Leaping into the New Year

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Friends Jen Darling and Darby Forister of Sheridan leap into 2011

by looking through 2011 glasses as they jump into Lake DeSmet on New Year's Day. The traditional Polar Bear Plunge into the lake was delayed 11-minutes this year by a decree from Rob Forister making the jump occur at: 11-minutes and 1-second after 1-pm on 1-1-'11. Jen and Darby were among the 84-leapers on a beautiful day. You should have been there - or as the back of the Plunge shirts sold at the event read: "you should do it."


Leaping into the New Year
Leaping into the New Year

Thank you, Stan!

Stan you do such a great job of capturing the moment!! Thank you! You should have had someone hold your camera so you and Karen could have took the plunge!! Keep up the good work-your pics are enjoyed all over the world!!