county is free to do so, without interference from local gov't inspectors. It's one of the freedoms that draws many to Wyoming and should be preserved at all costs.
I've yet to hear any rational justification for intruding on a persons right to build as he sees fit. And there's no justification for making folks pay for the natural right to improve one's property. None.
If the county is truely concerned about our safety, then thay can provide a free "advisory service" to those requesting it, but violating a person's private property rights and making him pay for the intrusion is just absurd.
In this economy, do we really want to grow gov't and make it harder and more expensive for people to build? In a recession we should be cutting the size of gov't, reducing it's spending and cutting any individual taxes and fees. The proposal to extend building codes, inspections, permits and fees; does exactly the wrong things for Sheridan County. I am opposed to the building permit intrusion, based on moral, economic, legal and practical grounds.


Proposed Sheridan County Building Permits and Inspections


If you are really interested in how a permitting system will play out please go to: 1. NEWS in the main menu above. 2. MORE NEWS. 3.CITY BUILDING PERMITS.

Check the number of permits for -hot water heaters, shingles...get the idea?

It's an enlightening read. IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT MORE OF?


Sheridan County Planning and Zoning special meeting June 16th

Does anyone have any ideas about encouraging attendance at the Planning and Zoning Special meeting? It's clear the new permitting system is already anointed and the County is merely going through the motions of soliciting resident input.

To stop this or have any input people need to show up and be seen and heard. The amendment will pass the P&Z Board anyway as one of the members remarked "it doesn't matter what we think anyway". This meeting should be the first meeting where SCounty residents show up in numbers to be heard. The next meeting will be the Commissioners meeting.

There are serious questions that have not been answered and no one is demanding that they do so.

- How do we hold the County responsible for inspections and permitting they already have the ability to do but ARE NOT? Currently even when we have overwhelming evidence of inappropriate permitting and inspections the County looks the other way...if you have the "right" affiliations.

-What are the problems in the current system? If this was about Public Safety the emphasis would have been on the problems they were currently having in doing their job. The emphasis was on $. They didn't make a case for how this would serve the public? More Regs are better why?

-Where is the public demand for new regulations? Who is benefiting from a SPRAWLING permitting and inspection system? Why do entities like the Homebuilders Association and Cosner Construction stand in favor of this?

This is a serious issue. Please use this forum to address this issue. WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!! Anyone please add only constructive comments? Something must be done.


It's called a petition

It's called a petition WYOWY. You present the petition into public record at the commission meeting and then they can't deny that hundreds of county residents said NO to county wide permits.

Liesinger is a six figure burden on payroll and is out of a contract in July.He's spearheading this to save his salary.He's admitted that the county was only 80% done with public comment,yet there's no public meetings planned so far.Liesinger is going to push this through the PZ and hope the BOCC votes yes on the resolution based on the yes vote of PZ.

The PZ commission is a joke,they aren't elected they're apppointed.PZ commissioner Mellgren is next door neighbors to County Commissioner Rolston and Rolston has yet to publicly comment on this county wide permitting,mainly because he wants to be reelected.Mellgren lied during the PZ meeting and claimed that banks want this permitting.Banks could care less about this permitting.Yet Mellgren wanted to and tried to push for approval of this resolution and luckily Pearce stepped in and got a special meeting. The PZ has the option of forwarding this whole thing straight to the BOCC without rendering a vote themselves.

The real function of the PZ as an unelected body,is to push and postpone issues based on the wants of the BOCC.Kinskey routinely uses the city PZ as an excuse to vote YES on issues that are under the table.

The PZ can't even follow parlimentry procedure during their meetings nor do they even have a clue of how its practiced or applied,yet you have these bozos making decisions for all of us.

CRAM and ROLSTON need to be ousted from office and they're both up for reelection.

Building Code Enforcement

I sent this editorial to the Sheridan Press, and it appeared in the 14 May edition. I stand by my words... and I think we need to attend the special meeting of the Planning and Zoning meeting on 16 June!

