5th Graders Visit Yellowstone

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Woodland Park 5th Graders in Mrs. Sara Stevens' class have returned from Yellowstone Monday.

The class hiked through wind, snow, rain, and sunshine alongside Ranger Trudy and Ranger Mel, discovered Mammoth Hot Springs and learned about the geology of hissing fumaroles, skyrocketing geysers, and colorful hot springs. They experienced the smell, sight and sounds of these thermal features. Our fifth grade scientists were busy discussing the plumbing of Yellowstone and the different kinds of rocks that allow these features to exist.

Pictured: Front Row: Teacher; Sara Stevens, McKenna Ardnt, Maya Bork, Alicia Thoney, Kahley Sipe, Aspen Malkuch, Chaperone; Gina Thoney, Brittin Kysar, Destiny Kathriner. Second Row: Chaperones; Yon Malkuch & Mike Romanjenko, Weston Heeren, Chaperone; Sally Johnson, Caroline Arnoux, Camdyn Cook, Elizabeth Romanjenko, Brayden Sutherland, Ryan Laumbach, Scott Buskirk, Christian Rivers, Eric Simon. Back Row: Chaperone; Teona Laumbach, Brittney Rios, Kassidy Ball

5th Graders Visit Yellowstone
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