City Of Sheridan Concerned Over Employee Domestic Violence Allegations

The Sheridan City Council held a special executive session Wednesday and discussed a specific personnel issue. In December, law enforcement responded to a domestic violence call in the City of Sheridan. One of the parties involved in the disturbance was a Sheridan police officer. Interim Police Chief Scott Chandler explains what can be released at this time.

The name of the officer in question has not been released, nor has the status of the ongoing investigation. Personnel issues are protected information under Wyoming statutes. However, any action taken by the City Council in response to the incident will have to be approved in an open meeting.

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Where in any of the articles

Where in any of the articles did it say that the officer was the aggressor? I think the assumptions are getting the best of you all!


I know the officer involved in this. I have a hard time believing it. I worked with him and never saw him raise his voice at a criminal let alone be violent towards someone. Yes, people can be two different ways at home and work but please give him a chance to have a fair trial before we throw him to the dogs. If he is guilty then he needs to be punished but let's give him a chance before we judge him too harshly just because he is a police officer.

All I would really Like to

All I would really Like to say is that while all of this posting is going on did any of you people stop to think that maybe this "cop" did not do the "beating" you all speak of and perhaps there are two sides to every story, women as well as men need to learn to walk away! Perhaps this man has a family did anybody ever stop and think about how these nice little comments may affect them? I believe this will be handled in the correct manner and shame on all of you for making assumptions based on terrible reporting. For the record this Cop is an amazing person from every angle that you could look at him, and anybody that has known him knows this!

My whole point was that we

My whole point was that we don’t know what the FACTS are... The thing that bothers me is that some person went on a rant about how this was the second time and why was he being protected without knowing the FACTS of the case.. If in fact this is the second time I can only say it boils down to this...
If it happens once shame on you, if it happens twice shame on me... If I was a fellow officer no matter what the situation was I would reach out and tell him his relationship is putting a negative light on the whole unit. It's the public’s tax dollars that go into all of these domestic offences so repeats tend to put me in a twist..

I don't know the guy, but I

I don't know the guy, but I totaly agree with your comment...

City Judge Healy charged

City Judge Healy charged with two misdemeanors. City Officer being investigated for alledged misdemeanor. Both innocent until charged and convicted. My question is will they both be treated equally by their employer if they were to be found guilty?

I love how the small minded

I love how the small minded people of Sheridan get so caught up when there is something going on about a police officer. You don't know the facts, give it a rest. The man is human too. If he is guilty, then yes he should be punished and I guarantee he will be fired. If he is innocent then let him move on with his life. While all the small minded people in Sheridan sit in their houses looking for some sort of news-drama to talk about, the police officers are out there risking their lives come rain or shine. Alot of the comments on here are pathetic; you have made up what happened in your head already and don't even know what happened. Its an allegations people, see what the facts are. In the mean time turn on the news and see how you can donate to Haiti or something.

what i was really trying to

what i was really trying to say is somepeople try to walk away but the other person will not allow it. There ismore psychology to it then just walking away.

No, if you can't think of a

No, if you can't think of a way in a situation like that you need to evaluate how you made it this far in life.. The misdirection of trying to complicate that situation is not an excuse, do what you need to do in order to walk away. It IS that simple.. Trust me there is no way around the walk away argument...

Ok so what you are saying is

Ok so what you are saying is that a women beater is not at fault in any of this? How about when the women tries to get away and the man either breaks into her house and tries to kill her and their child or hunts her down and kills her? why does she not have a chance to walk away and cut her ties to the situation?

Did you just not read my

Did you just not read my whole post, or is it that your part of the "She Woman Man Haters Club".. As I said before , "Likewise for a woman who finds themselves in that situation. The real drain on law enforcment comes from couples who refuce to give up on a relationship of this type.. Life is to short, walk away and find happiness in being with a person who wants to be with you..."

A key part of this idea is "couples who refuse to give up on a relationship of this type.."

It is a no win situation.......... No way no how....

I think I just got a shot of

I think I just got a shot of dumbness when I read that post. My word....dumb dumb.
AGAIN: do some actual research and see if you can come up with reasons a victim does not leave and abuser! If your narrow mind cant find anything, then let me know. Cause you need some help.

Nice attacks, very woman

Nice attacks, very woman like.... You're making my point for me.. Keep up the good work.


More ignorance on your part....

It is not as simple for a woman as just walking away and being happy. Many woman have been abused (physically and mentally), become dependent on the man, have self-esteem issues and have been so victimized that they are afriad to walk away.

They might not have a way of supporting themselves. Might not have the confidence to go out on their own. They might need counseling to stop being dependent on a negative relationship.

We're talking about complex human behaviors. Walking away is easier said then done for many women.

No, It is a mater of setting

No, It is a mater of setting emotion aside nothing more.. You are right it is a state of mind, but women have their groups for that to protect there own.. My words were more for men who find themselves in this situation. Saying that it is a complex situation is nothing more then misdirection and a way to say it is OK to drag your feet.. And to younger men I say, it is not your obligation to be the sole supporter of a family the women fought for and won the right to be equal supporters in a family. Therefore they should now posses the skills it takes to support themselves solely if need be.. And if you want to play the kids card, children are better off in a home where they do not have to grow up dealing with bickering.


