JCHC Board Discusses Current And Future Projects

JCHC Board Discusses Current And Future Projects

The Johnson County Healthcare Center Board of Trustees rescheduled their October 31 meeting to November 7 due to a lack of a quorum.

Wednesday they discussed their current 2012 building project and the proposed 2016 project which, if approved, will replace the aging Amie Holt Care Center and the oldest portion of the hospital. Both are approaching 70 years old.

The current project is essentially complete, according to Hospital Administrator Sandy Ward, with minor projects needing completion.
The final cost of the 2012 project will be about $12 million, which is nearly $500,000 under projections, he said.

CTA Architects are currently developing five concepts for the hospital portion of the 2016 project, and 3 concepts fro the new nursing home.

Originally thought to cost $12 to $14 million, the 2016 project estimates have ballooned to almost $19 million. Ward said cost-cutting measures and scling back will probably need to be done to bring the projects closer to the $14 million level if possible.

Some ideas suggested were bringing the hospital's bed count down to 21 or 22 from the original 25, and making changes to plans for the nursing home as well.

The board will need to decide whether to move forward with schematic designs of the new areas of the healthcare center by January of 2013.

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