Meadowlark School Coming Down

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The demolition of the Meadowlark Elementary School building on DeSmet Avenue is well underway. Design documents for the new Meadowlark School are still under review by the Wyoming School Facilities Commission with hopes that the plans will be available for viewing before the end of the year. For more see:

Meadowlark School Coming Down

A remodel? I thought there

A remodel? I thought there were structural problems. New carpet is probably not going to fix those kinds of issues.

Don't you think it is funny

Don't you think it is funny that Highland park school wasn't good enough to have lids in last year so we built a new highland park school. Now meadowlark needs torn down but guess where the kids are at, the old highland park! I think a remodel would have been a little more practical don't you?

I agree

That school isnt that old coffeen school is the oldest one now i belive