Sheridanites Bid a Stylish Farewell to the Inn

The residents at Emeritus at Sugarland Ridge often enjoy going out to lunch on Fridays to one of the local restaurants. On Friday, September 28th, they decided to bid farewell to the Historic Sheridan Inn and loaded up the bus and went to 1893 Grille and Spirits.

While they were there one of our resident’s Melvine, 103 years young, was talking about how she came to Wyoming. It was May 25th, 1925 and she was 16 years old. She boarded the train in Friend, Nebraska and came to Sheridan, Wy. “The first thing I saw getting off the train was the Sheridan Inn. I remember it was a busy place, a lot going on. It was nice inside too. I was picked up by Mrs. CC Riley who hired me as a nanny to take care of Billy.”

When asked if she was scared coming out to Wyoming at such a young age she says, “No, I’ve never been a scardey cat.” Melvine’s story not only caught the ears of our residents and staff with her but also another couple, who remain anonymous, who were eating lunch as well. When it came time to pay for their bills the waitress told them that the bill for all 14 of them had and a very generous tip for her, had been paid by the gentleman who had caught wind of the story that Melvine was so excited to share.

There was a reason that we decided to go to 1893 Grille and Sprits that day and we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the gentleman who so kindly paid for all of our meals.