Trail Cam - Mountain Lion in Story

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This is a photo of a female mountain lion taken with a trail camera last Friday morning on 4-19-13 at 7:10AM on the edge of Banner-Story just off Red Cloud Drive behind the Tunnel Inn.

I discovered drag markings in the snow below my house here in Story while walking my dog along Red Cloud Drive in Story Thursday morning 4-18-13 then by following the drag markings in the snow with my neighbors (Travis Good and Amanda Ayers) we were able to determine where this lion covered the deer kill with twigs, leaves and branches.

My neighbor (Terry Bohlig) then assisted me with his trail camera and we set out his battery operated camera and got this particularly great photo (along with several other photos) of the lion sleeping, eating the deer and just being a big cat. Thought you might enjoy this photo.

Photo by: Mark Steingass
Story, Wyoming

Trail Cam - Mountain Lion in Story