2011 Sheridan County 4-H Presentation Award

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Who: Sheridan County 4-H Members; 12 members participated

What: Sheridan County 4-H Presentation Contest

Where: Sheridan County Courthouse Meeting Room

When: Friday, June 10, 2011

Why: Provide 4-H members with an opportunity to showcase and be awarded for their organization and presentation skills as well as allow them to prepare for the Showcase Showdown Contest to be held in Laramie, WY on June 27th & 29th.
The Wyoming 4-H program divides all competitions into age categories: Junior Division (8-10 years old); Intermediate Division (11-13 years old); Senior Division (14-18 years old)

Senior Division
Champion Senior Presentation: Sarah Rawlings
Reserve Champion Senior Presentation: Cody Jolovich

Intermediate Division
Champion Intermediate Presentation: Kaitlin Shaw
Reserve Champion Intermediate Presentation: Katelyn Kayser

Junior Division
Champion Junior Presentation: Teal Scheuber
Reserve Champion Junior Presentation: Ellie Bard

4-H members who also participated in the Presentation Contest and received Kudos Awards are: Anastasia Beutler, Justin Beutler, Cody Hope, Justin Hope, Harley Johnson, Madison Johnson.

2011 Sheridan County 4-H Presentation Award
2011 Sheridan County 4-H Presentation Award