Lyle Burrington Tyler

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Lyle Burrington Tyler

Lyle Burrington Tyler was born in Pierre, South Dakota on April 26th 1942 to A.B. (Bud) and Dorthy Tyler. Lyle had two older brothers Ronny and Larry and a younger sister Mary. Early in life Lyle developed quite the work ethic and it would become a theme throughout his life. At age five, Lyle claims to have laced up his work boots and started delivering milk for the the Tyler Dairy. Lyle juggled being a working man and an elementary student with ease. “A hot roast beef, piece of cherry pie, and a tall glass of milk from the D&E” would sustain this routine. This working-student trend would continue through high school as Lyle, aside from his responsibilities that came along with growing up on a ranch, added more balls to this juggling act. He played the tuba (a.k.a bass horn) and football, but his true love was playing polo. Lyle even tried his hand at politics in high school and started the Young Republicans. And when Theodore F. Riggs Senior High School needed a “car club” who was there to start it? Why none other then the auto enthusiast himself. Staying true to his working-student roots, Lyle found employment with the Oahe Dam while in high school. He was one of their fearless truck drivers, in Oahe’s stone delivery fleet. Lyle graduated high school in 1960.

Graduation brought feelings of local and national pride so with his life long friend Willy McLaughlin, Lyle joined the South Dakota National Guard. He naturally excelled in the Guard and found himself as an artillery man. While serving his country, higher education also beckoned him. So it was off to Aberdeen, South Dakota where he did two years at Northern. With a transfer to Black Hills State in Spearfish, Lyle continued his education in the classroom. Spearfish also brought an education in the Gold Mines. Before long, Lyle found himself underground in search of gold. The mines brought hopes of grandeur but he never got rich.... as far as we know! So it was back to the earth’s surface and onto a new adventure. Lyle’s devotion to family was apparent when in lieu of finishing school, he packed up and headed back to Pierre to help work the family ranch.

Though locations continued to change for Lyle over the years, his constant was polo. In 1966, polo would change Lyle’s life forever! After a labor day weekend polo tournament, Lyle met his future wife at a party at the HF Bar Ranch near Buffalo, Wyoming. One year later, Lyle married Jocelyn (Jolly) Johnson on July 22 in 1967. With all the passion and excitement the newlyweds could muster, they breezed through the first years of marriage moving from houses to tents and back again! In 1972, Lyle and Jolly bought a ranch on the Little Bighorn River in Wyola, Montana. The years passed, full of ranching, playing polo and enjoying visits from friends and family. Lyle even spent time working for Grunko Films as their “sound man.” He always said he was the only sound man in the business that could not hear a thing. Over the coming years Lyle’s family grew from two to five. Lyle is father to Khale Century, Jordan, and Ashley. These three quickly became the light of his life. Teaching them to drive and play cards along with following all their sporting events were priorities. Lyle was a constant presence in their lives. Lyle spent several years on the Big Horn County Livestock board as well as taking on the responsibility of being a Big Horn County director on the REA Board. With the momentum created by these prestigious posts, Lyle threatened, many times, to run for public office. Wouldn’t that have been something! In his later years, Lyle traded in his polo mallets for golf clubs. He loved his trips to Arizona to visit his sister Mary, brother in-law Gene and niece Pamela Zulk.

Lyle was a connoisseur of fine scotch and finer pipe tobacco, especially when he did not have to provide it. He cherished the moments he spent with his kids. He loved when his neighbors and friends would stop by. He loved to visit on the phone with those far away, and if you were not careful, there was a chance he might show up on your door step. Lyle was a model of a man, he loved his family, his friends, his community, and each animal on his place. He had a passion for living and it was apparent in any one of his many stories that he was more then happy to tell.... and tell.... and tell again. Lyle had an unmatched zeal for life that was only contested by his incredible capacity to love.

Lyle is survived by his wife of 45 years, Jolly; his sister Mary and brother-in-law Gene Zulk; Daughter Khale Century, son-in-law Renzy Reno and grandson Boone Reno; son Jordan; daughter Ashley and son-in-law Lou Solonynka.

Services for Lyle will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at the First Baptist Church with Pastor Tom Saur officiating. Full Military Honors will be performed with a reception to follow at the church.
In Lyle Tyler fashion, in lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Shriner’s Children Hospital, Box K, Sheridan, WY 82801. Lyle will be loved, remembered, celebrated and missed.