Can the three teens accused of murdering Robert Ernst receive a fair trial in Sheridan?

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59% (304 votes)
36% (187 votes)
5% (27 votes)
Total votes: 518

It's our job.

Yes they can receive a fair trial. One of the many great things about Sheridan is the vast intellegence in our community. Anyone called to serve on a jury that cannot offer a fair trial will be weeded out by the attorneys involved. Those who have the intellegence to follow the instruction of the court will be able to offer some of the basic rights we have in this country.. legal representation and a jury of our peers(citizens). And as a community we deserve the right to hear the facts and decide their innocence or guilt. One of ours was taken.. three of ours are accused. It's our job!

Their fair trial...

Should be the death penalty! They dont deserve any better for what they did.

fair trial

I am not sure a fair trial is possible today in our court system, all a lawyer needs to do is get a hung jury.
However after years of children not being punished by their parents, in the schools, and in the courts this kind of crime will happen more often. After the many thousands of dollars are spent, the verdicts are reached, and the sentence is pronounced there will only be two people punished. That will be You and Me, but I suppose we deserve it because we continue to pay taxes.

Good thing you don't work

Good thing you don't work for the judicial system niterythm!
The sixth amendment of the Constitution also known as part of the Bill of Rights protects us from people like you :)There is no way they will get a fair trial here there's to much hate and personal information thrown out to the public.
Whether anyone likes it or not EVERY person is entitled to a fair trial. Rapists, child molesters, arsonists and murderers all are entitled to the same fair and speedy trial as the rest of us. Checks and balances you know.
If they had murdered a homeless man would everyone care so much? The punishment has to fit the crime and the crime isn't a bigger or more serious crime just because some folks knew the victim. The kids have a right to a fair trial and I hope they get it.

U are right, I don't

You are right residnetevil, I do not work for the system, I am a civilian and I know what laws are out there and what will happen. The question posed was "do you think they will get a fair trial?" I said no, that too many people know the kids or the victim. I gave my opinion, not stating the law! Yes, everyone is intitled to a "fair" trail, but is that what will happen in this town? NO IT WILL NOT! Again, too many people know someone from the death that occured. People will have their opinions and that would cloud the truth decision based on the facts. Oh lets see, The kids broke into someone's home, took a weapon with them, and shoot and killed someone as if it was a game! A life was taken for no reason what so ever. My "EYE for an EYE!" Will stand! I do not change that opinion. I see too many deaths out there in our country that do not need to happen. So, what you are telling me is that it was okay for these kids to kill an innocent man and that they get a fair trail? What fair trail did Mr. Ernst get? Did they put him in a room and ask people if it was okay for him to be killed? Did witnesses come forward and say if he was a good man or not? Did a judge set a date and time for him to die? Did he have the option to live in a cell or die at the hands of these kids? I am sorry too many people have lost from this action. They need to pay for their actions. What goes through my mind and heart is, if this happen to my father, brother, would I feel? That is what everyone needs to think!
In God I Trust!

In God I Trust!

A fair trial

They'll get a fair trial, and be easily convicted as the facts in the case are pretty clear. The trial should be moved as to not give grounds for appeal later. After the fair trial the "kids" will get what they have coming (a long time in prison). I think a lot of people in this community will get a great deal of satisfaction seeing these three behind bars. Your disregard for the victim is certainly telling.

it comes down to this

A fair trial. More than likely. I've been on jury duty before and sat on two criminal trials. You listen to all the details. you hear both sides, you go into the deliberation room and have a conversation with the other jurors. It's quite civilized. It is a fasinating process. There is an outline you follow and you elect a spokesperson and when you reach a verdict you call the person in who is in charge of the jury and she notifies the judge and then you are all called out and the spokesperson says we have reached a verdict and hands it to the judge and he reads it. He then thanks you for your time and everyone gets a check and then you get to go home. It is an experience you will never forget. These kids deserve a fair trial and I truely believe they can and will have a fair one right here in Sheridan County.



I agree, and no prosecutor in his right mind will fight a change of venue, No one wants this to last for years or god forbid these three get out on an appeal.

No defense attorney worth

No defense attorney worth anything is going to allow these three losers to be tried in sheridan county

too many people know..

The thing is either people know the kids or Mr. Ernst. We would hope as a community that they would be given the prior punishment for their crimes, but a "fair" trail as the lawyers want will not happen. I want them to pay big time for their crime. I don't see why we should pay for them to sit in jail and watch tv, play cards, have a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, a warm bed to sleep in, and 3 good meals a day. Hell, I have friends that don't even have that much in their lives. So, for them to get a fair trial nope not by me!!! Death pentaly!Or send them to Sheriff Joe in AZ!!!
In God I Trust!

In God I Trust!