Efficiency and Improved Customer Service

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Efficiency and Improved Customer Service

Several months ago a group of City of Sheridan employees came together to find ways to be more efficient and to improve services to their customers. Identifying tasks that were repetitive and routine that could be automated were a part of that process. City Public Works Director Nic Bateson stated that the changes allowed employees to concentrate on innovations, such as the recent release of electronic utility bills and a voice activated system known as IVR, that allows customers to pay their bills over the phone anytime, day or night.

While the term outsourcing can be viewed as a negative, Bateson states that in this case, it has been nothing but positive.

Freeing up employees to work on other tasks and making things easier for the paying customers aren't the only advantages of the new utility billing process.

Bateson said that the City will also save money due to the fact that they can now send out any notices or communication to the community through the utility bills instead of sending out independent mailings.

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