Do you support Arizona's recently passed immigration law?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
83% (533 votes)
15% (99 votes)
2% (14 votes)
Total votes: 646


boycott LA, cali, Boulder, austin tx and any other place that puts AZ on its hit list

Angry Hyenas

I think that the best way to secure the southern border is to place two fences. The first fence to be placed on the border itself, and the second would be placed one mile back from the border. In the middle of these two fences we place angry hyenas. Anyone that survives the hyenas can get a work permit.

I think who we need to look

I think who we need to look at what a potential immigrant can do for this country, with very few exceptions. Applying to come to this country should be like applying for a job.

wyoming56 people who are in

people who are in this country illegally need to be arrested. if he/she comes in legal, fine; when the visa runs out - go home. some of these illegals are protesting the usa is violating his/her rights!! are they nuts? if he/she is here illegally - they have no rights. i know sometimes it is a revolving door from mexico to usa to mexico and back again and again; but they need to be arrested and deported. not just mexico but all illegals; mexico just seem to have the most here because of the border usa/mexico share. it is a little harder to swim the atlantic or the pacific than the rio grande.



What part of illegal am I missing here? If I break the law I expect that those charged with enforcing the law will hold me accountable. Do we choose to look the other way or withhold accountability for any other law breakers? Robbery, theft, assault? How is this different? It's the law. Either enforce it - which is what most Americans want - or change it through the usual processes. Until it's changed enforce it! Not enforcing the laws that are already on the books just weakens the entire system and our society. I wish other states would follow Arizona's lead.


It's about time!

It's about time someone took a firm stand on this issue. Illegal aliens living within the borders of the United States are the second largest threat to the overall health and long-term prosperity of our once fine Representative Republic.

Sadly, the single largest threat to this once great country remains our monumental and ever-increasing indebtedness as well as the general largesse of government.


here is a thought.

What is wrong with profiling??What is wrong with proving you are a citizen or here legally?If I go to any other country in the world I am required to prove my status to the foreign government.My suggestion would be if you look latin, you should have your ID with you at all times.If you go to a bar, you have to have your ID card.Why have we become so PC these days?Obama has helped the illegal immigration problem alot by keeping our economy in the tank.Thanks Barry! that is all.PS. I am sure it must all be Bush's fault to some of you....

mark m

"Papers Please"

It's wrong if the police use this as an excuse to stop people and ask for their "papers" but if in otherwise interacting with the public they find that someone is here illegally then they should have the authority to do something about it.
I was shocked to learn that if an illegal alien was found by local police nothing would be done. I had thought that police enforced all laws.

A country that supposedly is

A country that supposedly is fighting the war on terrorism and yet can't even police its own borders effectively.What a joke.

The Arizona law is really

The Arizona law is really being mischaracterized. It is no different then out seat belt law. You cannot stop someone for not wearing their seatbelt. But you can cite someone for it if they've been pulled over for something else. Same concept with the Arizona immigration law. Cops can arrest illegals. But then the feds are responsible for picking them up and kicking them out of the country. If the feds refuse to help (which is the case now), then there is no point in local cops arresting them.

"You cannot stop someone for

"You cannot stop someone for not wearing their seatbelt."

This is a new one, you might want to check into that.. I believe you can stop them, via a visible observation that he or she is not wearing their seatbelt.

This whole law in my opinion revolved around getting probable cause to further stop and look into your car. Yes there is an element of safety, but it was also mostly geared at reducing the risk of large payouts from privet insurance companies.. There were two major interests this law served, and it was not a LAW that was of the people... Prime example of where our system is jumping the track.. This Arizona law is WANTED by the people of Arizona, and we need to respect that.

No this is not a new one. I

No this is not a new one. I knew what I was talking about before I posted. Perhaps you should check into it. The Wyoming State Legislature has a website where you can access state statutes. You can also google Wyoming seat belt laws.

Our law is what is called a secondary enforcement. You CANNOT be pulled over for not wearing your seat belt. If you get pulled over for speeding, only then can law enforcement issue you a warning or citation for the seat belt violation.

plain and simple

It's not racisim if you're here illegally.

