Wyoming Ave & Whittier St. juncture

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Looking south on Wyoming Avenue at Whittier St. - Perhaps as soon as Friday traffic contol cones similiar to those at the railroad crossing at 5th Street will be inplace forming an island at this street juncture that will help traffic control.


Wyoming Ave & Whittier St. juncture
Wyoming Ave & Whittier St. juncture

Wyoming Avenue traffic count numbers posted on City website

Information on traffic counts in the Wyoming Avenue area is now available on the City's project web page at www.city-sheridan-wy.com/projects. You can link directly to the traffic count info at http://www.city-sheridan-wy.com/....

Brundage vs Loucks

Steve Sisson has some very good and interesting points and ideas.I've been told that (before the detour off Wyoming onto Whittier was put in a few days ago) 3,500 cars per day were traveling south east on Wyoming avenue . So Brundage going East hasn't been the answer to this problem so far. Maybe a road South through the vacated paint store would also help and should be re-explored. We all need to try to see what's best and most safe(not necessarily the FASTEST) route for the ENTIRE COMMUNITY FOR THE LONG TERM. I personally do not use Wyoming Avenue very much because of the traffic danger/hazards there.


Perhaps if something could

Perhaps if something could be done about that intersection it would fix several problems at once. I know that the idea has been brought up several times before and never went anywhere. To really make Loucks an attractive alternative the stop signs would probably have to be removed, which may cause new problems for people on that street.

businessinsheridan I think

I think the triangle is an inconvienece to some people who live on Wyoming Ave, but if it helps with the traffic then maybe it will be worth rerouting our old paths.

I have seen a lot of people blow through it the wrong way which is dangerous.

My one and only concern is if the fire truck is able to make it through and make the turn by Safeway if it needs to.

My only suggestion... The triangle works but not for the first block of Wyoming ave, which has kids living in it. Also having more traffic around the triange and by safeway make pulling in and out of the grocery store more dangerous.since thr traffic comes from the intersection a block further down, which is the really dangerous intersection, myabe something should be done there.


wyoming avenue vs loucks st

Maybe the possibility of extending Loucks st east to Sheridan ave should be brought to the attention of the ENTIRE COMMUNITY for discussion via Public Pulse and The Sheridan Press. (Or is there something to hide from the community?). What do folks on West Loucks/Big Goose rd AND east Loucks st(east of Sheridan ave)have to say about this?


As MANY of you DON'T know

As MANY of you DON'T know there have been tons of traffic issues on this street. Due to careless driving, at least FOUR residential cars have been hit, THREE totaled (on the SAME block of wyoming) in the past few years, including one of this household and also sideswiped more times than we can count. It was unsafe for everyone who lived(s) here, especially kids! There is a school bus stop right by Safeway, and more than 20 kids who travel up, down, and across this street every day. Fixing the street/pot holes would NOT have helped matters any. Keep in mind it IS NOT a main road of travel and was NEVER intended as one, hence it is a residential street. Loaded semi trucks, tons of business vehicles, and other larger vehicles pulling trailers blazing down this street from anywhere from 30mph to (i KID you NOT!) 55+mph (FASTER than the firetrucks AND ambulances) during all hours of the day/night. Would you like to have over 3,500 vehicles flying past YOUR house going ONE way every stinkin day??? Fretting on a daily basis of if they would see your kid crossing the street?????
The person who totaled our family vehicle was asked by my other half "What would you have done had my car been a kid?"..... this person's reply was.... "Guess I would of hit him.".... SERIOUSLY????
We had also had vehicles written on because we PARKED on our own street and people in their mercedez benz and landrovers drive over our boulevards and sidewalks as they absolutely found it rediculous for them to wait to have a delivery truck or neighbor pull into their driveway!! What the heck, right? Trash was tossed in our vehicles and around them as well as cigarette butts EVERYWHERE. Use our garbage cans, I wont tell anyone!! What slobs have people become??
It just goes to show how everyone is watching out for themselves: shortest distance to travel, shaving off a few seconds, making it to work quicker.... we just didn't want one of our kids or let alone a neighbors kid getting KILLED to have something done about this traffic. Sorry, we are watching out for OURSELVES and others of this now quiet (finally) neighborhood. TIP: if you want to get to work earlier, leave earlier. I DO. I also do it by NOT driving through anyone else's neighborhood.
Does anyone else want to know WHY there is a new triangle on Wyoming Avenue??...Just ask!! Hopefully fixing the road for those nice people on Park St is next?!? They NEED it!!!
Oh, by the way.... THANKS a TON goes to Mayor Kinskey and Police Chief Adriaens for your thoughtful concern and seemingly good solution. Also thanks to all the City employees and police dept. We love having our neighboorhood back, God Bless You!

wyoming avenue


It is dangerous to get off Sheridan avenue onto Wyoming ave. Three parked vehicles on Wyoming ave. have been hit and totaled out in the past 3 years. Others have been hit and damaged.

