Rep. Kathy Coleman Talks Fiscal Responsibility

Rep. Kathy Coleman Talks Fiscal Responsibility (Photo by Ron Richter)
Rep. Kathy Coleman Talks Fiscal Responsibility (Photo by Ron Richter)

With the legislature set to convene next Tuesday, legislators from both the local and state levels say they've been getting an earful from constituents on the state of the budget. Representative Kathy Coleman recently visited with host of Public Pulse, Kim Love, and shared her views on the efficiency of certain state programs.

Representative Coleman says some entities at the state level have been demonstrating fiscal responsibility.

We previously reported that the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has been looking into possible increases in hunting and fishing license fees in order to sustain the department.

Coleman says some groups - Game and Fish included - might need to endure some cuts.

Based on their presentation to legislators with the Joint Travel, Recreation and Wildlife Committee, Coleman says Wyoming Travel and Tourism demonstrated an ability to balance budget cuts while still ensuring the quality of the program.

Coleman says some social service departments could experience a decrease in the quality of their programs if adequate funding is not allocated.

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