County To Take Over Administrative Duties For SAWS In March

The Sheridan Area Water Supply Joint Powers Board will turn over the administrative functions of the system to Sheridan County this spring. The County Public Works department will be responsible for those duties and they are hiring a project manager that would be devoted to the SAWS system. The County expects to be ready to take over in March.

The Board awarded the contract to complete improvements to the SAWS storage tank at Bradford Brinton to Zowada Plumbing and Heating for just over $54,000. SAWS Administrator Dave Engels says the engineer’s estimates were substantially higher.

The work is scheduled to be complete this spring.

SAWS will begin discussions with the City of Sheridan to clarify the ownership agreements for infrastructure associated with the Sheridan Water Treatment Plant and the Big Goose Water Treatment Plant. Both facilities will require upgrades to combat cryptosporidium bacteria. The Environmental Protection Agency has set a deadline of 2013 to complete the upgrades. Both SAWS and the City will need to know their exact responsibilities in each plant. That way, each entity can determine the upgrade costs associated with their interest in each facility.

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