Are you more likely to support the continuation of the optional .1cent sales tax if conservation, parks, & trails are included

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
55% (248 votes)
42% (190 votes)
3% (14 votes)
Total votes: 452


At this point I am undecided on the 1 cent optional tax. Yes, I value parks and open spaces and fully support them along with seniors citizens, homeless people, affordable housing, necessary emergency equipment, search and rescue and economic development. No, I do not support more streets, sewer lines and such. The Cap tax is for this purpose. Some big picture strategic planning allows the government to leverage money for other grants and bonds. Let's talk more about the people and how to keep Sheridan economically strong.
Marie Lowe

PS And to the people who says our elected officials are "just a bunch of hoodlums", run for office! While I don't agree with all of the decisions or the processes, Sheridan is fortunate to have a dedicated group of elected officials who deeply care about the community. It's easy to be judgmental from your living couch.

Marie Lowe


I fully support using this for Parks. Sheridan is a great place to live for a reason. It is because we have so much to offer. Our parks are a big part of it. Go to Kendrick at anytime of the day. It is always busy with people of all ages. It is about quality of life. There are many parks I do not use in this town but I am glad they are there for our residents. I for one don't want to live in a dump that doesn't value parks, trails, green space, and recreation. If that is what I wanted I would move to Gillette. This anti-tax rhetoric is an oversimplification of the issue. There are some very real and long term implications here. We talk about diversifying our economy and attracting new business but look up any studies done about that. Businesses always look at the community they may move to and whether or not their future qualified and skilled employees would want to live there. A good school system, a clean environment, and recreation opportunities are always at the top of what businesses are looking for. Our parks are something to be proud of. Like I said, if you don't want that, move to Gillette. Let's keep Sheridan a place that people want to live, work, raise families, vacation, and retire in.


Apparently you haven't been

Apparently you haven't been to Gillette in the last ten years. Their parks and trail system in that town are BETTER than ours.

Parks are Good

I fully support having the beautiful parks in Sheridan, I just object to the idea of any funding that is acquired by forced taxation. All taxes are collected by threatened or actual force. Don't pay the tax and eventualy you will see the force applied. The pro-tax fallacies are an over-simplification of the issue. If one doesn't like forced-taxation, then move? Wow, what a solution. Glad our nation's founders didn't take that "submit to authority or leave" attitude. In fact, they had spines and resisted tyranny, instead of sailing back to Europe and licking the boots of their rulers.
And yes, there are real and long-term implications, here. For the next four years we all have to live with the decision we make on Nov. 2. Will we choose to have millions of dollars extracted from the private economy, by force and deposited in the hands of a few gov't clerks, who alone decide who gets the booty? Or will we choose freedom from a self-imposed tax burden on ourselves and our friends?
Near the top of most business's list is: How high is the tax burden, both for the business and it's employees? In a recession, you cut taxes and reduce the size of the gov't.
Both coasts have abundant beauty, but high tax rates are driving people out. Low taxes attract people and businesses, high taxes repel them. Let's make Sheridan a more attractive community to live, work and play in; by lowering taxes and advertizing that fact.


You said: "I just object to

You said: "I just object to the idea of any funding that is acquired by forced taxation"

Ummmm.....isn't every level of government and essentially every dollar spent by government entities funded by a "forced taxation"?

Freedom is always better than Force

Yes. All taxes are collected by implied and actual force. Refuse to pay the tax and force will be applied. That's the #1 objection to the One-Percent Mandatory sales tax. It begins with forced taxation. Buy anything, except food, in Sheridan and you will pay 6% sales tax instead of 5%. Buy and you will be forced to pay the tax. No "option" for the next four yrs. Don't Pay the tax and men with guns will demand that you pay it. Disagree? Try paying only 5% tax on your next purchase and walk away. See what happens.
All taxes, in fact all laws are en"forced" with "Force." Think about it. That's why, on principle, many of us object to the self-imposed mandatory tax. Any good that is done after the use of forced taxation is contaminated. Is it ok for one to rob another if he donates half of the money to charity? What if he only steals 10% of your money? Isn't forcing even 1% from your wallet still called theft? There's a simple American principle involved here, folks. It's called Freedom. If we vote to defend everyone's natural rights to their own property (ie. money and labor), then we all win. Those wanting the tax are still free to donate as much as they choose to any good cause they prefer, they just will no longer be able to force their will on their friends and neighbors. Freedom is always better than force, is it not? Now more than ever, we need to be kind to each other. We're facing some tough times. Remember: Freedom in November.



Yes, you are 100% correct, hence my objection to funding "good things" by the evil of force. Worthy projects will always be able to attract voluntary donations.
Let's not continue stealing from our neighbors. Just remember, vote Freedom this November.


It has run its course.

I think the "optional" tax has run its course and is now looked at as guaranteed income. I feel bad for the surrounding towns but I feel that the squandering of this money is reason enough to just stop it for a year or two. These leaders need to learn how to 'tighten their belts' just as most people in Sheridan must do.

