State Championship At War Memorial Stadium

This year the High School Football State Championships were played at War Memorial Stadium in Laramie. They had the cannons going off every time a team scored, a great medical team on hand and the big lights shining down on a university field. In short, players were able to get a feel of what it may be like to play football in college. But, having the games in Laramie also meant a lot of traveling for everyone around Wyoming because of Laramie's location.

This week's Bank of poll question is: Should the High School Football Championships continue to be played at War Memorial Stadium after this year?"

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FOOTBALL GUY - I disagree.

FOOTBALL GUY - I disagree. Most athletes would agree that part of the reward for having an excellent season is earning a home field advantage in the state event. Also, the game IS also about mom, dad, grandma, and every other person that supported that athlete all the way up until the state game. I'm not sure if you ever actually played football or not, but I don't believe an athlete (football or otherwise) wouldn't want as much family, community, and peer support as possible at such a monumentous occasion...

ok everyone that likes sheridan football and believes they are the best team in the state, go to and vote for sheridan on their poll question, it states, "Had this football game been played, on a neutral site, which team would've won?" and the choices are sheridan 4a or douglas 3a...hurry and vote!

Keep it in Laramie

This game is about the kids, not dad or grandma. Most places of business that would benefit from the fan's don't even support the programs anyway. I didn't see many motel banners hanging around Scott Field this year. If you want to watch it, go to the neutral field and watch it.