NWCCD Board Approves Adding Soccer At Sheridan College

NWCCD Board Approves Adding Soccer At Sheridan College

The Northern Wyoming Community College District had their January meeting in Buffalo Thursday evening, and one topic of discussion was adding intercollegiate soccer to the sports available for athletes to participate in at Sheridan College.

The college has been looking into the prospect of adding soccer since 2009, and have studies that show it can be financially feasible, according to President Paul Young.

“Soccer is the natural next addition to our athletic program,” NWCCD Athletic Director and Men's basketball Coach Steve Smiley said in a news release from Sheridan College. “It is a popular activity in our region and our nation. We have a robust youth program in Sheridan and the surrounding area with kids participating in soccer activities as early as age five.This really is a passion for a number of student athletes,” Smiley said.

The plan is to use part-time coaches initially for both the men's and women's teams, which will compete in the NJCAA Region IX when they take the field during the 2013-14 school year.

The board approved adding the soccer program contingent on financial constraints, with only one dissenting vote.

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