"I am opposed to the county enforcing building code inspections county wide.
They claim it's for "health and safety" reasons after freely admitting, "We don't know how many because we have never looked into it". (Mike Nichols to Story residents on 3 May)
So, in order to "look into it" now... they propose to levy fees for all sorts of inspections county wide? Has anyone even asked the six fire districts for their historical files on all calls made for "health and safety" reasons in the past? This information might even be free, (and quite valuable to Mike Nichols?)
Rod Leisinger stated "This is not a moneymaker for us. I believe it is a service as well as a health and safety issue". "Services" are paid for if someone requests it Rod, not if it is mandatory for a fix on a NON-EXISTANT PROBLEM"!
Rod also seeks a 200% increase in fines for non-compliance for his "non-moneymaker service!" Rod has been asked TWICE in public meetings if he plans on charging all contractors license fees, (carpenters etc), and twice he had no answer!
His latest response on 5 May to ther planning/zoning board member who asked this question was... "We are presently looking into whether or not we can legally require all contractors to purchase a license". If Rod has stated his permit fees fully supported his program before this latest question arose, and... "THIS IS NOT A MONEY MAKER FOR US"... why then does he now seek more money through charging contractor license fees?
I further asked at the 5 may planning/zoning meeting, "Is the county now establishing and assuming liability here?" I got no answer.
So... Our county is voluntarily establishing and assuming liability, increasing it's infrastructure while under budget crisis conditions, in order to provide a "service" to fix a problem that is non-existant?
Further... we will now convene a "special meeting" of the planning/zoning commission on 16 June, (at tax payers expense?), while county employees are being laid off for budget concerns? This is government folly in it's purest form!
If you identify all in favor of this proposal, you will ultimately find that each and every one stands to PROFIT from it, (off the backs of other residents who do not want this measure in the first place!) The last time something was "mandatory for all" and with a fine for non-compliance, it was called our "Health Care Bill"!
"Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!" Follow the money my friends"...

John Matejov

So consider going to this special meeting on 16 June! See how your planning and zoning board members have already set the tempo to pass this measure as they almost did on 5 May! (they immediately seconded the motion that it be passed up to the county commissioners, (as written),until a quick thinking board member stopped this motion by warning the board that "Only about 80 to 85% of public meeting/input has been realized. Until we reach 100%, we need to table this topic..." The 'special meeting' for 16 June was then voted on and established.

Is it any wonder why some communities do not want to incorporate? If this is an example of providing a "servive" under governemental control, (to fix a problem that doesn't exist under false pretenses), then quite frankly, I totally agree with that sentiment.

If the county comes clean and establishes some trust between themselves and the rest of us however... then potentially there might be less discord in the air! This proposal by Rod Leisinger simply does not pass any smell test thus far! Is he going to have a second round of public meetings to fill in the blanks of all these unanswered questions?

I'm going, and also

I'm going, and also encourage others from the county to attend.

The point of the city

The point of the city building fees being down by $100k is the fact that the counties fees are down just as much if not more then the cities.Which is why Liesinger with the BOCC's blessing is trying to screw county residents into a resolution of county wide building permits.The city doesn't have the luxury of increasing their fee area,it's already city wide.The county however has the option of preying on every home owner in the county if the resolution is passed.

Liesinger is purposely using 2009 permit data which is abnormally low with just 15 new home permits in 2009,when during the boom there was that many permits in one subdivision.County wide permitting during a building boom like we just had would milk the residents of sheridan county for millions of dollars.

What liesinger also fails to tell the public,is since 2007 the county has forced permitting onto all new subdivisions county wide without public input or knowledge.There is currently 150 subdivisions county wide that must have permits to build.There's over 200 subdivisions in the county that don't require building permits.You do the math betsy,that's a ton of revenue the county could rob from the public in fees if permits were county wide.

Liesinger with the BOCC's blessing has managed to increase the cost of individual county building permits in the last year also.The county uses a fee schedule set by the national building code.The fee schedule is made up of 6 levels.Level 1 being the lowest fee charged,level 6 being the highest fee charged.Liesinger immediately raised it to level 2 and he'll continue to raise the fee level if allowed to.

