Did the primary election results surprise you? if so, please comment on what surprised you.

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
33% (73 votes)
67% (145 votes)
Total votes: 218

People spoke loud and clear?

Just because the incumbents got voted back in does not mean the people who voted on them approved of the job they are doing. I would venture to say that some of them don't even know what the commissioners do (or have been doing). Sometimes people are voted back into office because of the ties they have, not their performance on the job. It is sad that we can't put some people on there with some different perspectives that don't have ties with certain people. And yes, I did vote for the non incumbents! Small town politics can be a difficult thing to overcome.



It is just the 15-20 profiles that we see on here all the time that didn't like the incumbents. As the people spoke loud and clear that they approve of the job they are doing. The only county race that was even remotely close was the coroner... I was on the edge of my seat all night waiting for that race to go final:)

People must be happy.

After the threat of building inspections, the County financial problems, the concerns about a lot of things, I am very surprised that the incumbments received anywhere near the percentage of the votes that they did. Apparently these people are doing just fine and the masses are happy.

I was very surprised that

I was very surprised that the incumbents did so well.