Juncture of Wyoming Avenue and Whittier Street

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By the end of today three major traffic changes will be in place at the juncture of Wyoming Avenue and Whittier Street:


When heading south on Wyoming Avenue you must turn right at Whittier Street ( you cannot continue down Wyoming Avenue)
When heading south on Wyoming Avenue you must turn right at Whittier Street ( you cannot continue down Wyoming Avenue)

why THEY done this

As MANY of you DON'T know there have been tons of traffic issues on this street. Due to careless driving, FOUR residential cars have been totaled (on the SAME block of wyoming) in the past few years, including one of this household and also sideswiped more times than we can count. It was unsafe for everyone who lived(s) here, especially kids! There is a school bus stop right by Safeway, and more than 20 kids who travel up, down, and across this street every day. Fixing the street/pot holes would NOT have helped matters any. Keep in mind it IS NOT a main road of travel and was NEVER intended as one, hence it is a residential street. Loaded semi trucks, tons of business vehicles, and other larger vehicles pulling trailers blazing down this street from anywhere from 30mph to (i KID you NOT!) 55+mph (FASTER than the firetrucks AND ambulances) during all hours of the day/night. Would you like to have over 3,500 vehicles flying past YOUR house going ONE way every stinkin day??? Fretting on a daily basis of if they would see your kid crossing the street?????
The person who totaled our family vehicle was asked by my other half "What would you have done had my car been a kid?"..... this person's reply was.... "Guess I would of hit him.".... SERIOUSLY????
We had also had vehicles written on because we PARKED on our own street and people in their mercedez benz and landrovers drive over our boulevards and sidewalks as they absolutely found it rediculous for them to wait to have a delivery truck or neighbor pull into their driveway!! What the heck, right? Trash was tossed in our vehicles and around them as well as cigarette butts EVERYWHERE. Use our garbage cans, I wont tell anyone!! What slobs have people become??
It just goes to show how everyone is watching out for themselves: shortest distance to travel, shaving off a few seconds, making it to work quicker.... we just didn't want one of our kids or let alone a neighbors kid getting KILLED to have something done about this traffic. Sorry, we are watching out for OURSELVES and others of this now quiet (finally) neighborhood. TIP: if you want to get to work earlier, leave earlier. I DO. I also do it by NOT driving through anyone else's neighborhood.
Does anyone else want to know WHY there is a new triangle on Wyoming Avenue??...Just ask!! Hopefully fixing the road for those nice people on Park St is next?!? They NEED it!!!
Oh, by the way.... THANKS a TON goes to Mayor Kinskey and Police Chief Adriaens for your thoughtful concern and seemingly good solution. Also thanks to all the City employees and police dept. We love having our neighboorhood back, God Bless You!

Why on earth have they done

Why on earth have they done this? WY Ave is a main driving route for many people. This is the way we always drive when going from one end of town to the other (rather than taking Sheridan Ave) in order to avoid the many annoying trains clogging traffic on 5th street. WY Ave served as the quickest, most direct route alternative. Again, why not use whatever money they wasted on this blockade to fix the road damage/pot holes on WY Ave (and other roads around town)?

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