BDA Hosts Presentation On Main Street Revitalization

Todd Barman with National Trust Main Street
Todd Barman with National Trust Main Street

The Buffalo Downtown Association, National Trust Main Street, Wyoming Rural Development Council and Wyoming Main Street Program gave a public presentation of how Buffalo, as a Main Street Program, can utilize information, resources and ideas to transform Buffalo's main Street into a vital, working downtown business district.

Todd J. Barman, Senior Program Officer with the National Trust Main Street Center, expained how the traditional Main Street has changed during the last 50 years, with the trend going from vital businesses downtown to malls in the suburbs and why.

He said businesses didn't adapt to a changing market, sales declined, rents and property values declined, businesses and properties were lost, and the marketplace broke down.

He did say the trend now is trying to reverse those effects and revitalize downtowns through the National Trust Main Street Program's four-point program for downtown revitalization.

He feels Buffalo's Main Street has the building blocks to change for the better.

Organization and getting everyone working together; promotion to get more people downtown; design a downtown that is in better shape physically; and economic restructuring by getting businesses busier are the keys to economic vitality.

More “experience-based shopping” at Mom-and-Pop stores that provide an entertainment factor along with the shopping experience, coupled with selling to the consumer the idea of “what sets Buffalo's downtown apart from everyone else” will increase traffic downtown.

Barman will take information gathered during his visit and compile resources and recommendations for Buffalo's Main Street Program to utilize in their efforts.

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