I've already given you an example of but one county department out of a dozen that has increased its size by at least 6 personnel in the last 6 years.We've got 5 county commissioners today when we had only 3 two years ago.Each commissioner makes $2800 a month and that's not counting benefits.The county has easily increased it's personnel numbers by 2/3 in the last 6 years and the majority of those positions were supporting a building boom and CBM production that no longer exsists.

Money wise the county has easily increased its spending by 2/3.The BOCC in the last 4 years has increased Magnesium Chloride use on roads from $150k to $1 million this year.The whole reason mag chloride is used is because of dust created by CBM production,there is no CBM production today.So why are we still wasting money?


Glad i have ur support ms love, means so much to me. speaking ones mind is not "talking trash" cool?

Simmer Down.

There is no need for all the hatred concerning forum topics. This is a great place to maturally discuss our opinions and why? insult what someone else has to say, just because "we" do not agree. This is what makes well intentioned forums become a monster. I do not agree with everything i read, but being uninformed and not knowing all the relevant information, i keep my mouth shut. I would like to see more of the topic of dicussion being the main post, witout the bashing of what "he said/she said" Thanks for letting me voice my opinion, and i am sure if someone does not agree, you will reply. KEEP it COOL, this has the possibility of pulling the community together, instead of driving it apart.

yet another nerve

ah ms love, you a way to sensitive to be a jounalist , good thing dad owns the place.

So anyone who has thoughts and voices them that are different than yours has "rotting thoughts"?

so much for objectivity in the media. This says very little for sheridan media.

there is a thing going round call freedom of speech, heard of it? we can all actually have an opinion and dont have to check with u before we spout it.

it feels great to exercise my constitutional rights!

cowardly? LOL... 30 years in the military.. and you ms love?

In response to this mornings

In response to this mornings public pulse with the county commisioners where discussion turned to county wide building permits.

First off the comment of the 2/3 increase in county goverment over the past 6 years came directly from Mike Watkins a CPA and candidate for BOCC.Mike is correct in his statement.Considering that the county has added Allender and Shelley to building code enforcement and they added a septic inspector not to mention additional support staff.This is in just one county department and all since 2004. The commissioners can claim 10% all they want,the fact remains county goverment has grown by at least 2/3 in the past 6 years.

Cram started the Dayton public meeting off by stating that he was against county wide permits but "was getting on board with it now".That was when cram thought that the public wasn't going to react to this county swindle for funds.Three meetings later and Cram is singing a differant tune.It's an election year and these commissioners will change colors as needed to win votes.

The county is no differant then the city,they've wasted the tax payers money and there's no money coming in now.So the county has switched to plan B and that consists of trying to increase fees in the form of county wide building permits.Liesinger has changed his story at these public meetings so many times in regards to this County wide building permit,that his credibility is long gone.


Ok, man. Whatever you say. That's cool, please feel free to continue exercising your right to talk trash about everyone and everything, while hiding behind a fake name so that you don't have to take any real responsibility for what you say.


Everybody is a critic and everybody judges. We constantly judge situations or people to find our stance in the playing field. A moral compass. We critizise others due to our own faults and weakness. Human nature.

The comments left by others are not personal, only reflections of thier own perspective filtered by all thier emotions, personality, etc. Rose colored glasses so to speak.

If I bash (which I try not to) I do it with freedom in mind. I would do the same face to face. I figure no one one can force me to take responsibility either way. Opposing views are a good thing. They allow the people to find the middle ground.Of course people could threaten me with a law suit, verbally assualt me, maybe physical violence, but like my dad always told me

" if you feel froggy, jump"

Sometimes right, sometimes wrong, but I believe it is always good to voice your oppionions or thoughts without fear of reprimand, especially on this site. The moderator can censor comments they do not approve of and not post them. End of that comment.

I hear alot of trash talk, especially about our President, but then I pause and ponder and I am sure glad I live in America, legally. Sad but true for sure.

Damian, You have a few good


You have a few good points but I don't quite agree with what you say.

