Johnson County May Back Industrial Bond Application

Johnson County May Back Industrial Bond Application

Johnson County's Commissioners, at their Tuesday meeting, heard a presentation from Dave Spencer with the Wyoming Business Council and Glen Catchpole from Uranerz Energy Corp. to ask the commission to sponsor an Industrial Revenue Bond application with the Wyoming Business Council through a Wyoming State Treasurer's program.

The $20 million bonds, if sponsored by the county and approved by the state, will be used to finish the company's ISR, or In-Situ Recovery mine at Nicholls Ranch in the Pumpkin Buttes area of southern Johnson County.

According to information provided to the commissioners by Uranerz, they are in the mid-stages of constructing their mine, with dirt work completed, buildings up, equipment being installed and the nearby well field nearly complete.

The $20 million in bonds will be used to complete the construction and get the facility operational.

Uranerz currently has 38 employees with 10 in the Casper Office and 28 at the mine site. Once operational, according to their information, they will make significant contributions to the state and to Johnson County through severance and ad valoram taxes, property taxes and sales tax. There will be a well-paid workforce contributing to local economies as well.
The expected mine life is between 10 and 20 years.

The commissioners chose to hold a hearing to gain public opinion on the matter, which will be scheduled soon.

There will be no responsibility or liability to the county stemming from the bonds should they be approved.

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