Extending Loucks st through the vacant former school lot is the safest way to handle the congestion coming into and out of the downtown/post office area. This is the best solution FOR THE COMMUNITY FOR THE LONG TERM.


If you punch Loucks through

If you punch Loucks through to Sheridan Avenue, traffic would dramatically increase on Loucks. Wouldn't that make the post office area even MORE congested?

Because of all the stop

Because of all the stop signs on Loucks it probably would not be the fastest way to get to Coffeen from the Main St. area under most circumstances. It's possible that most of the additional traffic would be joining Loucks to the east of the post office. I've noticed the Farmer's CoOp intersection gets very busy when a train is blocking traffic on 1st and 5th streets, but none of that affects the post office. The question is whether or not connecting Loucks would be any better than the Brundage connection to Sheridan Ave that already exists.

wyoming avenue


it is dangerous trying to get onto Sheridan ave from wyoming ave. You need to turn 3/4 way around to your left to watch for oncoming traffic which is often hiddeen by parked vehicles.


wyoming ave

I live on Wyoming ave, it has been a much quieter street since the island was placed a few days ago, but there are still people who think they are invicible and above the law and go straight thru the one way! We will see how this one pans out I guess!!!

I think residents on that

I think residents on that street have been complaining about the traffic speeding down that narrow street. I cannot really blame them for being concerned. Hopefully this will cut down on their traffic a bit. If you are trying to get to Coffeen from Wyoming, it certainly wont be an inconvenience to hope on to Coffeen next to Safeway instead of Sheridan Avenue.

Quicker Route

If the train did not hold up 5th street for long periods, maybe less people would turn onto Broadway trying to avoid the train to get to coffeen. I often turn on Broadway when there is a train instead of waiting for the train to pass to get to Sheridan Ave. Also many people leaving the post office, movies, etc... take Wyoming Ave to get to Coffeen instead of getting on Main St. If you are going to the South side of town from the post office or other establishments in the area it is quicker to take Wyoming Ave instead of detouring to Main St.

I agree. I'm sure a

I agree. I'm sure a significant portion of the traffic on Wyoming avenue is due to either slow or blocked traffic around 1st and 5th streets. It seems to me that rather than creating a third bottleneck, a better solution would be to connect Loucks directly to Sheridan Avenue by bisecting the old Central School property. This would allow traffic to continue to move quickly without sending it down a narrow residential street.

LOVE your comment!!

i agree with you totally on the Loucks idea. we tossed this idea around at our meeting(s) with kinskey and chief adriaens and it was pretty much ignored. if you look, it would affect about 18 houses on that street versus 40+ on wyoming. and also the street IS wide enough to handle 25 mph traffic with room leftover for residential parking. we tried and tried and tried for this to happen but are thinking a petition may be the way to initiate it. that is how we started the whole wyoming ave deal. glad this idea came from someone not living on wyoming ave area to show it is not a selfish idea and would best benefit the entire town! have a great day hun!

Who's more important?

How can you say that one set of people is more important than another set? You said "it would affect about 18 houses on that street versus 40+ on wyoming" Are we not to care about 18+ families that it would affect? I understand that Wyoming Ave has ignorant drivers that drive 40-50mph+, but have you been on Sheridan Ave lately? Sheridan Ave is also a residential street as well. Punching Loucks though would not affect just "18 houses", it would affect more families than you realize.

Thanks. I'm sure that the

Thanks. I'm sure that the Wyo Ave thing was quick to implement and relatively inexpensive, but I don't think it is an ideal solution. Doesn't it also inconvenience people who live there and now must enter from another direction? People can already get to Sheridan Avenue via Brundage, but since Loucks and Sheridan Ave are both major arteries, connecting them together would probably divert traffic away from smaller residential streets.

steve, i do somewhat agree

steve, i do somewhat agree the triangle ordeal on wyoming doesnt quite seem to best benefit everyone. it does inconvenience us that do live here and wasnt recommended or suggested by us. it does seem effective, i have to say. but i also have to comment on the other hand that steps were taken to make it safer for the kids and everyone alike, which i cannot complain about and which was also the main issue in the first place. i do believe if loucks was in fact punched through, maybe the triangle could be removed?? but at the same time i am sure most of us have missed having peace and quiet as well as the full use of our vehicles for commuting to work.

Logical solution.

I liked this idea way back when they tore down the school. I don't remember the entire story but it seems that there was greed and some shady dealings that caused that option to get dismissed. I don't know if it is possible now but I do think that idea should be revisited! Common sense would indicate that route would relieve traffic from Loucks, Main, and Wyoming Avenue.

Seems like most people who

Seems like most people who cannot use the 1st or 5th street crossing get to Sheridan Avenue via Brundage St. That is much quicker then going all the way down to Wyoming. People still have the option of Works as well. Completely agree that being able to get there via Loucks would be nice.

I'm not sure I understand

I'm not sure I understand why we need this? Why do we need traffic control on this street? Why not fix up som of the rough spots/pot holes on this road instead?

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