Patriotic Crossing

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Did you know that these and other patriotic/military streets exist in the Sheridan Area? Recently the Sheridan VA Medical Center, aka Fort Mackenzie, added 14 or more street signs throughout the facility. You will see that the names all have a patriotic/military lineage as you enter and drive through the VA Medical Center. For example as you enter on Fort Road it becomes Navy Lane. At the Fort Road and Navy Lane juncture (the first 4-way intersection) turning left puts you on Freedom Lane while turning right puts you on Army Lane. Scroll down to see one of the "standing proud" set of signs and the "Station Map" with the streets and roads color coded. Historical note: Since April 1922. the Sheridan VAMC has been a mental health care and primary care facility for men and women who have served their country. In 1898 the grounds that are now the Sheridan VAMC were set aside by President William McKinley for a military fort named for Brigadier General Ranald Slidell Mackenzie. The initial bed capacity of 300 in 1922 went to 900 by the end of World War II and today has 208 beds and serves nearly 12,500 Veterans yearly. For more see: