Strolling with Santa & Mrs. Claus

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Four-year old Jerzey was among the first of many visitors with Santa and Mrs. Claus at City Hall during the 17th Annual Christmas Stroll. After visiting with Santa & Mrs. Claus, Jerzey turned and gave everyone in Sheridan a big wave and said, "Merry Christmas." For more see: and scroll down for more photos of this annual event presented by the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce - Downtown Sheridan Association. To see these and more Stroll photos in a full screen mode visit:

Four-year old Jerzey was among the first of many visitors with Santa and Mrs. Claus at City Hall during the 17th Annual Christmas Stroll. After visiting with Santa & Mrs. Claus, Jerzey turned and gave everyone in Sheridan a big wave and said, "Merry Christmas."
To the delight of many and many, many more once they arrived at City Hall was this joyful couple dressed in red and white
That couple turned out to be none-other than Santa and Mrs. Claus who arrived in the special Burlington Northern Santa Fe train seen here.
Right this way kids!
Once inside City Hall it was all business for Mr. & Mrs. Claus as they visited with youngsters from the area starting with these three who were the very first in line.
I believe that is worth a second look - how about you?
Let's see what Sheridan Fire and Rescue is up to parked infront of City Hall. Looks like they are just standing around with their hands in their pockets.
But look what happens when those hands come out and lift the lid on some of the best chili you've ever eaten - now that is 9-alarm chili
Not far away were the folks from Rocky Mountan Ambulance serving up some tasty drinks
The word "free" was going up as I passed by the People Assistance FOOD BANK - and free is good - right?
Underneath the "Prayer and Healing" sign were these five well equipped smiles to go along with the drinks they were handing out.
Here you could purchase raffle tickets to benefit CHAPS while helping yourself to cider and cinnamon buns AND receive a free smiles TIMES three
Here below the bright lights of the Sheridan Media trailer you could get free hot chocolate without marshmellows - we'll check back later to see the second shift in action.b
The next best place to home is "Bee Hive Homes - you could view their photo album while eating their cookies and more
Near the old "Press Building" you could catch a train ride or just pose below the engineer like this young feller did.
I hope he is a good engineer as this was the first train I've seen with a steering wheel
And off they go with another load of passengers
This bike and rider caught my eye when walking past Back Contry Bikes & Mountain Works
In the window of and I do mean in the window of Hickory Farms were the dynamic due of of Leslie/Mckenzie on Guitar and Mandolin
I told you they were in the window!
How about this Flute Quartet performing at the Sheridan Artist Guild/Sheridan College Main Street location? I thought a quartet was four!
How about now if we add Ariel Downing?
You could even catch artists at work if you could get your camera up high enough to capture both the artist and the model
Miss Graves all grown up - wow time does fly
At Christmas time a must see window is the one at Cottonwood Kitchen Shop
Ok, I meant to say windows at the the Cottonwood Kitchen Shop
And now showing at the WYO is "Cosmo" - the warm up act for Bill Jordan who will appear later.
The 17th Annual Christmas Stroll in progress with a reminder that the Festival of Trees is November 29th at the Fairgrounds
Mick & Rob Johnson were serving up songs at Bank of the West
If you really want to see decorations - check out Babe's Flowers and this happy crew that will assist you.
Bill Jordan at the WYO Theater
The Hoffman Brass in front of the Boot Barn with their sneakers on - from the left, Sonya Hensley, Kerry Hoffmann Dale Hoffmann, Rick Schmierer and Doug Moore.
The B.I.Z. String Ensemble was serving up a sterling performance at Kraft's Jewelry
Teka Brock and her band were signing CD's in advance of the CD Release Show coming to the Holiday Inn at 7:00 pm November 30th.
Check out this tri of Burlington Northern Hot Dog Eaters sitting on the curb - but not just any curb
Sitting in front of the world famous Mint Bar - a place they may enjoy in 15 or so years.
Brittney Popps, on the right, said hot dogs (as in plural) were not on her college track diet so she consumed just ONE.
Speaking of dogs - check out this pair of St. Bernards
Even a bake sale in support of the Little Miss Scholarship Pagents.
How about a vocal by Ed Wilson in the supurb surrounding of "Accents of Wyoming?"
With the likes of Butch Cassidy, Wild Bill Hickok and Martha "Calamity Jane" Cannery on the wall behind him Wayne toasts the 17th Christmas Stroll
When I arrived at Carroll's Furniture the guest fiddler in the middle was just wrapping up his chance to play with the "String Buddies"
Feeling warm? You could always hug Frosty the Snowman.
All around Main Street were displays of the Holiday Season
At 8-bells for you Navy types or 8:00 pm for you civilians the 17th Annual Christmas Stroll came to a close with a display of fireworks by Bruce Burns - some of which could be seen from near the Sheridan County Courthouse - so long until next Stroll