A Day of Transition

Friday was not just the last day of school it was a day of transition for many. On the left Rich Albrecht is checking the oil on SCSD#2 Bus 9 for the last time - he is retiring after having driven for the district for 15-years. On the right is Rich's wife Carol Albrecht, the Para/Bus Aide on Bus 21, checking over her paperwork one last time - she is retiring after 12-years with the district. In the center is the last stop on Cat Creek, east of Sheridan, where Bus 21 is making its last stop for the year. Getting off first is Tracie Kelly, now officially an 8th grader, who is helping her sister Tracie down the steps for the last time as Tracie graduated from Sheridan High School last Sunday. Behind Tracie is Carol Albrecht, the bus para/aide who is retiring and behind her is Tate, the brother of Tracie and Timber who will be attending the 5th grade this fall.

Instead of being on separate buses on a daily basis Rich and Carol will soon be together in their motor home headed to Canada for a well deserved 3-weeks of fishing, sightseeing and visiting before returning to Sheridan where Carol will tend to her garden as Rich works on the new jeep he recently acquired. Bon Voyage!

Friday was not just the last day of school it was a day of transition for many.
Rich Albrecht filling out his last Pre-Trip inspection form
Bus 21, driven by Carolyn Yates leaves the bus garage and heads to Woodland Park Elementary School for the last trlp of the year with Carol Albrect, the bus para/aide aboard, for her last route run before retirement
At Woodland Park School several kindergartners board the bus (the Bear Bus) for their last ride home as their teachers monitor the loading process.
Yes, even teachers are happy on the last day of school
Abrianna ready for the last trip home
Shayly getting off at day care
Woodland Park Elementary Kindergartners Katherine and Grace are surrounded by colorful seat covers on bus #21 as they head home on the last day of school
Lillie waves goodbye
Elise with her arms full boards the bus
Elise with her arms still full manages to wave goodbye
Along the way we got to see trees being removed from the old Wilson Veternary Location across from the YMCA
We even got to see Rich Albrecht driving bus #9 as he crossed Highland Avenue on his last day before retirement
Tate Kelly transfering from bus 23 to bus 21 at the high school for the final leg of his trip home for the year
Decked out in her "is it JUNE yet?" shirt Carol Albrecht, the bus 21 para/aide and Tate Kelly wait for Tate's sister Tracie at the high school
Carol greets Tracie to help her board the bus for what will be a final trip for both in bus #21 - Carol heads into retirement and Tracie to graduation
Bon Voyage to both of you - it has been a pleasure working with and transporting both of you over the years.