Highland Park 4th Graders Make Blankets for Young Patients at Hospital

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Highland Park Elementary 4th Graders in Michaela Escoto’s class enjoy doing community service projects. The class recently made colorful fleece blankets and members of the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Women’s Health Department visited the school and accepted the blankets which will be given to babies and young patients at the hospital.

The students said they had done projects for the elderly before and now want to do something for children. Mrs. Escoto tries to encourage her students to serve others in our community whenever possible. The 4th Graders tagged themselves as “super generous.”

Front Row: Pierce Fuhrman, Gerardo Brambila Rico, Budd May, Gabrielle Springsteen, Joanne Kahm, June McDonald, Violet Fryberger, Hunter Scranton, Zachary Doyle, Eli Graham Second Row: Hartley Barnett, Sydney Zebrowski, Sydney Warnke, Cooper Lynn, Payton Ormseth, Tanner Hamrick, Keegan Rager, Ryder Dilloway, Blaine Phillips, Owen Porterfield, Cameron Sulz Back Row: Sheridan Memorial Hospital Women’s Health Manager: Tandie Garland, RN; and Jessica Nyberg, CNA; and Cary Durham, RN.