Are the City Design Review Board's standards too restrictive?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
53% (157 votes)
39% (116 votes)
No Opinion
8% (24 votes)
Total votes: 297

McDonalds was an after

McDonalds was an after thought for this location on coffeen,after another franchise was shot down.

McDonalds across the country are being removed from walmarts,as a part of a healthy eating campaign.Subways are replacing them.I've seen a couple in montana that are already changing over and some that have been retrofitted already.

I would imagine that's alrry's logic in getting one on coffeen.I never could see the attraction to McDonalds,their food sucks.

Trashing Mcdonalds

Perhaps, instead of everyone here trashing should open a restraunt of their own if they dont like McDonalds.

There's been a number of big

There's been a number of big name restraunts proposed and sought here in sheridan and as dillio pointed out they get shot down by our friend from the powder horn.

Just for conversation,McDonalds wasn't originally planned for it's new location.An Applebees was proposed for that lot and it was quickly opposed and shutdown.Then the rumor was started that applebees requires a certain population of 50,000 people or more for a franchise and the numbers being thrown out were bogus.Since Gillette has an applebees and is slightly larger then sheridan and nowhere near 50k.

Here is an exercise, go open

Here is an exercise, go open an Outback steak house, see how far you get with that one without going through a key member of this community, and asking him to give up his franchise rights on that one..

I think the best idea would

I think the best idea would be to go in and open up an independent restaurant. There are pleanty of business models out there for restaurants that are cheap, yet delicious. Look at a BBQ joint for instance, not like Bubba's or whatever it was called, you can get a BBQ sandwich with fries anywhere in the Midwest/South for around 7 bucks. The food is infinitely better than fast food, it is cooked on the spot, and it is local.

There you go guys, problem nothing tastes better than a good pulled pork sandwich done right.

Outback and other large franchises


Now I don't know if this has changed or not. Once upon a time, large restaurant franchises like Outback, Applebees, Olive Garden, Chili's. etc...were only looking at franchisees that were building in populations of 50k or with Applebee's in Gillette, they may have changed..

And besides, with the costs of building and equipment, its going to take 2 million bucks just to get the door open much less staff it (good luck with that, talent pool not very good)..

Yes we need design standards

We are lucky that the design standards are in place. The difference between Scotty's Skate castle and the newer Starbucks corner is very telling.

Old vs. New

I think the standards are fine and need to get slightly tighter as time progresses. Look at the difference between North Main and Coffeen... it can't be denied that Coffeen is a much nicer looking area of town, and I hope that North Main improves its appearance to match. I do, however, wish that existing regulations were enforced, in particular getting the Salvation Army to take down it's 15 x 30 sign and replaced with something more appropriate.
I applaud the city for its efforts in making our town a nicer, better-looking place to live!

Has anyone been up to see

Has anyone been up to see the buildings behind the Wingate? I just love the mailboxes in the middle of the sidewalk. I can either go into the street or into -hopefully some grass- to avoid the center of the sidewalk mailboxes? Who IS in charge? I would think that these committees would be representative of someone with some design expertise or at least common sense!!!

I voted No Opinion

In addition to not having an oppinion on this topic, I created an open uncensored thread under the regular forums listed at the top of the page. This is for people who may want to expand on the poll question.


the liquor store is only two storys tall and only a third is used for liquor sales. you're right the community doesnt need a home depot what we need is more single story run down hotels. next thing we need is a flying j to complete the truck stop feel. just think how cheap diesel would be...

Speaking of run down

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Holiday Inn Renovations

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Yes,it's provided a ton of

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Run it till the wheels fall

Run it till the wheels fall off, and then sell it.. ;)

I agree,run it like it's

I agree,run it like it's stolen.But we're talking about a pillar of our community,that would throw a fit if someone else did the same thing as he's doing.

point taken

point taken


No, I think they're just strict enough. If they weren't we'd have expansion all the way to Lake DeSmet...I don't know about you, but I came out here to settle in a nice, smaller Western town. If I desired to reside in Billings or Cheyenne that's where I would have moved to!!

J. S. Luckjohn

No,we need to follow

No,we need to follow kinskeys vision.Annex all the way to big horn and approve every subdivision that comes up.Even though there's close to 1000 property listings already in sheridan county.

Home Depot and McDonalds

I think having a McDonalds on that end of town will be nice. Personally I like Home Depot, their selection is good and their customer service is first rate.


There's already a McDonalds on that end of town!!! You can get all the McD's you want just inside the door of Wal-Mart. It's even newly remodled. We don't need another, just for the sake of another germ infestid play place. And that end of town also has a Wendy's, a Good Times, a Taco Bell, a Taco John's and a Burger King. Enough already!
I'm also not a fan of Home Depot, it's a waste of space. After spending 15 minutes searching for a plumbing part that the "specially trained" worker insisted did not even exist, I went to ACE and the guy there took all of two seconds to take me directly to the part I needed. Did we need Home Depot? In my opinion, NO!

All about alligning yourself

All about alligning yourself with the right people.

There's an audio clip right here on sheridanmedia from Alex Lee chairman of the planning board outlining how larry got yet another MickeyD's approved.And it's because larry is on one of the planning boards and knew exactly what hoops to jump through.

Obviously they aren't

Obviously they aren't restrictive enough.That's why you have a three story liquor store plus a third mcdonalds all in the same block and right in the middle of a major entry way to the city.Plus another box store home depot that the community didn't need.All in an area that used to blend in rather then look like an industrial park/truck stop.

An interesting thing about

An interesting thing about the McDonalds franchise. They are very particular about where and when a new restaurant goes up. The company is one of the best at forecasting revenues for locations and they will not allow a store to go in a location that won't be profitable. If someone wanted to put a McDonalds up by the High School McDonalds wouldn't allow it simply because the traffic flow is not there.

In this economic climate

In this economic climate Mcdonalds will let you build where ever you want if you have the coin.

That most definitely is

That most definitely is false I am sorry to say because it goes against every single objective of a franchise. McDonalds does not make any money unless the restaurant (and I use that term loosely) makes a profit. Then a percentage of the profit is given to McDonalds.

Its interesting when you look at the business side of it, because McDonalds and other franchises like that will try very hard to get a successful location because they are ultimately to maximize profit.

I totally agree, I looked at

I totally agree, I looked at this posters comment a few days ago and was trying to understand where they came up with their info. I suspected it was a uneducated personal opinion, that lacked any real sources so I left it alone.. Anyone who has looked at how McDonalds does business at the corporate level knows they scope this out way ahead of time.