First, when I say people should be "held responsible" I simply meant that if you have strong feelings/opinions whatever and need to say them, you should identify yourself. I understand my language was vague, but that is all I meant by saying that someone should be held accountable--it just seems a bit cowardly when some people feel a need to constantly be railing on other people, sometimes with personal attacks, but won't say who they are.

And yes, I absolutely think people should have the freedom to express themselves. I think having a "market place of ideas" is critical for a functioning democracy. But that includes the right to criticize opinions which are glib and lack any apparent attempt at reasoning or thought.

I just wanted to clarify--I am not criticizing your post-- b I wasn't very clear about what I meant by holding someone accountable--I really just meant if someone feels strongly about something, they should have the courage to stand by what they say. I know most people post under fake names and that is fine, but there are one or two people who have like a phobia of facts--maybe it would be better just to ignore them as I could probably get a more dynamic conversation from a wall--but I like to argue anyway. And you are right about finding middle ground from opposing views; but I don't think everyone's opinion should be given equal sway on every topic. I know people will attack me again for being too "liberal" (ha ha) but, for instance, should "Joe the Plumber's" opinion on foreign affairs be given the same regard as someone who has studied foreign policy for 30 years? Should this foreign policy expert be asked to fix your plumbing, even though his only knowledge of bathrooms is how to flush a toilet? Not saying either shouldn't be allowed to give their opinion. We should just be more selective about listening.

It's easy to see the correct

It's easy to see the correct direction to take when you aren't promoting an agenda.Which of course is hard for the commissioners to do,since their vision is to grow goverment in sheridan rather then promote business growth.

The voter needs to back the

The voter needs to back the person who stands for shrinking local government. Then when they get elected and don't carry out on what they run on, vote them out and never let them run for another office ever again.. Could be a short lived political career.. Kind of hard for them to show their face in the coffee shop after that..

Does this rant have anything

Does this rant have anything at all to do with possible building inspectiions countywide?

This exchange is

This exchange is interesting, but please keep in mind that we discourage personal attacks on this site and the last couple of posts have been on the line.

Sad But True

Well, I wouldn't know if we have met or not.

It must be nice to post nasty things about everybody else, while sniveling and snickering behind your computer screen, knowing that nobody knows who you are and so you don't have to take responsibility for the things you say. How does that feel? You can spout whatever nonsense happens to be rotting in your mouth-and lucky you, nobody has to know it is you.

I have thought about making up a fake screen name, just so I can say nasty things to people as well. But I decided not to, because that just seems--well, kind of cowardly. But I am curious, it must be fun--can you tell me what it is like, whoever you are?

You're post seems to be

You're post seems to be kinda over reative to SBT's statement. The person posted their honest, frank opinion about this town and is being (no shocker here) beaten down for it. What was that about the kettle again?

Personally I have seen this town be warm and welcoming, a fantastic place to raise a family, a wonderful community pulling together to lend a hand to neighbors and an over-all great place to live.

I have also seen this town be dead cold to outsiders who try to come in (unless you happen to "know someone")... I've seen clickishness, bickering, closed-mindedness, backstabbing... I probably could go on.

No small town, no town period is without faults. Rather than getting snippy at someone who points out those faults and resorting to childish name calling, I say we should accept the fact that Sheridan has faults and work towards fixing them. Instead of saying "hit the highway" to those who find fault here, lets listen to them and find out where we went wrong.

And, so you cannot call me a coward as well-

Sheridan Resident
Megan Carfino

Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.

Yes and No

I do support some type of building code regulations but I'm uncertain as to what level is appropriate. I'm all about protecting the consumer from being hoodwinked by shoddy contractors and their substandard work, but I'm also quite leary about empowering the local government only to see their coffers swell from inspection fees and permit costs.

To keep the cost of government down only certified contractual employees and services should be utilized to do what ever inspections are needed. We don't need City or County employees to do this.


"I do support some type of

"I do support some type of building code regulations but I'm uncertain as to what level is appropriate."