J. S. Luckjohn

here's a different perspective

i understand everyones veiw point on illegal imegrents, especially during the current economy. i would like to say this though. it comes down to this. we run around in suv's with heated cup holders while others do without basic needs and no chance in site for change. i have been to other countries and seen there situtations. THERE ARE VERY FEW JOBS THERE! they are not lazy or crimals. they dont even want to leave there homes or there families. look at the risks they take to come here. they are very desperate. people are people. they want the same things you and i want. food, clothes, housing, etc. for there families. when those things dont exsit in there homelands what else is there option. your family is hungry, what would you do. your family is hungry. what would you do. that said, i am not sure what the answer is. i would just hope there is some sense of compasion when this issue is addressed. perhaps we should raise a bigger stink about the thieves who where born here (the enrons, madoffs, investment bankers who get bonus's from bailout money, and most of all the governement that is supposed to protect its citizenry from these criminals). no, we would rather kick a dog while it is down. peace


One point I would like to

One point I would like to make that speaks to your comment..


at about 20% unemployment are you saying we have more jobs here ?

In America we look to our government to fix out problems, why do they not do the same in their native country? These people jump ship and come here because they KNOW that our government can be manipulated... does that tell you ANYTHING ?

They need to learn how to manipulate their own government if you ask me...

I too have lived in Arizona, and I can say this, the people who have noot seen it first hand CAN NOT understand how this truly amounts to an invasion... All you have to do is drive I-8 to see the magnitude / volume of the problem...

While I'm sure that's true

While I'm sure that's true for a percent of the immigrants Gary, I can assure you from first hand experience that what you're saying is not a blanket statement. I used to live in AZ, and I had the unfortunate experience of meeting some very criminal illegal immigrants. Some of my personal property was stolen by one such neighborhood illegal, whom was soon after deported (only to be back several months later). Though petty theft was by far the least of what I witnessed down there... My time down in the desert greatly reduced my level of compassion for the illegal boarder crossers.

If someone wants to come here and try to make a better life, fine. Go about it the proper way. If they can't get here by following the law, then they are criminals as soon as they set foot on US soil, and deserve to be treated as criminals- no more, no less.

Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.


I too am from AZ and I am curious what kind of crowd you were running with to encounter such criminals... Were you trying to buy drugs? Hanging out with druggies?

My experience was only in seeing people who wanted a better life. Our current immigration laws (US) made it near impossible for them to come here legally. I think you should look into the numbers on how many immigrants we allow, and the process they must go through in order to come here. Maybe you need to go to Mexico and see for yourself what they are trying to leave behind. Most just want work. They all pay sales tax and often pay into a social security system that they will never benefit from to do jobs for slave wages that most Americans are too good to do.

As far as I am concerned the

As far as I am concerned the bankers and day traders can go too, right to the gulag. Still I do not see that the middle class in this country should be destroyed by virtual slave labor, we do not need any more people. No other country in the western world has as lax of an immigration policy, and in fact the immigration policies of Mexico are very strict. Having said all that what really puts me over the top is watching people who are here illegally protest in the streets. Send em home, and heavily fine those that employ them.

My question is, would you

My question is, would you boycott states that are trying to boycott Arizona. Would you support calling our state officials and ask them to announce a public boycott of tourist travel or doing business with any of these states.. Wyoming needs to get out there in the media and send a message. A message that says we stand for states having the sovereign right to create laws at the state level, and not wait for the federal government to react on needed legislation. This approach seems to work for the Indian communities. Let them take our highway funds, but let them know we will target every out of state transport, and fine or tax it at 4 times the amount for interstate travel. If other states would get in the loop, we could stop this taking away highway funds blackmail..

Something has to be done!

Something has to be done to fix this problem, this was Arizona's answer to it. My grandparents were imigrants from Poland, the difference, they were legal! I have no problem w/ legal immigrants coming and working here. I have a problem w/ the illegal aliens who are coming here and bringing there criminal element with them.

please change my what ever from I hear voices to SAY WHAT! hope you can do this for thanks.

With 10% unemployment, and

With 10% unemployment, and around 20% "underemployment" we do not need any immigrants right now. I often hear the government lament about the terror threat, how serious can a government that refuses to control it's own borders really be about terror?

The Feds won't do anything.

Since our Federal government won't enforce the laws, the States have got to do something. I have no problem with immigrants coming here to work as long as they obey our laws just as the legal citizens. Those States along the border are heavily burdoned with the crime, drugs, and draw on their budgets brought in with a lot of these people.