HIT MUSICAL SOLD OUT all four days!

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The musical this year was a great one. It showed 4 days starting on Thursday Feb. 24 This years musical was on a well known story Peter Pan. This year they did some different things.There were different casts on different nights and the big one that everyone enjoyed was the flying! That's right this year the Musical incorporated flying into there musical to ad more to the musical. This was a hard task for some of the cast because they had to sing wile swinging in the air wearing a harness. But it was a great outcome and everyone liked it. The show sold out every night and on the final night it was even more packed. What probably brought its huge success was the variety each show had. Those who saw it once could go see it the following night and see an entirely new cast creating a new feel to the story. Peter Pan was a great show and the cast and stage hands all put in long hours for months to get it to work. Congratulations to the Sheridan High School Drama for a great production.

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