Demolition of Big Horn High School

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The Big Horn High School has taken on an airy feel and look thanks to crews from G W Mechanical out of Sheridan and Casper who are in the process of tearing it down. Later a Big Horn Elementary School will be constructed on the location of the old High School.

Big Horn High School has an Open Campus
Big Horn High School has an Open Campus

Sad and happy at the same time

I have many good memories of Big Horn High School, and it is a real shock to see a trackhoe at work in the middle of what used to be the school library. I live away from Big Horn right now, and I had heard the news about the demolition, but didn't really want to see it. These pictures made it better. Kudos to Deer Run Graphics for getting a photo of Calli Robinson's message, written on a wall soon to be torn down and hauled to the dump. The message is a testament to the kind of great kids who go through Big Horn and what they get out of the experience. The high school building served our community quite well for about 30 years, and I can only hope that the new school will be surrounded with the kind of pride and nourishment that Big Horn people have heaped upon our local education system since the 1890s.