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"All Aboard for the Historical Tour of Eastern Sheridan County" and then Sheridan Community Land Trust (SCLT) Executive Director, Colin Betzler introduced local historian Billie Little who took over and guided the group of 24 as they explored the historic Piney Creek and Clear Creek Valleys with stops at several homestead ranches, historic structures and the town of Clearmont on Saturday. At "The Ranch At Ucross" Eric Wilhelm, in the white hat, stepped in and gave an overview of the history of the ranch followed by a self guided tour of the immediate ranch grounds and Ranch House. Scroll down to see some or visit to see more of what you missed if you weren't among the lucky 24. For more about SCLT's mission: to promote agricultural landscapes, open space, wildlife habitats, historical structures and sites, and to provide opportunities for recreation, these interests being complementary and essential to the quality of life and economic stability in Sheridan County see: