Are you satisfied with Sheridan's curfew ordinance and how it's being enforced?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
33% (112 votes)
56% (187 votes)
No Opinion
11% (37 votes)
Total votes: 336

Agree with curfews

As a parent I enforced curfews with my kids growing up.. having a law to back it up was a bonus. However.. there were a few instances when they did not comply with my curfew or the laws.. and mind you this was in the mid 90's.. I contacted the police department with the report I had a teenager out past curfew and wanted to report it, hoping to enllist their help. I was told at that time they could not help me by putting out the call that my child was past curfew, even though I gave them the make and license number... I was not asking them to do my job as a parent, just asking for them to help me. If they had been stopped on another violation then they would also have looked at the curfew violation, I was told. I don't know if law enforcement still has this policy, or if they are more helpful to parents.

Yes, the curfews laws are needed. Good parenting is equally as important. My Dad always told me "there's nothing out there past midnight to do except get in trouble"... he was right.

in the olden days

I can remember in the olden days in the '60's when I first moved to Sheridan and there was a curfew. Back east in the big cities you were just asking for trouble by being out late without an adult. I agree with curfew laws. We are a land of laws. It is how we opperate. You know what the sad part is? It's the falling apart of the American family. Now it is going to take a village to raise a child. I can remember when the village was the family. It was a unit. A unit with a well functioning Dad and Mom raising the kids. I think too that kids were meant to have Dads and Moms that raised them. It's sad to think that we have to have laws that say when kids have to be home but if dad and mom aren't going to do it then it is up to the law enforcement officers.


Start enforcing the curfew

I think the curfew laws are great but they have to be enforced. I think it should also be heavily enforced during the Wyo Rodeo and street dance. I have seen so many kids under the age of 18 who are NOT supervised running around downtown at 2 a.m. They have no business being out that late. I realize the street dance is advertised as a family activity but after a certain hour - it most definitely is not. The rest of the year, there is no reason that kids under 18 need to be out walking on the streets after midnight. People need to start parenting their kids in this town.

This curfew crap is nothing

This curfew crap is nothing but net widening.Yet another way for the goverment to get involved in yet another aspect of your personal life.Just another way to criminalize people for being a certain age,in hopes of building a criminal history on them.

The more liberal the goverment and citizens become in america,the more liberals like being owned and told what to do.

rigerous enforcement

The curfew should be strictly enforced, with the only exception being kids returning from work or school activities.

Totally Agree

I absolutely Agree.

It's not the city's job to babysit irresponsible parents' kids.

Nope the city should stop

Nope the city should stop wasting tax dollars enforcing curfew. It starts the labeling process. A kid gets a couple of curfew tickets and then they are a criminal. Thus the process starts.

I'm satisfied with

I'm satisfied with Sheridan's curfew laws. They give the kids who work a break and the ones who aren't working should be home at that time of night.
When I was a kid I had to be home by the time the street lights came on. My parents cared about where I was and what I was doing. If there were more parents like that we wouldn't need curfew laws, our parents laws would be enough.