I really don't mind my tax

I really don't mind my tax dollars going to trails, parks, or things that make the community better and on that basis would have probably voted for the tax. I won't though because the local government's appear to be bad stewards of our money as of late, and I feel soaked by things like the constant property tax increases when the market is going down, and the new building inspections. The city of Sheridan has been especially wasteful!

Considering how the mayor

Considering how the mayor and council kept cap tax from being distributed to the three smaller communities,one can only imagine how optional 1% sales tax will be abused by the mayor and his friends.

All the Optional 1% sales tax does,is give an irresponsible city goverment like sheridans an open bank account,with little or no oversight on their waste of said money.

The trails that the mayor is talking about installing in south park,have already been discussed in public meetings,where engineers clearly stated no trails could be constructed due to flooding of little goose creek. But as usual,the people of sheridan have paid no attention to what is going on.

I also found it irritating

I also found it irritating that the mayor delayed distribution to the other communities in the county, Generally I feel the mayor has played games with those in the county on several issues. Several years ago I remember some controversy about fire and ambulance coverage rates going up for the "belt" area around Sheridan when the mayor wanted to raise the rates.

Next Vote?

Does anyone know when we get to vote on this "voluntary" tax, again?


It is up for renewal this

It is up for renewal this year.


Thanks for the info. Hope to get an active discussion in the community about this issue. Taxes are especially important during a down economy. To most people, every "percent" counts and just like defeating the food tax, every person's involement can make a difference. I only collected a few signatures in that fight, but they contributed to a loud enough "shout" that our legislature (and governor) could no longer ignore. We are now free of that most regressive tax and can only hope to liberate our friends and neighbors from the One Percent Mandatory tax in Nov. Taxes are the price we pay to live in an UN-civilized society. Truely civilized people don't tolerate force and legalized theft from each matter how "noble" the cause. "No capitation or other direct tax shall be layed...." Happy Independence!


i am lost

i am a little lost on this issue. didnt the city say they would lay off or early retire some people for budget reasons? yet direct the one cent to pet projects and programs??? some how that doesnt make sense to me or am i missing something? some one please explain this to me

Lower Taxes=More Freedom

Even if "free" ice cream and candy canes were included, I still would not vote to take money from my neighbor's pocket. If I think something is a worthy cause, then I'll choose to voluntarily donate to it, not advocate a system of forced contributions from everyone. Even if a majority supports something, it's still not right to force people to participate, that's called the, "Tyranny of the Majority" and was strictly prohibited in our founding documents. The money we earn is ours and anytime we can vote to keep more of our own money, we vote ourselves a little more freedom. That is a rare thing in a constantly "freedom-eroding" environment.
Besides, with no slush fund, we don't have to spend time deciding who gets what and we eliminate corruption, at least in that small area.
Yes, the next time I have a chance to vote for freedom (both mine and yours) I'll vote against the tax. I'll choose freedom everytime. Happy Independence Day!



It's nice to see that

It's nice to see that someone else realizes the immorality of hiring jack booted thugs to force others to pay for someone's pet project to "enhance" the community.
Perhaps if the Sonoran Institute and Nature Conservancy had any ethics they would have put their efforts into enhancing conservation efforts themselves instead of devising schemes to force others to do their bidding.
I would have liked to have seen the questions in their poll-
Which would you prefer using the optional 1% tax for?

A) Improving the conservation efforts including the trails and waterways of Sheridan
B) Spread doggie doo all over the county

Surprisingly respondents were overwhelmingly supportive of improving conservation efforts!

The poll conducted by the Sonoran Institute proves nothing other than special interest groups are capable of devising polls which support their positions. Our county commissioners and local media should not present the results to us as factual news, but as the marketing scheme that it is.

Maybe More than we think

There may be more people that embrace freedom than we know. It's just become so PC to "go along" with some vague "community good." (which is a myth, anyway) Lucky for us, we can still vote in private and choose a little bit of freedom. We can't vote to lower income taxes, property taxes or most sales and other taxes. The "One Percent Mandatory" tax is one of the few we can vote to eliminate. Why 99% of the populace doesn't vote to kill it, is beyond me. It's about the easiest freedom we can restore to ourselves and our friends and neighbors. No protesting in the streets, no collecting signatures, no taking up arms to gain some liberty, just vote for freedom. It's really just that simple. Maybe we should all take a moment and re-read the Declaration of Independence.



I'm undecided, I'm all for

I'm undecided, I'm all for trails and conservation but I think it's time for the government to tighten it's belt some. I'm also pretty fed up with things like building inspections and never ending raises in property taxes, even though that isn't really the issue in question here. I'll probably vote no and encourage friends and family to do the same.

Time for 'change'!

I agree with you! The local government begs people to continue this tax and then blows it on nonsense. At the same time, even though property values have fallen and the market is flooded with vacant homes property taxes, at least mine, continue to RISE! Now the County wants another tax added in the form of building inspections that will add money to their little games and give the people absolutely nothing for it. If the local government feels it is okay to FORCE more taxes then I feel it is okay to STOP volunteer taxes. They talk up these projects as being a great thing for the people and the County but in reality are building nothing more than money pits.