Why not take government out of it and break areas into HOA's that are ran by home owners that live in that area. Would this not solve the issue of the one home owner who lets his home become dilapidated ? It's the rest of the homeowners that have to pay the price in that area, it should be up to them as to what they are willing to live with..

End result smaller city government, and less cost to tax payers No ?

I wouldn't want to be forced

I wouldn't want to be forced into a HOA anymore than I want more government. I don't want to be told my fence has to be so high, or that I can only have this number of cars (and no bumper stickers, mind you) or no more than two dogs, so on and so forth. From what I have personally seen of HOA's (have friends & relatives in other parts of the country who live in HOA communities) I can't think of any reason I'd be inclined to willingly join one.

Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.

As far as I know you can't

As far as I know you can't be forced. If the association and the covenences didn't exist when you bought the property they can't bring em in later.

I don't know if that is

I don't know if that is totally true... If you have a large percent of people in a given development who want a HOA then you can get one passed. Granted people who are grandfathered in can still let the property go to heck but once that property turns over to a new owner I think they are then bound by the HOA... YES, I agree some HOA's go way too far but that is a result of people in that development not going to meetings. The rules are only as strong or weak as you want them to be when you vote on them. Bylaws are requested by the majority of that development.

I’m not saying HOAs are the answer; I just tossed it out there as a possible answer to shrinking the role of local government. There may be better ideas, but whatever people come up with; it should be what the majority of the people want...

ms love

i dont think we have ever met.... so stop profiling LOL

Building Codes for County


This is a strange comment to be voting on! I was told that the codes are the same for the county as it is in the city limits. I was told by the city when I was going to move a house. I was also told by my insurance company just last yr. that any and all houses have to be up to code in order to be valid. In other words, one can not just do as they please in the county as far as building. The price difference quoted in the above is criminal.
As far as roads and venues leading out of Sheridan, there are just NOT enough. I was born and raised here. It takes money to move away from here. Most businesses that do move here can not make it. I only wish I was one of the ones whose mommy and daddy had left something. Sheridan is a very slow death.


look at it this way

look,no one wants to move here, certainly not a new business because the locals dont support "outsiders" .this is just another way for the locals to support their happy life style here in Hooterville. Face it, in a few years this city will be a dust bowl,nothing here but the born and raised here hanging on to what mommy and daddy left them,. this is a very unfriendly place. i dont see why anyone would move here or start a biz or relocate a biz here

Hmmm, Sadbuttrue Ironic you

Hmmm, Sadbuttrue

Ironic you call this such an "unfriendly place." I'd say the pot is ranting at the kettle for being black.

Interestingly enough we have

Interestingly enough we have a highway, bus service and air travel. If I disliked this place as much as you seem to I'd use one of these three venues and find greener pastures elsewhere. What your rant has to do with the Sheridan Media question of the week escapes me.

Ditto to KLW's comment. It's

Ditto to KLW's comment. It's just another money grabbing scheme by the government to further bilk the taxpayers. Anyone interested in having their house or one that they want to buy inspected can easily do so. Just get a professional of their choice who actually knows what they are doing to do the inspection instead of some government lackey just looking for a paycheck.

Absolutely not.All this

Absolutely not.All this is,is an excuse by the county to milk the resident for more money.

Mayor Kinskey admitted in his address to the city that the city is itself down by over $100,000.00 in building fee's.

All the county is doing,is trying take money out of your pocket,because they've managed to increase their size by over 2/3 of what they were 6 years ago.

This has nothing to do with safety,it's about money.

The electrical inspection is the only honest inspection done and it has to be done by the state.And the state only charges $120.00.Not the county style fee of $3000.00 to do nothing.

This is what happens when you hire someone like Liesinger for over $100,000.00 a year,he has to try and justify his job which shouldn't even exsist.

I don't understand your

I don't understand your point about the city building fees--are you making a general point about revenue being down or are you saying they are somehow related? The fact that the city may have lower amounts of revenue from building fees is not directly related to the county budget in this case.

Also, what do you mean by the county has "increased in size by over 2/3 of what they were six years ago." Size of what? Area, revenue, required permits?