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This gathering of Bohemian Waxwings in Big Horn on Dec. 7th serves as a reminder that the 111th Christmas Bird Count is not far off.

Sheridan's count is scheduled for Dec. 18th - Contact Helen Moriarity @ 750-2225 to get route info prior to the count.

Buffalo's count is on Dec. 19th - Contact Deane Bjerke @ 307-684-2798 or meet at Hardees Restaurant at 7:00am.

Story/Big Horn's count is set for Jan. 2nd - Contact Jean Daly at 307-674-9728 to get route info prior to the count then meet at 7:00am at 37 N. 2nd St.

In Big Horn. Last year 1,316 Bohemian Waxwings were counted in the Story/Big Horn area while 15,247 were counted in Calgary Canada. For more see: and

Circle of Friends