This cop SHOULD have been arrested like everyone else and his name should have been published in the paper, just like everyone else.

What happens to him administratively by the police department should have nothing to do with whether or not criminal charges are filed.

This is the SECOND time he has gotten in trouble for this same thing. The first one was covered up. I hope this one isn't. This whole thing smells like a sham.

If he cannot control his anger at home, he certainly isn't going to be able to do it in on the street. Fire him and charge him.

Maybe you missed the

Maybe you missed the "Allegations" part... Do you understand what the word "Allegations" means... Allegations come before something called investigation, let things run its course...


The fact that there are allegations has nothing to do with the fact that he should have been arrested and had his name published in the paper just like anyone else who is arrested for allegedly hitting their spouse/girlfriend.

DV names are not published

DV names are not published when the paper it tells you that!

the Mayor will just let it

the Mayor will just let it be brushed aside like so many other things the cops get away with!


What else do the cops do & get away with??? Give me a break! The Mayor would be the last person to support the cops or help them hide anything.

The mayor has NOTHING to do

The mayor has NOTHING to do with this... This IS a domestic issue.

officer violence

This is not the first time that this officer has been accused of violence toward women! He beat up and abused his girlfriend in High school also. Younger smaller women are his type, so beware out there, He will most likely get away with this one too.

Funny how details are not

Funny how details are not posted about the person, if it was anyone else they have no problem posting their name!!


That is not true. In any case of domestic violence the Press doens't print the name until they have gone to court, which is what will happen in this case. Just as it states in the article if you read it correctly.

Justice for All

In this case the degree of the offense may be very relevent. Complete, proper investigation is critical. Outcomes must be based on facts. Premature, unimformed demands/recomendations from the mob are probably not useful.

Domestic Violence

So maybe this is why when the officers are called to a residence for a domestic dispute they do nothing. They allow the abuser to leave the residence on foot and tell them not to return. The officer should be suspended indefinetly and face criminal prosecution. He should be used as an example for everyone.

such a rush to judgement

such a rush to judgement when you don't know the facts....shame shame

The sad thing is, there are

The sad thing is, there are women who try to use this to get a leg up in the legal system. It makes it hard when there is a REAL situations going on, and the Officer gets caught in the middle trying to do the right thing.. The family court system is just now catching up on this ploy and slow to make changes.. I think its best for a guy to just walk away in this situation, and do what it takes to NOT look back at being in a relationship with that person.. Likewise for a woman who finds themselves in that situation. The real drain on law enforcment comes from couples who refuce to give up on a relationship of this type.. Life is to short, walk away and find happiness in being with a person who wants to be with you...
IMHO could not have could not have said it better. And for those to make rush judgments based on such limited information available...I wonder if you do that in all criminal cases or just because this involves a police officer? Doubtful in deed. Not all reported crimes to law enforcement end up actual criminal offenses. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

You clearly know NOTHING

You clearly know NOTHING about domestic violence issues.
I imploy you to research it. Maybe then your remarks wont seem so ignorant or accusatory.

It is not a issue of

It is not a issue of research.. All im saying is, that it is better for a man to just walk away, and cut as many strings to the situation as he can.. I'm only speaking for men who find themselves goated into a situation, and my answer is walk away...


Well, it apparently is an issue of research for you, because you have absolutely no clue whatsoever. Med being goated into a situation where they hit a woman? You are implying than women are responsible for the problem?

There are men that are violent and resort to hitting a woman. There are also men that are about power and control. In either case, it is the man's inability to act calmly, control themselves, or what have you that causes the problem.

Everyone gets in to arguments and has problems with spouces. But most people don't punch, kick or choke their wives.

Regardless of what the woman might have said or done, there shouldn't have been any violence.

Yeah, the man should have walked away. But goated into hitting a woman? That is PATHETIC.

I agree with you there is no

I agree with you there is no need for violence, but you need to wake up. When a man makes a choice to get up out of his chair and walk out the door. It does not give the woman the RIGHT to physicaly block the door and play a mind game.. There ARE men who are violent, but you CHOOSE to ignore that I have already stated I do not CONDONE that... Why is that ? My advice was for men who find themselves in this situation and have no GROUP or womans shelter to turn to.. All im saying is that its best to get out walk away, reach out for help and get AWAY from the situation permently. Life is so much more fun when you don't have the worry of a bad relationship hanging over your head.

Did you ever think that

Did you ever think that maybe SHE was the one trying to get away from the situtaion and HE wasnt letting her?

Men who are controlling (and women too) simply do not have the choice to get up and walk away. They FIGHT! Thats why they are abusers. They need to be in control.
Again, I think you need to do some research before you go around writing as if you KNOW. We all know you dont.

Once again I think you

Once again I think you missed the point, seems like a trend with you... I was not commenting on this SPECIFIC case, these are only "allegations"... Do you know the FACTS of this case? If so go on record and enlighten us.. I also would like to know in your world what the word allegations means..