Newspaper Lawsuit With City Of Sheridan Over Police Chief Has Preliminary Injunction Hearing

The City of Sheridan has refused to release the names of candidates for the position of police chief. In response, the Sheridan Press filed a lawsuit against the city to get those names. The matter came before 4th Judicial District Court Judge John Fenn on Wednesday morning. The plaintiff asked the court to order a preliminary injunction on the hiring process until the case is ultimately decided.

The plaintiff’s attorney, Bruce Moats, also asked the court to move the case forward on the docket due to the fact the City is actively involved in the hiring process. Judge Fenn stated that he has a full docket and those cases are just as important as this one.

During the hearing, the appointment of the police chief was likened to a President choosing his cabinet. Candidates are seldom public before the nomination is made. Wyoming law says the mayor appoints municipal department heads and those appointments must only be confirmed by the city council.

Judge Fenn ordered the City to provide the application information it has to the Court. They have until next Wednesday to comply. The judge will take the matter under advisement and will make a ruling once he reviews the information from the City.

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