Do you approve of making Whittier St. a one-way street?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
22% (90 votes)
70% (279 votes)
No Opinion
8% (32 votes)
Total votes: 401

Wyoming Ave

I have lived in my house on wyoming ave for a while now and i am fed up with all the traffic on such a narrow street.We have had some people doing 50 mph down our street!Now since the street is a one way we have people flying down the ally where small children are rideing there bikes because its safer than the sidewalk on wyoming ave.I like the new traffic set up somewhat because its put a dent in the traffic on street but now the ally is out of control.The first few weeks of the new one way we had someone getting a ticket every half hour for going the wrong way or speeding.Still happening! Ready 2 throw rocks..eggs..or punches!

While I understand what you

While I understand what you are saying about the angle of Wyoming avenue and Sheridan Avenue, but if we are comparing the quietness, width, and residential part of this question (which seems to have been the discussion here) then the other streets that I have listed before are more comparable. Yes, it would have been a good idea to make the loucks street through to sheridan avenue, but the property has already been sold (Holy Name Church I think). Also, the couple of blocks on loucks close to the old Central school are a residential area too. Don't you think those people are going to love becoming a through street? Hear another problem coming soon with that solution. So unless the city takes it back, then this isn't an option. I just love when a bunch of people get together, start complaining and this city decides that it has to do something. Would the residents of Sheridan Avenue get together and complain would we try to direct traffic other ways? Widen the street and be done with it already.

long term safety

Making Wyoming street wider would probably make for faster traffic there and thus less safe conditions. Due partially to traffic already too fast it is already dangerous driving on Wyoming avenue. Trying to get off Wyoming avenue onto Sheridan avenue is also a dangerous challenge since you need to turn 3/4 way around to your left to try to see oncoming traffic(which is often partially hidden by parked vehicles). Because of unsafe conditions(fast traffic and poor visibility) I try to not use Wyoming avenue going either direction.
If you are on Scott street facing South at the Loucks Street intersection you see the vacated paint store in the way of connecting Scott street through to Coffeen avenue. I have heard that old city politics kept this punch through from being made years ago.
If you are on Loucks street facing east at the Scott street intersection you see a vacant lot where a punch through should probably be to connect Loucks street with Sheridan avenue. This would connect 2 major roads FOR THE LONG TERM SAFETY FOR THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY which will PROBABLY CONTINUE TO GROW. I hope that CURRENT city politics are not keeping this punch through from taking place.


sheridan ave.

I hear of all the complaints from the Wyoming Avenue and yet Sheridan Avenue is a residential street and they don't have a triangle so people can't get down their street. So maybe the residents on Wyoming Avenue should speak with people from Sheridan Avenue. What about 5th street? Thurmond? Big Horn Avenue? What about all the other residential streets that have heavy traffic? Are we going to start changing all of the other streets because the people in those neighborhoods start complaining?I'm tired of others pushing their issues onto others. If you don't like the heavy traffic, then move to another street.


Maybe u should measure how wide 5th st,thurmond,and big horn ave streets are.I would feel better letting my children ride bikes on any of those streets compared to rideing on wyoming ave.I think U should move 2 wyoming?

I think the main issue is

I think the main issue is that Wyoming Avenue is too narrow to adequately accommodate that sort of traffic. 5th Street, Thurmond, Sheridan Avenue, Big Horn, etc. are all wider and do not present the same problem for residents.

So then why not make Wyoming

So then why not make Wyoming Avenue wider and solve the problem? Seems easier than what is happening now! The cheif complaint was that there was too much traffic, so that is the comparision that I was making. Width has not been addressed in the discussion thus far (correct me if i'm wrong on that). Yes, the other streets are wider, but I'm sure that there are resident's on those busy streets that would like it too be quieter.

Have you noticed how close

Have you noticed how close the homes on Wyoming Avenue already are to the street as it is? And you want to widen that road? Not remotely feasible....

That would take care of part

That would take care of part of the problem, if it could be done. However, it would not solve another problem with traffic using that route. Wyoming Avenue intersects Sheridan Avenue at roughly a 45-degree angle which makes it difficult for drivers to see vehicles traveling south on Sheridan Avenue. The intersection of Loucks and Sheridan Avenue (if it existed) would provide much better visibility. Loucks is already wide enough and there are very few residential buildings on Loucks east of the post office.


it's people like you that have caused this problem... you said your self that you use Wyoming ave often Have you ever just sat there and watched the traffic? no i bet you haven't the traffic count was accurate and that is the whole point WYOMING AVE IS A RESIDENTIAL STREET!!! it was never intended to be used as a main throughfare i bet you would be all for some kind of traffic solution if half as many cars wnet by your house in a day. although i don't believe that whittier should be a one way street something has to be done to get traffic in and out of downtown and diverting traffic all over the place is not the answer. Widening Wyoming would be like saying that it's ok for people to use it as a major street and it wouldn't make the houses any farther apart. So where are they gonna widen it to the front steps of the houses? Maybe we as a community should be looking for better long term solutions to the traffic flow issues. And if you don't believe that there is that much traffic on Wyoming Ave, if they take the triangle down your car better be parked on the street (im'm tired of losing mirrors).

Loucks is already wider,

Loucks is already wider, already a thoroughfare (at least until the last couple of blocks on the east end) and has almost no residential buildings facing it in the area in question. If it were connected directly to Sheridan Avenue traffic would probably get to Coffeen quicker than if they went down Wyoming Avenue.

Whittier Street

This is about as stupid as making Main Street one way. The traffic count was bogus (probably increased by local resident) There is no count on Scott/Broadway. If there was, I would bet it would be no where near the number shown on Wyoming ave. The count shows more than half the total number of cars as the total on Coffeen (a four lane street) on Wyoming Avenue. That doesn't meet the common sense test. The best answer is to widen Wyoming Avenue to allow the people that can not park up against the curb room to park. I use Wyoming Avenue often and have never seen as many cars on it as on Broadway.