New Turn Lane at Sheridan Avenue and 5th Street

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New Turn Lane at Sheridan Avenue and 5th Street

A recent, low-cost, needed and most welcomed improvement is worth noting at the juncture of Sheridan Avenue and 5th Street - a right turn only lane. Now when northbound traffic on Sheridan Avenue can't cross 5th Street or turn left, i.e. like when a train blocks the 5th Street crossing and backs up traffic, at least vehicles in the right hand lane can stop, turn and continue moving.

Hooray for a little yellow and white pavement marking paint

Turning lane

Yeah, it's great, but they also need to paint a line to show where the drivers turning left should stop. Most often they are so far out into the cross walk area, that the driver wanting to turn right can not see around them without pulling out into the oncoming traffic lane.

Turn lane

Its about time, that was always a pain in the neck intersection, with some drivers making their left turn from the right lane, holding up everyone who wanted to go right!