Rosy May “Seward” Dever

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Rosy May “Seward” Dever

Rosy May “Seward” Dever, 86, died on January 13, 2011 at Westview Health Care Center.

She was born to John and Bitha (Seward) Dever near Butler, Missouri on April 16, 1924. She married Franklin Gerald Dever of Adrian, Missouri May 29th, 1942. They lived on a farm near Adrian until 1952.

The couple moved to Hollenberg, Kansas to operate a filling station and garage combined for several years, then in 1963 they moved to Dayton, Wyoming and hired out to Harold Arney as ranch hands. Harold became deathly sick and passed away the same year. They hired out to Allen Fordyce and her husband worked as a ranch hand. Rosy baby-sat for Allen’s daughter, who had five children.

In 1967, Rosy hired out for Mrs. Kelly Howie as a house keeper and gardener for thirty years.

She was a lover of all of God’s beautiful creations. She and her husband did custom ranch work together over the community, haying, trucking, combining, etc. for whoever needed help. They lived on the Roger Rochford Ranch until her husband’s health started failing, then they moved back to the Big Horn community.

Rosy was converted to Christianity when a teenager and served the Lord faithfully the rest of her life. She loved to sing God’s hymns of praise. She was a leader of a hymn service in Westview Health Care Center for over a year. The patients there enjoyed singing along. They all loved to make a joyful noise to the Lord.

After her husband’s passing in 2006, in time Rosy moved to the Heritage Towers apartments and there she was blessed to be able to attend a hymn-sing and bible study with Pastor Scott Orchard and his wife, Wanda, from the Family of Life Center Church.

Rosy spent her last few months at Westview Health Care Center where she continued to share God’s word with others as she was able.

She leaves to mourn her passing, one sister, Marie, many nephews, nieces, cousins, and a host of precious friends.

Graveside services for Rosy will be 2:00 P. M. Tuesday, January 18, 2011 in the Sheridan Municipal Cemetery with the Rev. Scott Orchard of the Family Life Center officiating. Arrangements are with Champion Ferries Funeral Home.